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  1. Congrats TTK and Adios NADC..Fair Winds and Safe travels!πŸ––
  2. That's one way to get post count up...πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ Never Surrender NGers!!!! At least not until after I have to jump out of any range for wonders! Peace is a Lie and all that mumbo jumbo brochachos!!! πŸŒπŸ’§Ya'll look thirsty!!!πŸ—ΏNGers4lyfe and all that!?! πŸ€˜πŸ–•
  3. The Dragon awaits you, enter here to join the Elite Warriors of the Order! If you love war, I love you!!!πŸ₯° Pick up your Crossbow and follow me the War Messiah!!! Click this for Info...o7
  4. Without Order , there can be no peace...Join the Order before your place is taken! New nations wanting action apply within and I will make you famous,so Dm me on Discord and we will discuss our fast track military wonders and aid programs for Heroes of the Order fighting the enemies of the Dragon! For the Glory and Spoils of War, stonewall14 of Queensryche NPO MilComm Battalion Commander The Eye of the Dragon's Rage
  5. Yes Join the Order and be invincible and immortal ....πŸ™
  6. Join today and enjoy life as a member of the most fearsome military force to ever walk cyberverse...Do so today before your place is taken in the Halls of the Order!!!!😎
  7. That's funny right there idc who you are...🀑
  8. Does this mean GATO,CLAWS,Legion etc get a free pass!?! Asking for a friend~😎
  9. Lmao you keep grasping for that claim to fame, it's almost as pitiful as your guys bloated sense of worth....πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€‘<new assclown emoji is so appropriate here it is funniest thing of all...🀯
  10. Usually, AAs post DoW after the blitz or counter of allies enemies....Apparently they forgot to launch attacks?🀑
  11. Noice....let the games begin...🀑
  12. Ahahaha truer words were never uttered....🀣 Obviously they are going to sit by and watch their pets burn again!?!🀑
  13. Maybe Kashmir should help their allies!?!🀑 Godspeed to Victory for our allies in CLAWS...😎
  14. Wow the low lifes get lower!?! That's some messed up crap when someone signs treaties to get protection and then back stabs their biggest protector and breaks treaties attacking them.....I've managed to last long enough to see it all....🀑
  15. .🏹So does this mean you DoW on behalf of Kashmir too!?!
  16. Awesome on peace being achieved! Sorry for the trolling and satirical propaganda brochacho and may Peace be upon you soon... o/ RR
  17. Congrats to both....😎 o/ FtW o/ LoSs
  18. 04/19/2010...Dixie Cove goes Nuclear
  19. League of Micro Penises gonna bump heads lmfao....
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