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  1. Ahahaha truer words were never uttered....🤣 Obviously they are going to sit by and watch their pets burn again!?!🤡
  2. Maybe Kashmir should help their allies!?!🤡 Godspeed to Victory for our allies in CLAWS...😎
  3. Wow the low lifes get lower!?! That's some messed up crap when someone signs treaties to get protection and then back stabs their biggest protector and breaks treaties attacking them.....I've managed to last long enough to see it all....🤡
  4. .🏹So does this mean you DoW on behalf of Kashmir too!?!
  5. Awesome on peace being achieved! Sorry for the trolling and satirical propaganda brochacho and may Peace be upon you soon... o/ RR
  6. Congrats to both....😎 o/ FtW o/ LoSs
  7. 04/19/2010...Dixie Cove goes Nuclear
  8. League of Micro Penises gonna bump heads lmfao....
  10. Zero warning points...:D Went from maxxed out to Zero Hero...o/ mE

  11. Dafunk? What did udo dis time, TBM!?!? Your antics and tomfoolery is great entertainment and quite effective at inciting psychotic despots into saying and making foolish actions....o/ I salute you my friend and would reward you but it is your job so just keep up the good "work"....
  12. Stonewall14

    The 'C' word

    God Bless and Godspeed on recovery, my Mom had colon cancer surgery 1st of year and at 47 I am having another Colonoscotomy done for good measure as my last one was 5 years ago...Jesus is the great healer, so prayer works miracles!
  13. Megadeth..."Brother will kill brother ...Spilling blood across the land Killing for religion...Do you kill on gods command?"

  14. Current Dollars Available: $2.19 (Surplus)

  15. Wars and Rumors of Wars...:P

  16. I'm a Happy Man and had a good birthday...:)

  17. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=2051718656367" data-width=...
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