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  1. Lmao...........RoadRunner Inc might help your other half! Right?
  2. A simple change No MP only allow Nukes if you have a WRC.
  3. Our Declaration of war is effective today! Look for a slow start!
  4. Yoza Count down begins anyone wanting to be in ST#6 post here. If I don't get many I will bust out and bring in newbies to show up most everyone!
  5. Greetings Seal Team #6 next round, only veterans with leading experience running a AA allowed! Were gonna show CNTE a new episode of the game. Let me know if you're in before this round ends!
  6. Bundy Your looking for me to fix your problems sounds like! The game will bring more challenges and you will just cry a little different! Why not ask everyone here when you have a point to make or suggest about the game between players can't it be done with Diplomatic exchange instead of answering a baby in a crib who needs a change! My standards is to teach recruiting here ya go Bundy all I can do for you! Imo the game has changed we are changing and we are going to use every game option. So if you do not like gaming options make suggestions! Last, I will be opening another AA next round. The only way you can enter my new AA is that you have had to lead an AA. I want all Vet Chiefs in a AA next round who wants to learn brotherhood and strategy to make the next round even better! Leave me alone I am walking with my Red Stag!
  7. Yo Bundy Strategy games have winners and losers, you use to be a great challenge but you lost followers including your own kin. The problem is when people speak ill of others that make themselves look ill! Get off the excuses and push to results. Bundy you should straighten your tie and get to making Allies who can take us down. Figure it out or take your weakness and chill else where. Yes you were with D1 we trained you we let you lead and yes you became a real threat when you move on. Accept some responsibility and recruit we do we know we need replacements, slackers finish last in every game or job! When your in a mess fix it I know you can!
  8. Yo All You were given some time to mend your wounds, I think it's been enough time. The tears and smears will be forgotten after D1 spanks all! Formally we will begin to move on warring, our Spy Op's identified who's who! You can expect wars and or Raids to be declared most everyone! D1 will be coming for you all! Good Luck with your strategy we intend to keep our record of winning stats!
  9. Yo Skully You will see a whole new Raiding edition begin on the 12th or just after. Plenty of time for a plan, if you rather war with nukes fine we can arrange that. How-ever Raids never include Nukes unless you start the nuking. Our Plan is made how about you!
  10. Greetings Announcing D1 will be sending peace on 5/31 to all existing Wars and Raids. We will continue a grace period for 12 days as so everyone can recover. Jun 12 will be opening day again!
  11. Yo Skully No excuses here and your point is your not happy cry cry cry! We all tired of the crying your doing so zip it! Smaller AA's like the Goons TP are up and coming! You Skully want some sort of attention recognition you can label D1 as a menace to CNTE. So drop it! Focus on you and your team and how can you rally not cry! IMO new gamers coming into CNTE will learn the ropes and begin to use all the gaming features.
  12. Yo Gamers In early days AA's got together and !@#$%*ed about what was proper and what wasn't. Gentleman Rules like 6 days grace between wars, up declares down declares, spy ops, and Rogues. In those days we had some real champions like Steve McQueen how many recall him. Today we have some really bright minds joining CNTE, new leaders are developing with only a little help. They understand coding a level above me, but our founded Gentleman Rules do not even use all of the game elements. The cycle of leading this strategy is exercise, getting a team to respond as a team. It is my hope we will one day use all the game elements with these brighter new Nations joining CNTE! One thing for sure, if the table was turned and another AA climbed with over whelming powers, I'd be rallying other AA's three would match and 4 would bury the enemy. So I will begin to ask one of our students to post a battle plan here so you can catch on Skully. Watch for it! Skully's Battle Plan Earlier Mentions: Steve McQueen was a 1 ole man who would walk to the shopping center in a blizzard to get connections as so to be on at update war. He never listened to excuses a Legend he was to me!
  13. Yo Game Strategists D1 is focusing on gaming rules w/o sabotage Nations (Rogues). When they surface as they do D1 deals with them because we have learned. As a AA you guys need to run your TC better build better and recruit. Failure comes to those making excuses not execution. Life would be much harder if we all lived these games, but this is entertainment. Can anyone Beat D1 Cowboy's Team? Let you work on that! Raiding has been opened for your amusement all nations subject to Raids! You have some building to show us, we chose to work the generals give you a light hand of Raiding!
  14. Yo Admin New war striking not able to spy, give this notice below. TY for your attention https://tournament.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=1000008 You have received an error trying to view a page. Here is the detailed error code: Spying between accounts on the same network is not allowed.2
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