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  1. BMK812

    Moon Hotspot

    I forgot to thank you! Thanks!
  2. BMK812

    "Thank You Freehold"- All of LoSS

    Welcome back and Good luck! I'm rooting for ya! o7 LoSS
  3. BMK812

    Moon Hotspot

    Did anyone get December's hotspot?
  4. BMK812

    The Good Ole Days

    I've been playing since 2006. It's dying. I think there are about 3000 players left compared to the ~30000 in 2007 😕
  5. BMK812

    Moon Hotspot

  6. BMK812

    Moon Hotspot

    Thanks, SomeRandomGuy!
  7. BMK812

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    Thanks Agent92, you're a cool dude! Sorry, I didn't sacrifice buy any more troops. /Cheers!
  8. BMK812

    Anyone around from the Old Days?

    2006 oldtimer, Checking in!
  9. *Sweeps away cobwebs and dust.
  10. [quote name='p8ntballerdude' timestamp='1310805519' post='2757162'] still nothing [/quote] Rememeber the good ol' days when nations from alliances like the Goons you to troll the crap out of our threads? What happened?
  11. I was expecting some trolls, yet I see not one. /disappoint.
  12. BMK812

    TTK get a peace of the ROK

    Congrats and good luck!
  13. Feel free to ask us any questions about LoSS!