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  1. Ya know this gaming is a fine way to keep a distant world in our daily lives. We all visit daily to be part of a team to enjoy strategy. Some of us have been around for years and others are just now finding this Gaming World of CNTE. Each edition has it's bump's and bruises. Each edition has a short time frame. Rogues has become a new pain in the rear for some of us! Yes, when your hit and can't shake them you have to re roll falling behind a little from the rest of the pack. Nobody like losing or being targeted to disrupt your plans. One thing for sure you can be annoyed and have resentment towards others when rogue.. Wake up, learn the tide of CNTE react with your experience be happy your not on the ground fricking laying in a pool of blood as we all participate in global war. Our game needs a boost from all of the seasoned players. You Alliance Leaders, you have the skill to lead, motivate and conquer. You Rogues welcome and congrats on making some miserable. You Veterans adjust make the misery (Rogues) disappear or controlled!
  2. Dad Burn it! You guys need to slow all the hate, this is a game of strategy. Well after being on the receiving end of Rogues and down declares knocking D1 to a new low we turned the page. Frankly I try and stay off of here because it only agitates me, reading some of the posts (my typo's). Lighten up Ok? We all have rolls in RL where we teach values to our youths. Gaming with Prominence is my goal. Whats yours?
  3. Yeah, sorry boys I was lead around by my ear showing me all the other chores I had. After finally getting let out of the broom closet I may just start Seal Team #6. Once my ear cools down (my honey) over my projects.
  4. CNTE has Waken "Cowboy", shaking nations will be feeling the Morning Grumble of Cowboy!
  5. Greeting TE Members Thru the valley of TE (Tournament Edition) Cowboy annouces new AA " Seal Team #6". New members we are reaching out too you to get your gear and get in line for some Seal Training! All members will be allowed enterance but must achieve a level of Supreme Fighting Skills. Thru our edition you will have daily outline and directives to follow to be the best you can be here in TE. Those members who climb the stats during game will find promotions and bigger resposiblity for the Good of the Seal Team. Our mission is to get nations into an understanding of fighting the edition with strategy and all will be included in ST#6 direction. Please accept the challenge and make a name for yourself in TE. ST#6 will welcome veterans to help in the mix of building a new team. Together lets Rock & Roll and be your best, kill the rest! All new members will be masked cadet, then a skill level will be earned promotions will be outlined below. Cadet is assigned upon entry Rookie is masked for nations following daily annoucements Ranger for mastering building and fighting Navy Seal for mastery of strategic war suggestions. So you see you will be earning your title, if your good then you will know with a glance how Seal Team #6 recognises you. Seal Team will be tough hard and accurate for those who can focus and drive momentum for the team. So grab one friend (recruit) and join in as we ignite a new force in TE.
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