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  1. Yo Skully You will see a whole new Raiding edition begin on the 12th or just after. Plenty of time for a plan, if you rather war with nukes fine we can arrange that. How-ever Raids never include Nukes unless you start the nuking. Our Plan is made how about you!
  2. Greetings Announcing D1 will be sending peace on 5/31 to all existing Wars and Raids. We will continue a grace period for 12 days as so everyone can recover. Jun 12 will be opening day again!
  3. Yo Skully No excuses here and your point is your not happy cry cry cry! We all tired of the crying your doing so zip it! Smaller AA's like the Goons TP are up and coming! You Skully want some sort of attention recognition you can label D1 as a menace to CNTE. So drop it! Focus on you and your team and how can you rally not cry! IMO new gamers coming into CNTE will learn the ropes and begin to use all the gaming features.
  4. Yo Gamers In early days AA's got together and !@#$%*ed about what was proper and what wasn't. Gentleman Rules like 6 days grace between wars, up declares down declares, spy ops, and Rogues. In those days we had some real champions like Steve McQueen how many recall him. Today we have some really bright minds joining CNTE, new leaders are developing with only a little help. They understand coding a level above me, but our founded Gentleman Rules do not even use all of the game elements. The cycle of leading this strategy is exercise, getting a team to respond as a team. It is my hope we will one day use all the game elements with these brighter new Nations joining CNTE! One thing for sure, if the table was turned and another AA climbed with over whelming powers, I'd be rallying other AA's three would match and 4 would bury the enemy. So I will begin to ask one of our students to post a battle plan here so you can catch on Skully. Watch for it! Skully's Battle Plan Earlier Mentions: Steve McQueen was a 1 ole man who would walk to the shopping center in a blizzard to get connections as so to be on at update war. He never listened to excuses a Legend he was to me!
  5. Yo Game Strategists D1 is focusing on gaming rules w/o sabotage Nations (Rogues). When they surface as they do D1 deals with them because we have learned. As a AA you guys need to run your TC better build better and recruit. Failure comes to those making excuses not execution. Life would be much harder if we all lived these games, but this is entertainment. Can anyone Beat D1 Cowboy's Team? Let you work on that! Raiding has been opened for your amusement all nations subject to Raids! You have some building to show us, we chose to work the generals give you a light hand of Raiding!
  6. Yo Admin New war striking not able to spy, give this notice below. TY for your attention https://tournament.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=1000008 You have received an error trying to view a page. Here is the detailed error code: Spying between accounts on the same network is not allowed.2
  7. Yoza All I just wanna say HiredGun Making CNTE Great! Bundy you out did yourself with the war declaration I luv your theme and laughter out look you carry to the game! Just so everyone knows, Nobody around me hates The Wolves and frankly I wouldn't put up with that Stupid Drama. The Game is a game and we all find challenge, strategy in our editions as well as respect for others. Policy mentions have been the usual going into battle for Gentleman Honor. These policy change edition to edition and most aware of and include open-ness changes or dirt. Fact is Spy Ops are always reviewed before each start by D1 along with the order no Blk Op's until fired on. D1 has a great program no filth just me and my whiskey bottles, err and HiredGun a true Genius on Razzing Warr.. With that no more howling here about hurt feelings what ever. Learn to compliment your adversary makes them easier too Kill'em! My suspensions is Next Round we can all decide no MP's until last 20 days of the game. Together we all make CNTE a great game!
  8. Hilarious we need more players with humor like this! 😃 Good Sport LM
  9. Yoza, I been to the North Pole thru Sweden, no bears no colas. Just blue eyed Swedish Blondes tending my fishing and dining a continuous holiday for 9 days. You guys crack me up CNTE is a fricken game of strategy loudest one on here usually the one's who are losing. Anyone figure out the new 120 day law yet or even know whats changed? I like the new MP change so break out early (Mr Strategic know all!) just save yourself face during the holidays!
  10. Great Admin. I still like to see a donation required for the edition to buy a MP. You can buy other nations if you didn't know! Al Bundy I would donate for you! Send me a address I will start with a Red Stag Jim Beam! lol
  11. Yo All Since everyone is throwing a dream wish for new game ideas. I say change the time lapse too 20 days for resources before changing again. Another note no Mp unless you made a donation in the game. I know Admin like to see more donations.
  12. Ya know this gaming is a fine way to keep a distant world in our daily lives. We all visit daily to be part of a team to enjoy strategy. Some of us have been around for years and others are just now finding this Gaming World of CNTE. Each edition has it's bump's and bruises. Each edition has a short time frame. Rogues has become a new pain in the rear for some of us! Yes, when your hit and can't shake them you have to re roll falling behind a little from the rest of the pack. Nobody like losing or being targeted to disrupt your plans. One thing for sure you can be annoyed and have resentment towards others when rogue.. Wake up, learn the tide of CNTE react with your experience be happy your not on the ground fricking laying in a pool of blood as we all participate in global war. Our game needs a boost from all of the seasoned players. You Alliance Leaders, you have the skill to lead, motivate and conquer. You Rogues welcome and congrats on making some miserable. You Veterans adjust make the misery (Rogues) disappear or controlled!
  13. Dad Burn it! You guys need to slow all the hate, this is a game of strategy. Well after being on the receiving end of Rogues and down declares knocking D1 to a new low we turned the page. Frankly I try and stay off of here because it only agitates me, reading some of the posts (my typo's). Lighten up Ok? We all have rolls in RL where we teach values to our youths. Gaming with Prominence is my goal. Whats yours?
  14. Yeah, sorry boys I was lead around by my ear showing me all the other chores I had. After finally getting let out of the broom closet I may just start Seal Team #6. Once my ear cools down (my honey) over my projects.
  15. CNTE has Waken "Cowboy", shaking nations will be feeling the Morning Grumble of Cowboy!
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