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Host of Last Call.

Denzin's final post:

There... only 1,200 threads to go...

Some of my other favourite quotes:

It's CN. People need polls to tell them what to name their alliance.

This post used to have a copy of the NPO War Guide. Now it has a two sentences from a moderator.

Not all alliances are backstabbing, manipulative, and hateful. I think you underestimate the resolve in which we stand with our allies.

Indeed. That said, this is worse than Vogon poetry... which is quite an accomplishment.

This saga is like getting high and watching Plan 9 From Outer Space.

I think the only thing that is more annoying than people like Ephraim Grey is that after all this time and several similar incidents happening in the past people still will base their alliance's actions solely on the words of one individual without so much as a cursory investigation.

When your treaty is activated you can bail or do what you said you would do when you signed the treaty. If anyone has a problem with the content of a treaty they should say it when it has been unveiled to the world and not after a defeat resulting from the treaty being activated. We made no mistakes, we were true to our word.

If your morals come before your treaties, we're not interested in being allied with you.

You should know better than to be surprised by any inane argument that might be presented here.

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