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  1. Is it really apathy when you're still motivated to respond though? The news bulletin was meant to conclude this sequence of events and clarify that. At this point it's been about 2 pages of you taking great care to tell us how little you care in worded in different ways with little to no actual content relating to the topic. Did someone hurt you in the past and as a result you've built this shell around yourself to stop it happening again? Ultimately you seem afraid to admit to other people that deep down? You really do care 🥰 It's okay to let it out sometimes buddy.
  2. And you continue to be a lingering stench of death after a carcass has been removed. But, whatever makes you feel important in a world you refuse to interact with, DA.
  3. Hey guys check it out it's DeathAdder right on time (after the situation has concluded) with his totally fresh and spicy take on how much he doesn't like the OWF! "haha look at you losers trying to have fun and enjoy yourselves, how sad"
  4. The primary grievance is his history of aggressive actions toward COBRA and Kashmir, which constitutes the clear definition of roguery. Does that make sense at least? I'm just using a bit of narrative flair for entertainment purposes. This is now resolved and veracity will remain at war and hold the status of rogue until further notice when we are ready to accept his surrender. And as I said: That's it. Go home and let that be a lesson to you dummies.
  5. Abrupt Mid-Thread News Attack! The Day Today is pleased to announce the leader known as "Veracity" has abandoned his feathered friends to live out his apparent dream of demented roguery. The resolution following the volley of hostile actions from the former CLAWS member came about earlier today, shortly after he launched a pitiful spy operation against Lyanna Mormont of the COBRA Royal Guard. Reports from Bear Island following this successful counter-intelligence operation are blurry and incoherent as the benevolent ruler of Bear Island delivered "Gentlemen and Hooch" for all citizens in celebration. Veracity has since decided to proclaim himself to be in a state of permanent war with COBRA (as his affiliation would imply), presumably because he didn't get away with being a weirdly tenacious creep who managed to alienate his own friends! Veracity is hereby considered to be a rogue state, any nation found to be aiding him will be hearing from The Day Today and affiliated parties (because we'll have shoved klaxons directly into your earholes) The Day Today would like to thank the following people: - Kal Asharak, CrinkledStraw and sigmundfreud of COBRA for their swift and calculated response against the hostile entity - Jazzy of CLAWS (wait what?) for their patience, restraint and understanding during this tense scenario - Stewie of Non Grata for his gift of sanctions and love of the news - Respective RFI senators (are you sure this is the right script? I'm used to telling them how dense they are.....well who do I get to insult then? what's the point of news if I can't......fine.) for their sanctions and mutual condemnation of aforementioned behaviour (Ed: TDT must clarify that the condemnation from GATO is still pending a series of votes put forward by the mummified red tape entity known as Tevron) - Veracity for being such a loathsome tit that we now have a new plaything to bat around (that's more like it) And of course; Me, for without my dulcet fact-ridden tones you would all be lost in a sea of apathy and despair. That's it. Go home and let that be a lesson to the rest of you dummies. -
  6. This is good irony, thank you. Your alliance member attacked a Kashmir nation without our permission, he specifically went against the denied permission in this very OP. I don't need 'permission' from you and yours to authorise a defensive strike in response to a breach of very clearly violated boundaries. We have only attacked the offending nation, it's not like we've blanket declared you for it, chill out. We're discussing it now are we not? We have presented our request for the desired course of action. If achieving that meant actually retaliating and sticking to our word to get something done about this constant sabre rattling then so be it. And fine, aid away I'm sure we'll be doing the same. I don't really care about that but CrinkledStraw makes a very salient point regardless.
