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  1. I may be a burnout but at least I'm not a burnout who established my own narcissistic discord called "Johnnytopia" and also tried (and failed) to co-opt another alliance's flags and lore for a demented crypto-fascist ideology- I could go on..... I'd rather eat my own lips off than play tanks with that loon.
  2. You're telling me! weeeew boy did I drop the ball eh?
  3. Just popping in to echo this sentiment because Hoo is usually right and ask if anything in this thread has been genuinely entertaining? I don't know about anyone else but my gut says maybe.
  4. Nah it ain't an excuse. Anyone who's paid attention to global politics properly could've told ya FAN and NG are pals. Enjoy the casualties everyone
  5. So cut him loose. You came to me months ago with concerns about Hitch's actions where he was going behind your back to ruffle feathers and undermining your authority as premier. You told me you hoped to 'reign him in' so to speak, I told you that this was a fools errands. Hitchcock is a maverick, he does what he pleases and has little respect for chains of command unless it suits him. If it is true that you don't condone his actions now and it is true he has a history of defying your authority as leader, why is he still on your affiliation? Most other alliances would've removed a member behaving like a rogue entity already. This isn't about 'micro prosperity' it is simple opportunism where he has opted to blight the remnants of a once united and prosperous network of micros which has since fallen. But when you strip away this attempt to spin a yarn to justify his actions, all you have is a textbook rogue who is attacking people as he pleases without first answering to you; his 'leader' Cut him loose.
  6. This. Blue-balling your opponent is a tried and true method of biting one's thumb at them when the odds aren't in your favour.
  7. "UfP mAkE tOo mAnY aNnOuNcEmEnt" I call it; 'Spongxelmock' - It is disgusting I know but hey free tech is free tech!
  8. They did? I don't see a formal announcement of their disbandment anywhere. Nor do I see an alliance surrender for that matter, which would mean the AA is still technically in a state of war with Non Grata.
  9. I meant what I said! You just have to circumnavigate and keep going East a bit longer To the dismay of our cartographers, our compasses don't have a 'West' and any talk of such a direction is tantamount to treason.
  10. GOONS gonna goon, just in different places
  11. The nomadic people of Anubia since being displaced have set sail and found ourselves on the Antarctic peninsula to the east of Kitex. We have chosen to settle here and hereby lay claim to this peninsula and the territory further south.
  12. You demanded Lucius de-commision his SDI because you (the #3 ranked alliance on the planet) could not keep the leader of a 10 man micro in nuclear anarchy to prevent him launching counter-offensives. NG demanded reps because of an aggressive attack on their people. You demanded a wonder be de-commissioned because of a bruised ego after launching a war on a trumped up charged of 'espionage' which originated from one of your own members offering to be the spy and never materialised into any actual spying.
  13. See my above post for context. [OOC] We all use psuedonyms for a reason, using someone's IRL name (even if it is only their christian name and fairly innocuous meme) implies a level of knowledge about the player which; a) is not pertinent to gameplay b) suggests a lack of respect for the OOC/IC line. It's worth nipping in the bud as it could very well become a slippery slope especially given recent events. To be clear, I'm not using this as a means to attack you or saying the extent of recent circumstances is on par with the meme posted, I'm just pointing out there could be potential for this seemingly innocuous double-standard to be used as grounds to snowball into a mess I'm sure we'd all like to not have to deal with ever again. Call it me being over-cautious if you like, but I think it's something worth giving a little bit of thought at the very least.[/OOC]
  14. LH used an OOC medium to login to his account once which means it is impossible to discuss IC. While NG are out of line, LH was the one that opened the door for the attack. So this kind of blurring of lines is okay apparently. Unless someone feels like editing that page to be a bit more accurate and we all agree to respect that we call each other by our given name of choice, regardless of IC leanings. Just a thought anyways.
