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  1. FTW has a public discord. If you would like an invite, you can talk to us and our allies there. Lord Hitchcock and other voices of dissent are also active there as well. Its probably the best method to answer any questions you may have.
  2. No Wai! I knew I felt a disturbance in Planet Bob!
  3. I'll like to take a moment to step away from this cesspool and give a quick shout out to the two Kashmir nation's I am fighting; El Beardo and Lord Serpentine. Thanks for replying to my greetings and being good guys to talk with. /cheers
  4. It's a long story. You'll have to wait for my book, 'Hugging Pixels: A story of Love and LoSS'. It's a working title. I am planning to ask GK if he would be interested in writing the Foreword. And rob my fine Kashmir opponents the chance to do it themselves? You gotta have more faith in your allies! We're all working together to get our casualties up. Don't you worry, though I do appreciate your concern. Okay.
  5. FTFY Anyways, Welcome to the party Gibsonator21!
  6. Join an alliance and they would happily set you up with a Trade circle!
  7. Heh. That reminds me of a similar joke I know, but it is not very good. Here it goes: "What do you call an alliance that goes to war unprepared, with only a handful of active nations, no war chests, no organization or coordination, no fighting skill, and no reasonable CB?" Answer: Kashmir! Get it? Cause...you know, it's true...and the truth is funny...Idk. I told you it wasn't very good. Internet porn just not doing it for you anymore, huh? jkjk
  8. I have a feeling that Kashmir is going to have a lot of tech sellers after the war.
  9. I forgot to thank you! Thanks!
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