  7. I'm sure they couldn't give a monkey's about people plotting against them, they're used to it. But let's say hypothetically that there was some deranged plot against them; I'm pretty sure that would in fact be used as a CB against us if it suited them and they would be well within their rights to do so. If you say things which you fear can be used against you to me in private? Then clearly what you are revealing is inherently problematic and your refusal to address it only makes the problem bigger. I am more than capable of speaking with people off-the-record if requested (I'm sure a number of them -some allies- could in fact vouch for that) but we have been shown no respect when it comes to matters like this. All you do is deflect and try to sweep things under the rug and we're sick and tired of it. (Also yeah, don't privately message us asking us to plot against x alliance and expect us to just ignore it- talk about an own goal....jeez)
  8. You seem to be only addressing veracity's OOC comments, which as you have said an apology has been made. That is their business to deal with and should have no bearing on the political nature of the sequence of events. Apology made, whether or not it is accepted or whatever is their business because of the nature of the comment itself not being IC. However that being said; my interest is solely focussed on the actions of Veracity with regards to his attack on a Kashmir nation (their former leader no-less) and his attempt to feign ignorance that he "didn't know" - both you and I know this is not at all true. Let us also add the incident where he tried to coerce us into plotting against your ally NPO and we see a correlation of aggressive and malicious behaviour toward us and our direct allies. Whether or not that is supported by CLAWS as a whole or if Veracity is acting on his own is irrelevant; he flies your banner and his actions are your responsibility. Stop trying to deflect and accept responsiblity. I have spoken with Claude in private and detailed what our expectations are from CLAWS in order to resolve this. A simple "we're sorry" and "we told him to stop doing that" is not sufficient. Veracity knew exactly what he was doing, he is not some inactive nation who is oblivious to the politics of this world. If he were then chances are we'd be more open to dealing with this privately, but given continued aggressive behaviour from your alliance I am now inclined to draw a line in the sand and declare that this ends here and now. We do not believe for a second that he did not know what he was doing, as has been made pretty clear by one of the leaders of your own bloc-mate earlier in this thread. You have our requirements for de-escalation, the choice is yours whether or not you choose to acknowledge wrong-doing on your part or try and fob it off with more behind-the-scene unrepentant and insincere promises that it won't happen again. We are not the party in the wrong, you are the aggressor against our ally that we publicly stated our protection for (if our long-standing treaty wasn't enough to give you a hint that it was not okay to hit Lex) Again, we responded publicly because your government shut down your channel for our members, you also left our own channel at the same time. Now I don't know about you but that doesn't exactly scream "We're open to diplomacy why didn't you contact us?" it says quite the opposite. Either you approve/don't care about Veracity's IC actions or you condemn them. We request clarity of your intentions in the form of a public statement. Considering the alternative? I think I know which is the more sensible choice.
  9. Fair warning was given. It should also be noted that approximately 6 hours before update; CLAWS gov revoked permissions from all COBRA members from their diplomatic channels. If diplomacy was a desired course of action, then the above would not have been actioned. You want the ball? It's in your court now.
  10. One of those people was once our leader and who I noticed is now a Pacifican tech slave nation. Also hi LJ
  11. He sure has, because NG are rebuilding not only their nations but their FA too (y'know, after you all blacklisted them as rogues for months) So that makes sense for them. The rest of you? Not so much. Sign new treaties if you are making an FA shift, but drop your treaties that don't align with the new direction too. You cannot be friends everyone, we aren't playing Peace Simulator. Commit to your policy shifts entirely and stop half-assing it. Anniversary threads are better than nothing and I get the desire to make them so I'll concede that. Nothing like a nice party eh?
  12. If you consider us as one entity, then why do you exclude Lucius from that entity in the same post? You contradict yourself. Sure we do act like family, but that doesn't mean we aren't our own sovereign entities with independence. I guess it's a difference in perspective: You say tomayto, I say tomato You see "one merged alliance", we see multiple smaller tribes functioning independently and more efficiently than your merged bulk. We each get to lead out tribes, no talent is excluded and everyone actually has a role. They're not just members to add to the pile to look stronger. Quality over quantity. On Planet Steve you were an advocate for smaller alliances to improve the political dynamic which I agreed with- and I see the benefits of the same dynamic on this planet also. I will grant you that your 'content' isn't a total lost cause; if you didn't leave CLAWS to go rogue on people along with DBDC? I would have no fodder to create my content, so there is that at least. It is a bit weird that you attacked allies of TTK shortly after upgrading CLAWS' treaty with them. You boasted about upgrading it to me in another thread but have no qualms assisting in stepping on the toes of their allies. Always a pleasure Jerdge, figured I was long overdue and something happened for once! And I agree they aren't the only ones guilty of it throughout history but they are now, so that makes it news because this Planet is a perpetual slow news day. If there is other action being unreported, I would love for someone to decide to launch their own counter-narrative.