  15. You'd need to get one of those snakes GATO are using as clubs and extract the venom, fortunately I have some surplus you can have for now and it looks like it won't be long until it's fully contaminated the water supply. So buckle up everyone! We're graduating from licking toads to drinking snake venom in order to see the all creatures that aren't really there.
  16. Farewell to the Entente. and to Tankbite; I am sorry, we fought the giants well and you (and Lucius) were always by my side when we did. I shouldn't have entertained the notion of doubt without first going to speak to you about it to dispel it. I was a fool. I wish you guys all the best going ahead in your new home. You were my staunchest allies and I won't forget the good times we had. o/ The Imperial Entente
  17. In Korlath's defence; He inherited a massive bucket of dung from his former leader who abandoned ship and he has been doing his best to carve out a path with his crew while keeping them all safe and together. A path that is distinctly different from the one they had been treading under the TPF flag. The reason he may seem late on the events that happened was because he had all of this responsibility dumped in his lap out while being told he would have help from Kap who instead simply vanished without a trace. He was never in the Boognish high gov channel as far as I'm aware (unless he was brought in right at the end when Kap was preparing to make his exit?) I'd say he's doing a pretty solid job with the crappy hand he was dealt. As Buuyo said earlier; announcing formally that UFP are no longer part of the defunct Boognish banner is a wise move, it clarifies their position for any outsiders who are not privy to the paperless nature of how we functioned as a coalition. It's just a simple statement to say on-the-record that UFP are not affiliated with anyone foolish enough to pick up and wave the tarnished flag of Boognish and it avoids any scenario where they might get roped in to any potential mess that they have no hand in. It is a politically sound and understandably cautious step for an alliance that simply wants to move onwards from recent events and define their existence on their own terms, not those of the past.
  18. NAP only involved COBRA because of the clause relating to allies of NG and RFI being off limits for hostile action. Your people found a loophole, violated it and when you were confronted about it you played with semantics to enable it, end of story. Beyond that I don't really care about it, it was between you and NG. We were just sort of involved but when it came down to it that clause regarding allies wasn't enforced at all. I'm just pointing out that I don't feel bad lying to you when you would find a loophole in your own legalese to justify your bloc-mate's actions. COBRA, Boognish and the gang may have splintered off but they're still alive and I'm still here too, I don't need an empire to have fun on this dying planet. It's a new day in Anubia and looking back? I relish in that fact I managed to spin you all for as long as I did. You repeatedly enabled your allies hostile behaviour, so I interacted with you accordingly. If you weren't going to get your people in line, I wanted to find a way to give 'em the finger and get away with it. And yes I did enjoy it. I laughed as your coalition fractured into nothing when confronted with a very real threat of you getting stomped on because of an overlooked technicality and rubbish intelligence. I almost died gut laughing when you said at one point you thought that our attack on the Knights of the Round table was some demented 5D Chess pre-empt against you (that really was something- I take my hat off to you). The frustrated panic of your coalition when attacks started rolling out on CLAWS and your demands that we recognise war with all of you. At no point did I have to specify who we were going to target, we were told you GATO and CLAWS would remain on the field, strategically it made absolutely no sense to dilute our offensive by going for all of you. So we carped that diem and went for the big fish who had been giving us s***. I'd already told you guys the size my coalition, I sure as hell wasn't going to tell you our battle plan- this isn't rookie hour. It was all totally worth it and despite present circumstances Boognish and NG had an absolute wail of a time through that omnishambles of an invasion you launched. It's a shame to see all my former allies drift apart and fall out as we have. Once we'd accomplished the goal of giving your ally the finger for a week? We had no purpose or goal to strive for and just imploded. If anything this makes the treaty-chess game a lot easier because key swing-pieces have been taken off the board. Pieces which your bloc have been trying to win over and who NG have now obliterated. No one gets to use the former Boognish alliances as pawns to kickstart wars anymore. It's all up to you now, so the question is; do you have the stones and clout to actually follow through with whatever major move you intend to make next? We all knew that people were trying to win us over for lower-tier support. Now that that's gone CLAWS might actually have to do some fighting of their own for once instead of relying allies/proxies/pawns to do the heavy lifting for them. Boognish is dead, so what next eh?
