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  1. Hey Mael, still doing CNRP? It looks pretty dead.

    1. Maelstrom Vortex

      Maelstrom Vortex

      It is very dead, sadly. Jesbro and I kept it going for a short while, but a two person rp can get pretty stagnant.

  2. ChairmanMeow

    Old Fart needs home

    Mael, its been a while. Ill PM you
  3. ChairmanMeow

    Old Fart needs home

    I think I remember you NoMutantAllowed. Based on your username at least. Ill PM you!
  4. ChairmanMeow

    A Harmless Recognition of Hostilities

    Rooting for MHA because I dont like gay toes
  5. what are you doing still poking around these forums lol

    1. Mogar


      Barely existing just like everyone else

  6. ChairmanMeow

    Blast from the past

    Im from 08. RIP Knights of Cydonia RIP Ragnarok RIP Adele the witch queen of RoK
  7. ChairmanMeow

    Old Fart needs home

    Hello, I am an old fart that has been on planet bob since the year 2008. Yes, I remember the days of the great war..and then that other great war...then the other one. I remember the days of Ragnarok, MK, GayToes, and many more names that have not been spoken in many years. I am in need of an alliance for my puny formerly inactive nation. Who has a senior section in their alliance with some vacancy? Do the kids still use IRC? Is BobIllyani still on the ZI list? There are many questions my nation has to ask, that I hope can be answered.
  8. ChairmanMeow

    GATO/TSC Announcement

    Treaty writing has gone downhill in recent months..
  9. ChairmanMeow

    World Map of CNRP the Newer

    Claiming Nunavut, if you could make it a nice teal that would be great, if thats too close to the ocean than a purple would do. Thanks :)   http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/121623-the-inuit-republic-of-nunavut/
  10. ChairmanMeow

    The Inuit Republic of Nunavut

    "The Inuit Republic thanks the many great nations that have recognized our existence. We look forward to a peaceful relationship with all of you, and the rest of the world." - President Akiak Hunt of the IRN       [spoiler](The president does not have a twitter account, and so the tweets from the Tianxian Foreign Ministry and Quebec fell on deaf ears.)[/spoiler]
  11. ChairmanMeow

    The Inuit Republic of Nunavut

           The people of Nunavut have been waiting for many years to be heard as a nation. European powers have come and gone over the years, and the Inuit people have not had a fair say. It took one man to inspire thousands with the rally call "one Inuit nation". Nunavut needed to show the world that it was ready to be a player on the modern world stage, that it didn't want to be ruled any longer. Akiak Hunt, a young eccentric man, with good Inuit beliefs, and a touch of modernism, he was the perfect man for the job. Rallies for independence became more and more common in the sparsely populated northern territory. It was finally decided that there would be elections.        A peaceful letter of intent was sent to the American Commonwealth capital asking for independence. A political move, as the people of Nunavut had already made up their mind, and didn't need permission in their minds to be free. 500,000 people showed up for elections, 98% of the provinces total population. This was the greatest turn out the local officials have seen since the fall of Canada. In total 70% elected Mr. Akiak, with 20% for a John Smith, and 10% for various third parties. With Akiaks election, a team of 45 individuals, representing local villages and townships were brought in to propose a constitution for the people to vote on, and to decide on basic laws and legal structures, given a deadline of June 1st. A young, proud, fragile nation was born on the ices of the northern tundra, the people of Nunavut were second class citizens no more. With that, a letter of intent was sent to the Commonwealth, and a declaration was sent to the diplomats of the world.        
  12. ChairmanMeow

    The Republic of Saskatchewan

    "The people of Saskatchewan thanks the Fourth Republic for it's recognition and we share similar hopes for our future."
  13. ChairmanMeow

    The Republic of Saskatchewan

    Thank you, your geographical prowess is second to none!
  14. ChairmanMeow

    RoS news and updates

    Various government positions on world politics (public):   List constantly updated
  15. ChairmanMeow

    RoS news and updates

    (Public) DoE   [url=http://s1281.photobucket.com/user/ChairmanMeow1122/media/flagness_zpsfd3aeb28.png.html][/URL] Flag of the Republic of Saskatchewan President Michael J. Hyde         OOC: [spoiler]All posts are highly classified unless specified otherwise[/spoiler]