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  1. BMK812

    Moon Hotspot

    Did anyone get December's hotspot?
  2. BMK812

    The Good Ole Days

    I've been playing since 2006. It's dying. I think there are about 3000 players left compared to the ~30000 in 2007 😕
  3. BMK812

    Moon Hotspot

  4. BMK812

    Moon Hotspot

    Thanks, SomeRandomGuy!
  5. BMK812

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    Thanks Agent92, you're a cool dude! Sorry, I didn't sacrifice buy any more troops. /Cheers!
  6. BMK812

    Anyone around from the Old Days?

    2006 oldtimer, Checking in!
  7. *Sweeps away cobwebs and dust.
  8. [quote name='p8ntballerdude' timestamp='1310805519' post='2757162'] still nothing [/quote] Rememeber the good ol' days when nations from alliances like the Goons you to troll the crap out of our threads? What happened?
  9. I was expecting some trolls, yet I see not one. /disappoint.
  10. BMK812

    TTK get a peace of the ROK

    Congrats and good luck!
  11. Feel free to ask us any questions about LoSS!
  12. [center][IMG]http://i190.photobucket.com/albums/z300/LOSSPanther/logo3.png[/IMG][/center] [center]Join LoSS....'nuff said.[/center] [center][url="http://www.smallsuperpowers.com/index.php?/forum/6-new-member-sign-up/"]CLICK HERE![/url][/center]
  13. BMK812

    The Allied Nations

    [quote name='Jacaj' timestamp='1310354409' post='2754182'] I will see it to the end, I understand that I should go to a bigger alliance, but hey, I created NPO a while back, long story. [/quote] ?