  13. That's ultimately the issue my dude: You insist on our irrelevant status and yet openly admit to doing the same things as us. How can you claim to be relevant when your ambitions and actions mirror those of alliances you deem irrelevant? Perhaps you conflate relevance with the size and/or overall strength of your alliance. I guarantee you that, despite our size, we have far more active players than you do. Your idea of being a success seems to revolve around making as many mergers as possible. In doing so, you drain the world of a diversity of culture and assimilate them into the amorphous blob that you call an alliance. As a result, the merged alliance grows bored and slowly they all go to the great deletion in the sky. Another measure of your success seems to be how many more strands you can add to the treaty web. You create no culture or entertainment for this world, you just proudly announce more treaties and meaningless anniversaries to fill the void. You may not consider us relevant (and quite frankly I don't care) but we out here grinding and trying to crank out content and discourse where you 'relevant' alliances have failed to do so. Start making enjoyable content instead of endless backslapping exercises, otherwise the evidence of your relevance is solely due to the numbers at your disposal- and they won't last if you have nothing to offer your community beyond tech deals and collections every 20 days.
  14. I remember when Methax and co flew off to lay the first eggs of Doom. Such promising times compared with how the mighty have fallen.
  15. I see no alternative news source for people to make up their own minds and challenge the unimpeachable reporting of The Day Today. If you won't seize your own narrative don't be surprised when someone else does Unsurprising that this got under your skin, considering you're also a dual member of DBDC and CLAWS govt.
  16. There's a world of difference between our raiding and DBDC straight up declaring war against established alliances that have flown flags and banners that pre-date the existence of their alliance and yours. To be clear, I'm not opposed to raiding- I do however find the lack of ambition and lazy use of the power at their disposal to be pathetic. DBDC have the largest nations in game and they can aspire to do no better than have a pop at a few random upper tier nations in old alliances as a 'raid'? Hypothetically; if Knights of the Round Table launched a series of attacks on CLAWS and justified it by saying they were just raiding. Would you accept that as a reasonable justification? Would you agree that they were just 'raiding' and be on your merry way?" And hey, we're just a bunch of pesky micros having a pop at people who might present an even match for us to satisfy the god of casualties. A lot of the time we even become friends on the field and they decide life is better when flying the flag of COBRA. At least there is a method to our madness.
  17. Snatching the dwindling baubles of truth from the jaws of apathy to create; A News. Tonight's Headlines: ..... ...... ("nothing? really? what on earth am I meant to report on then you demented braincrashes!?") Due to technical difficulties we cannot bring you the headlines yet. So we will be going over to the Weather Desk for now.... Yellow Weather Warning - Murder of Doombirds spotted in numerous territories worldwide - Planetary Radio Silence implicated in the creation of Doombird friendly environment Aside from the occasional routine sweep of old and inactive alliances to check for survivors and the recent conflict between the New Polar Order and Knights of the Round Table, the climate systems of Planet Bob have remained at their usual unpleasantly humid and stagnant levels- similar to the feeling of being sat on by a wet dog on an overly damp day. However, The Day Today meteorological branch started detected unusual weather shifts on the frontiers of the largest and most prosperous nations of Farkistan and the Mostly Harmless Alliance last week. On July 5th, our satellites picked up several large black spots on images of Bob taken from the atmosphere, these spots have been said to be in the shape of an overly ripe and gluttonous fowl. What the images could not reveal was what happened below these spots; a smothering of nuclear bird faeces was raining down and laying waste to those nations affected by this blight. The event was chalked up to a freak occurence by neighbouring allies and the weather system subsided, the murder of the so called 'Doombirds' had moved on with on-lookers claiming to hear cawwing of the word "RAID" on the wind. Unfortunately, a freak occurence this was not. The Day Today (a totally impartial bastion of truth in the dying light of this world) can no longer sit idly by as we witness a recurrence of this weather system, we have a duty to pry your eyes open