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  1. That sound you hear is not whinging, it is laughter. Both at the outcome and at your attempts to spin it - honestly if you were wrapped in copper wire you could power a medium-sized city
  2. Let's face it, now that the number of nations involved is roughly on a par, you're on the phone to your allies Expecting our next Oculus Blitz within 4 days
  3. It's almost like you are trying to provoke us. I wonder why...
  4. Why, are we next to be attacked? 🤔
  5. Can't believe it took 3 months for the trolls to find this
  6. Well getting us out of the game was a repeatedly stated aim in our last two wars. That being said you know I've always enjoyed having NG as our sparring partner
  7. This comment, coming from NG, set off my irony alarm
  8. It's a sad day in many ways, the end of a long-established alliance. But also a happy day, with old friends moving in to the retirement home together
  9. At least, not before it has been thoroughly bleached...
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