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  1. We welcome the war! 8 nations declared just 4 wars instead of 24 in your Blitz? Interesting!
  2. New round of CN TE is about to start and Hellas after its successful finish in the last round will be present in the new round as well. All nations - experienced old players of CN or new players that need a training and guidance - are welcome to join us in game and in our DIscord channel, in order to be masked properly. We will be in Red color again. More instructions in game. New nations please do not buy anything after you create your nation. There will be written Announcements in game.
  3. It cant be, Infra doesnt create negative income, unless if some Admin's awards from TE added infra that do not produce income for some game bug.
  4. Can an admin audit my nation? I have all wonders, improvements and trades in place but my daily income (without GC, LC) is approx. 11 m less than my daily expenses (with LC in place). Something looks wrong, creating a negative 11 m income daily. Thanks in advance!
  5. Happy and bloody round to all players in all alliances!! Enjoy our beloved game ladies and gentlemen! Defcon 1 is again here in Red Team.
  6. So I chose freedom Running around, trying everything new But nothing impressed me at all I never expected it to Don't cry for me Argentina The truth is I never left you All through my wild days My mad existence I kept my promise Don't keep your distance And as for fortune, and as for fame I never invited them in Though it seemed to the world they were all I desired They are illusions They are not the solutions they promised to be The answer was here all the time I love you and hope you love me Don't cry for me Argentina
  7. The Mitten (58th/69 nations) Nation Strength: 2,769.457 Al Bunny (63rd/69 nations) Nation Strength: 337.359 Admiral Alexander (61st/69 nations) Nation Strength: 929.871 Hasta luego bebe!
  8. You are just "Blah blah blah:, conspiracy theories, cowardish behavior etc. Reality is this: Top 7 Day Smallest Nation Gains -31,876 Strength Change - The Mitten of The Mitten - Pink Team -17,899 Strength Change - Admiral Alexander of Home of the Wolves - Black Team -17,291 Strength Change - Al Bundy of Heisenberg - Black Team You attacked saying you will teach us the Basics. And now you are ZI, ZT and Z$. The only non-Z is your Blah - Blah - Blah
  9. Funny you classify yourself and your co-warriors who attacked my nation and my team as "sheeps". After your previous declaration that early peace saved the round for you, you were talking again about "art of war" and "back to the basics". I am enjoying you attempted it for a second time giving us the chance to really talk in practice about "art of war" and sending the "sheeps" "back to the stone age". This time without early peace but with "business as usual", making your nations "flat like tennis courts".
  10. War against Mitten: Destruction Rank: This war is more destructive than 235 of 235 existing wars. Top 7 Day Smallest Nation Gains -23,531 Strength Change - The Mitten of The Mitten - Pink Team -12,700 Strength Change - Al Bundy of Heisenberg - Black Team -10,227 Strength Change - Admiral Alexander of Home of the Wolves - Black Team Better doing than babbling!!
  11. https://tournament.cybernations.net/war_information.asp?ID=329 Declarations or Slot fillings?
  12. Why HG you make me think that we like wars in Defcon 1?! lol
  13. Thank you TL! It will! We always honour our word and treaties in practice and we will be here for NPO call when the time comes!
  14. Also not wise to bring beefs from other Realms (meaning CN TE and your crash there) to a newly established Alliance in another Realm (CN SE) ... Try to see that it is a different game. Pity you try to go down to fight weakest nations than yours than to go up and fight other nations from our Alliance.
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