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  1. Friendly Reminder: Join COBRA today! Do you like smashing things from time to time? Are you bored of hoarding statistics? Have you ambition? Do you, like me, drink Slurm? Do you actually want to talk to each other and stuff instead of slowly rotting away with the Chatbots? The choice is clear. Join COBRA
  2. Pandy FacklerToday at 00:08 i love logging in to find my opponent has dropped loot BoognishToday at 00:09 presents for boognish! he laid them at the alter Pandy FacklerToday at 00:10 let us see what the rest of them have for us! BoognishToday at 00:10 they can join us if they like Pandy FacklerToday at 00:12 well one of them spied a nuke if he'd just left them alone.... maybe i should give him a warning, in case he changes his tune BoognishToday at 00:13 he is being sacrificed he could repent? Pandy FacklerToday at 00:13 maybe he is still a heathen BoognishToday at 00:13 how generous do you feel? what if he converts? Pandy FacklerToday at 00:14 perhaps boognish wills the radiation to cleanse him? BoognishToday at 00:14 ohhhhh the glow Pandy FacklerToday at 00:14 his spies have a taste for uranium BoognishToday at 00:14 the glow will burn away his heathen ways that is why he spied your nuke Pandy FacklerToday at 00:14 let all his people bathe in the radioactive splendour BoognishToday at 00:14 he is afraid he is afraid of what the truth will reveal and how we will see his true heart we must nuke him to free him Pandy FacklerToday at 00:15 if the others stay away from the precious glow bombs they will be spared BoognishToday at 00:15 yes ohh if they send dirty spies in then we can't save them Pandy FacklerToday at 00:16 we should inform the masses BoognishToday at 00:16 Pandy, if they do not hear the gospel of boognish how can they heed the cult ? they are lost in ignorance Fair warning: Any attempts to spy Boognish nukes will result in the culprit eating one of the nukes. Stay away from the precious glow bomb and it will stay away from you.
  3. For hither not, I am The Stallion. Come fear, Come Love. I am The Stallion. For the past three weeks since our Lord Boognish came to me in a fever dream, I have amassed a following of loyal cultists who have cultivated the barren wastes of Steve into a suitable compound cathedral where we may kneel at the altar of Boognish and place offerings of Pork Rolls; Eggs and Cheese. However, the hunger of Boognish is eternal and cannot be satisfied by us alone. More acolytes must surrender to the whim of the Boog. Therefore, Boognish Cult do hereby declare a war of conquest against the residents of Buffalo Girls School, GALACTIC ALLIANCE and Serenity by Force. Should any residents of these alliances seek peace for their transgressions against the almighty Boognish, you must drop your allegiances and join us under the banner of Boognish Cult. To all other leaders, we invite you to join us on our server at Buckingham Green. Signed: Pandy Fackler - The Stallion Boognish - Bumblebee
  4. But now they are reborn to wage a war to reclaim a flag, this is not mere roguery. I can understand Oculus having a dusty axe to grind but NG are rogues no longer. The thing about rogues is that rogues, by their very nature, do not return. That's why it's referred to as "roguing out"
  5. but stewie they didn't enter to defend ftw; it is because you are rouge entities 'member?
  6. Your intentional verbosity is as dull as it is uninspired. Please stop trying.
  7. Lord knows you need it, my recent influx of immigrants are gagging on the stench you left behind last time you paid me a visit
  8. Legion carried quite a bit of water for them against us as well. They seem to at least be acting like allies should do.
  9. Oh neat, late to the fight and ranked 7th overall. I'm good with that.
  10. I'm curious, who came up with the intentionally boring and uninspired alliance name 'The Phoenix Collective' for his new hidey hole?
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