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  1. Hoosier

    Capping alliances at 12 members

    Yo Capping is fine IMO, Even down to 6 instead of 12. lol
  2. Hoosier

    TE- Round 46

    Yo Should be a mention which month admins plans to restart the new CNTE if it has upgrades or not!
  3. Hoosier

    TE- Round 46

    Yeah, organised members moving on!
  4. Hoosier

    TE- Round 46

    Yeah I agree we have active members who will fall off unless the editions continue. Frankly I played SE for years and it was so boring I fell off. Asked to rejoin I did and tried to work among the regulars and their activeness was non exsistant. So I dropped out of SE just before TE ended because of participation. Well many members are moving to a newer game from SE not TE. I think Admin knows this and should take steps to survive in the gaming world. IMO if we are having a break for a few months then a date should be mentioned and why. If I was selling hot dogs on a corner and I said only buns for a while no hotdog how many would stop in next day?
  5. Hoosier

    TE- Round 46

    Sooner or later Administration will unroll what it is planning or updating. Suppose they are considering a 6 month or Year long edition? Frankly if they announced it it could spark a big response to play from SE and more nations donating to take a bigger role..
  6. Hoosier

    TE- Round 46

    Get'ter done a good start date would be 2/23. We need to keep our members active to grow thrive and dwell in CyberNations.
  7. Yo Pilgrims Rangers an Whatchamacallits I am done drink whiskey and it's about time to Roost this hen house. Mercy only for the ladies with wine in their hands!
  8. Hoosier

    Next Round (44?)

    Steve we luv ya, you do make the game fun. Guessing your new name each round and finding your team is fun. I like making my men laugh don't give a rip about the small stuff (your feelings). Our Team D1 is in control, you team up with who ever and we'll find ya and blast the holding AA. Next round is our dance!
  9. Hoosier

    Round 44 Start Date

    Confusion should return Wiggles! =) It would bring a lot of Bro's back!
  10. Yeah I have to admit I luv the humor Bundy shares. Including his puppy farm Alpha Wolves.
  11. Yeah, Seems Lordysomeone had their feelers out strolling thru D1 this last round. Anyways you sure got my HiredGun all worked up! This should be a good fighting round ahead!
  12. Hoosier

    Next Round (44?)

    Yo Pilgrims I wanna tell ya straight up and be clear. You Pilgrims need to prove yourself by recruiting at least one new (outside of SE) person to the game. Let's all make an effort to raise the members and develop some new patrons to the game! Now you guys go figure out how to protect yourselves from D1!
  13. Well hat's to Admin interesting start time.
  14. Greeting TE Members Thru the valley of TE (Tournament Edition) Cowboy annouces new AA " Seal Team #6". New members we are reaching out too you to get your gear and get in line for some Seal Training! All members will be allowed enterance but must achieve a level of Supreme Fighting Skills. Thru our edition you will have daily outline and directives to follow to be the best you can be here in TE. Those members who climb the stats during game will find promotions and bigger resposiblity for the Good of the Seal Team. Our mission is to get nations into an understanding of fighting the edition with strategy and all will be included in ST#6 direction. Please accept the challenge and make a name for yourself in TE. ST#6 will welcome veterans to help in the mix of building a new team. Together lets Rock & Roll and be your best, kill the rest! All new members will be masked cadet, then a skill level will be earned promotions will be outlined below. Cadet is assigned upon entry Rookie is masked for nations following daily annoucements Ranger for mastering building and fighting Navy Seal for mastery of strategic war suggestions. So you see you will be earning your title, if your good then you will know with a glance how Seal Team #6 recognises you. Seal Team will be tough hard and accurate for those who can focus and drive momentum for the team. So grab one friend (recruit) and join in as we ignite a new force in TE.