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  1. Fark recognizes that CCC has been feeling persecuted lately. Therefore, Fark officially declares peace on CCC for the foreseeable future. This peace includes features such as: Ending of war declarations that are not recipes Assistance with nation settings such as DEFCON and Threat Levels A warm nuclear welcome for all nations in range Fark hopes that these peaceful new relations with CCC will encourage growth and cooperation between our esteemed alliances.
  2. I officially announce that the Official Announcement from Farkistan has been canceled. I apologize for any official Farkistan announcement coordination that may have already taken place. Please be kind to any Farkistani officials that may be announced.
  3. It has come to my attention that Farkistan has not made an official announcement for quite some time. Herewith, I officially announce that an official announcement is forthcoming. This announcement is official and comes directly from Farkistan. If you are in need of further information, please read the official announcements that Farkistan has to offer. Thank you for your interest in official Farkistani annoucements.
  4. A more appropriate question is, "Who cares?"
  5. This is a great treaty and I like hairy balls.
  6. 10 years ago today, a fledgling alliance got a big boost from a green-lit post on Fark.com. It led to a massive influx of membership, and a time of strife. The alliance was thrust into opposition from nearly every side, and had to learn the hard way how to become a decent alliance.In the spirit of taking advantage of the inexperienced, below is an exchange between a hopeful Aqua Team Senate candidate and members of Farkistan. We thank Pres of Muncie for being a good sport. As Supreme Leader® of Farkistan, I offer his alliance, Blackjack and Hookers, a Farkistan Aggression Pact (FAP)! The FAP, if accepted, allows any member of Blackjack and Hookers to declare war on any member of Farkistan! Doing so will be seen as an act of war between the alliances and may trigger further pacts and incur sanctions.Congratulations Farkistan for 10 years of getting taken advantage of! of which advantage was taken!® Not an official title.
  7. Farkistan's current government is as follows. Submitter: 905 Squirrel: Critters Council: Decide R Inchief EViL0nE (Speaker) one_eighty_two rollo Slick Johnson
  8. I had this really great announcement all made up. You guys would have loved it. I was so excited about it I got my keyboard really sticky so I had to clean it off in the dishwasher. When I was plugging it back in I accidentally hit the switch on my power strip, so the bangomatic turned on and accidentally hit the power switch on my computer. So I'm just posting the erection results because I don't want to make that really great announcement thing that you would have loved again. Submitter: 905 Squirrel: Mr Vicarious Council: 182 CountryMouse Decide R Inchief rollo Schlick Johnson
  9. Here are Farkistan's new people who are on a council: Bionic Redhead CountryMouse Decide R Inchief rollo one_eighty_two And here's a little something for you to enjoy: [spoiler][/spoiler]
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