with toothpicks and bomb your brainbox with facts until you bleed truths. Today the Doombirds have been detected in the airspace of the Random Insanity Alliance, Old Guard, World Task Force and Knights of the Round Table. No announcement has been made from the Doomcave, no declaration of intent, no explanation for their dumping of radioactive excrement. In light of recent events The Day Today has declared a Yellow Weather warning worldwide. The colour coding of our system seems particularly apt considering the widespread inertia from the alliance's immediate allies, no attempt to mount a calculated defense has been made against the climate that has fostered the creation of these bloated monsters. Instead they are seemingly allowed to fly free and decimate people with impunity. One would think that an entity with such tremendous energy would focus it's efforts on immediate threats to its own existence. Instead the squawking inhabitants of the Doomcave choose to rain down upon the smaller alliances, presumably because they are easy targets for their brazen dung flinging. It should also be noted that the Doombirds themselves hold direct ties to the alliance known as CLAWS with some of them holding a dual-citizenship. A notable example of this would be Al Bundy, former premier of CLAWS who recently decided to fly the flag of the Doombirds in their first attack against Farkistan and MHA. This is but one example but it would not be a stretch to suggest that the actions of the Doombirds are implicitly backed by CLAWS (and perhaps by extension their bloc RFI?) and can only be described as an act of state-sponsored terrorism that has been outsourced. Food for thought: CLAWS recently signed a treaty with The Templar Knights, the Doombirds launched an assault on the Random Insanity Alliance- allies of TTK. The Doombirds also launched an assault on Farkistan and Mostly Harmless Alliance, allies of the New Polar Order. If you were the leader of these alliances (maybe you are) what would you do with this information? How should a leader act in the face of an unchallenged and dangerous threat? Apparently the answer is simple: Roll over and die. With such power at their disposal the Doombirds choose to blight the lands of the smaller alliances. Not only do they have great power but also great cowardice, or lack of true ambition. This reporter can recall the finer days of Umbrella where we sought to neutralise alliances that actually had potential to pose a threat to us, none of this lazy swinging bloat around like a wrecking ball against those who cannot (and apparently will not) defend themselves. Until the international community mounts an appropriate response to tackle the climate change choking the planet to death with feathery, disease riddled bird droppings? The Doombirds will succeed in extinguishing all forms of prosperity and life on Planet Bob. The Yellow weather warning is to remain in effect until further notice. The forecast for next week: Dry and salty. That's all from the weather station and apparently The Day Today because that was the headline ("i know they've all been in quarantine for three months but come on this is ridiculous, how do these smooth-brained mouth breathers expect me to work under these conditions.....") We leave you again with some terrible art created by the children. Goodnight. This Broadcast was brought to you thanks to the severed head of COBRA Warlord; 'Mochi' who is orbiting the planet because nobody else can be bothered to pay attention and (I quote) "It's funny watching them all die with their heads up their backsides" Thanks Mochi. Thochi.
  18. I'd have gone with "Flappy Birthday Claws!" as a title personally, Congrats on continuing to exist, here's to many more years as a bloated spacehulk
  19. They're just really making sure to reiterate the definition of their relationship with the distinction between if they are, just like hanging with the Freehold, or within the Freehold. If you catch my drift. It's beautiful man.
  20. The Animal Squanch Accords In the ruins of the old IRC fraternity #animalhouse: NG and Cobra hereby announce to Squanch whoever they want, wherever they want however they want. Signed for Cobra: King Cobra - Johnny Apocalypse Royal Guard - General Kanabis, Lyanna Mormont, General Tiki Signed for Non Grata: Stewie, Leader Thrash, Foreign Affairs King Cyan, Internal Affairs
  21. This isn't a case of laziness and the nations listed by your ally in this thread remain our allies. Unless you want another quagmire to wade through....
  22. sorry hakai i cant let you die eat french fry
  23. I was just joking around with Bundy then the rest of ya showed up. Go take whatever the bird equivalent of a chill pill is.
  24. Some guy called "Nuclear Tech 2", it was good to test my own new EMP nuclear tech on him.
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