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  1. Historically, people stop being allies with "that kind of alliance" because, along with being in-game cheats, they are RL snakes who ultimately turn on their erstwhile friends. (And yes, this is me kind of saying 'I told you [NG] so.....years ago'.) Twenty-five years ago I ran a NUTS talker. (If you know what that is, kudos. You're old.) What I learned from being admin there was that people, whatever their online persona, eventually turn into themselves. The dickstain pretending to be a nice guy eventually reveals himself to be a complete dickstain. The unbearably nice person who wants to be seen as tough and mean can't help being unbearably nice. Some of this game's most heralded players were (and are) incredibly !@#$%* people. Actual, RL frauds who cheated both here and in their offline lives. Now they (or at least the ones who haven't died, whether literally or figuratively) and their pals stand atop their pile of lies and declare themselves the winners of something they've actively worked to destroy. (Think of the Warner Bros. cartoon where Daffy tells Marvin, "This planet ain't big enough for the two of us. So....off you go!" And then he pushes him off the tiny rock that used to be a planet. That is the current state of CN.) The only logical conclusion to be reached is that these people must be the only ones left who are financially supporting the game. They get away with it because the business model means that 'the winners' are the sole source of steady revenue. (Think of what happened in another online game when its admin tried to deal with rampant cheating.) And so the game is irrelevant. What matters is the income relative to expenses. As long as the same group continues to pay, nation count doesn't matter. In fact, a lower nation count means less bandwidth and other associated costs and, therefore, greater profit at the margins. It's actually not a bad business model, I guess. Enable cheaters, take their money, and ignore everything else. Finally, the only ones left are the cheaters, their sycophants, and those who are unaware. The only funny part in this is that, as Jerdge pointed out, every now and then the frauds pop out of their holes to commend themselves on being winners, unaware that they're being used themselves. Big wheel keeps on turnin'....
  2. "Hey, Buddy. That thing you're saying never happened" "Yeah, well, apart from all those things that are a matter of record, you've never done anything." Ummm....ok?
  3. Filed under: Things That Never Happened.
  4. We are individualists! We are individualists! We are individualists! Voice in the back: I'm not. Shut up and chant!
  5. Hang on, Methrage had a friend? (Also, given the context, is the adjective necessary?)
  6. I've no idea whether or not my alliance has a formal position on this matter. I shall therefore publicly wish everyone the best, publicly hope and pray for a peaceful resolution, and privately hope that those I don't care for find themselves ground into a fine powder.
  7. Nice of Junka to pop by and share the latest symptom of his psychological disorder.
  8. <Insert 'Your Mom' joke here> Hope all's well. Long time no type.
  9. There ain't no necromancy like forum necromancy.
  10. So....the several-times undead have risen once more to infect FTW? I support this move.
  11. Join NG. All the cool kids are doing it.
  12. For this abomination alone you deserve whatever Karma has in store.
  13. Nah. I've made it clear for the last decade how I feel about CN. It's a garbage pile built on fraud. In 2009, when FAN's spies uncovered a huge NPO-sponsored cheating ring -- run by Bilrow, incidentally -- I took all their evidence to Admin, who did nothing. (To anyone reading this who continues to donate to CN: You're a chump.)
  14. I just deleted yet another nation. I rather suspect it's permanent this time. Oh wait.... that's not a thought but an action. Apologies.
  15. Isn't that The Dilber Doctrine?
  16. When you don't understand the meaning of the word 'sterile'. Congratulations, NG.
  17. Now I kinda wonder which alliance is the EA Games of CN.
  18. With respect, I came here to meet women. Fourteen years later.... *sigh*
  19. Just merge and die together. All the kids are doing it.
  20. You're as free as you want to be. Thank God most people never figure that out.
  21. Everyone wants to be Frans Josef. (If you get the above reference, you're old.)
  22. Well hello there. Nothing to see here. I mean....seriously....nothing to see....
  23. Will you be my Valentine? Think on it a bit. If you will, hey, that's just fine! If not....who gives a &#33;@#&#036;?
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