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  1. Hey Mael, still doing CNRP? It looks pretty dead.

    1. Maelstrom Vortex

      Maelstrom Vortex

      It is very dead, sadly. Jesbro and I kept it going for a short while, but a two person rp can get pretty stagnant.

  2. Mael, its been a while. Ill PM you
  3. I think I remember you NoMutantAllowed. Based on your username at least. Ill PM you!
  4. what are you doing still poking around these forums lol

    1. Mogar


      Barely existing just like everyone else

  5. Im from 08. RIP Knights of Cydonia RIP Ragnarok RIP Adele the witch queen of RoK
  6. Hello, I am an old fart that has been on planet bob since the year 2008. Yes, I remember the days of the great war..and then that other great war...then the other one. I remember the days of Ragnarok, MK, GayToes, and many more names that have not been spoken in many years. I am in need of an alliance for my puny formerly inactive nation. Who has a senior section in their alliance with some vacancy? Do the kids still use IRC? Is BobIllyani still on the ZI list? There are many questions my nation has to ask, that I hope can be answered.
  7. I'm really sorry for claiming Yugoslavia and becoming inactive. I plan on a post in a few hours, it has been a long week.
  8. Mah plaens r invinceebul and u cant c dem!
  9. I'm sorry, but is there not a rule about making posts unreadable? Its unfair when not everybody has spent their life reading military magazines or studying it in college.
  10. I've herd that, besides the rule of having to have spy odds from in game, you also have to provide sufficient RP for the spy roles. I am new so I may be completely off, but that is what I was told.
  11. President Ramirez thought to himself "Are they protesting Thatcher after so many governments have come to be since the old English Monarchy? What a strange country." shrugging it off he finished up his tea, watching the latest season of Orphan Black.
  12. I know but it seems everybody on the planet wants to get involved. I don't mean to be bitchy, I just don't quite get why.
  13. I guess me and Biohazard are not allowed to RP a border dispute?
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