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  1. Alexandros o Megas

    Up-declare madness

    o/ Defcon 1 o/ Sexy Gladiators o/ IRON Have fun guys!!
  2. Alexandros o Megas

    D1 dow

    I have just paid a special bonus and a salary increase to my SDI people
  3. Alexandros o Megas

    D1 dow

    Who are you Stevie G? We have not declared to any "The Stevie Squad" alliance!
  4. Alexandros o Megas

    D1 dow

    Check screenshots as above!
  5. Alexandros o Megas

    D1 dow

    Finally to war again! D1 o/
  6. Alexandros o Megas

    TE- Round 46

    My preddiction is that Admin wants to present something very new and fascinating, with many new game domensions (improvements, wonders, game mechanics etc.). This needs time for a new software, testing, server maybe too. Let's be patient. Admin will appear sooner or later when he has something new to say.
  7. Alexandros o Megas

    We come in pieces

    Is it a war or a bridge game? I am a bit confused ... lol ... I will go for No Trumps instead of a color ... Anyway first anarchies happened ...
  8. Alexandros o Megas

    Closing out Rnd44

    o/ DEFCON1 Happy Round End, seeing you all and more next round!
  9. Alexandros o Megas

    The D1 test

    Let's have a nice war!!
  10. Alexandros o Megas

    Our time to shine

    o/ D1
  11. Alexandros o Megas

    Next Round (44?)

    Have a nice round everyone !! Enjoy iit! Thank you admin !
  12. Alexandros o Megas

    The final dance off

    Happy end of round for all CN:TE players ... Have fun!
  13. Alexandros o Megas

    Imperial Decree- New Polar Order

    Thank you!! You are a gentleman! None can predict the future and possible new blocks. As I have never dealt with politics I am not sure how this may work but our Kings will decide about and guide our Alliance to the right path hopefully. As of "Spartan" I am a Greek in real life so I can't be of a different character than my ancestors, even if it is just a game here ...
  14. Alexandros o Megas

    Imperial Decree- New Polar Order

    Thank you for addressing this only to me! I did the best I could do and today suffering unbearable pain with the output ... Enjoy the peace!
  15. Alexandros o Megas

    Imperial Decree- New Polar Order

    Sure You are very brave when your opponent is fighting 1:6 nations and 1:16 NS total size ...