  19. I was good with dropping the act, you clearly aren't and are just playing "NO U" and we would just be doing that for eternity. Yes, I wanted to burn or humiliate CLAWS, my alliance and allies had been on the receiving end of numerous hostile moves made against us. As a result, my personal modus operandi was to look for, or wait for the right moment to seize and give my people the blood of your allies who just wouldn't bugger off and leave us be. They funded Hitchcock, (your initial source of intelligence) and his cold war campaign against us with help from 2 Doombirds. They spun a yarn about how Lucius was conducting espionage against CLAWS because of a single conversation he had with The Dark Emperor who pitched the idea to Lucius and who was literally a member of CLAWS at the time. He was the one offering to be a spy and gather intelligence but TIE were the ones who got punished for simply entertaining a single conversation about the idea? No actual espionage took place, it was just a convenient ruse used to try an bait the rest of us into a curbstomp Then of course there were the rogues that all spawned from CLAWS and attacked COBRA or one of our allies. When you're on the receiving end of that extent of hostilities for as long as we did; is it any bloody surprise I (and Boognish) wanted to stick a broken pint glass in their face just once? I make no apologies for quietly working to humiliate your ally (who you enabled through all of the above mentioned instances) and eventually succeeding in doing so, because they damn well deserved it.
  20. Well it's about bloody time you actually did something Will. You've been practically AWOL for almost the entire lifespan of the coalition. When Lex disappeared Kashmir was totally unreachable except for hakai. In a way, hakai practically ran FA for Kashmir without knowing he was doing it because he was our only point of reference with you guys and how can you not like hakai? We had to literally help save your alliance name and protect yo ur people who were about to be unaligned because you didn't have an heir assigned. You weren't present or contributing to anything that we did in the server, but as soon as I'm gone you wake from your slumber? Full of plans and taking control yaddayadda.... All you were interested in was merging everyone into another boring amorphous husk- and you got to do that a little bit, some of COBRA joined you and the majority of them didn't. You repeatedly suggested we all merge whenever you did happen to rear your head in the server and then of course you would vanish for the nth time. You say you 'buried Boognish' like it's an accomplishment, but I built the damn thing for all of us. I lead our cabal of micro menaces. We fended off aggressive manoeuvres from giants, we built a name for ourselves and we established ourselves as independents outside of the treaty web. Anyone who wanted to take a shot at us had was constantly second guessing who was part of the group, what our plans were and so on. And you? You were nowhere. You played no part in anything that we did together. Realistically speaking? Boognish buried itself, maybe you shut down the server but you didn't bury it. We all played out parts in our downfall, except for you. And you openly admitted to us during the peace talks that you had started planning for an offensive against us in November, maybe December either way it was before the NAP expired. Not to mention the amount of s*** we were putting up with from your blocmate constantly trying cause trouble for us. It was pretty clear you or your blocmate wanted us dead and you went along for the ride. Pot kettle black Lowsten. Ultimately we are both guilty of plotting against one another, so how about we both drop the act instead? The only bloc I see someone trying to protect is your own. You wanted our blood, we wanted yours. You botched the invasion, we got our pound of flesh from the alliance we'd been on the receiving end of hostile manoeuvres for about 8 months in various forms and that chapter of history is now over. I'm not protecting anything, I'm giving a perspective of what happened leading up to and during the eruption of Bicycle War.
  21. Oh damn now I remember you and LSF back in the day, that's why your name has always been weirdly familiar but I've never been able to put my finger on it. I always liked LSF, you just did whatever and didn't care if you won or lost. Kept chugging on regardless, gotta respect the tenacity. Thank you for getting rid of that brainworm.
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