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  1. When I saw "Imperial Bulletin" here I was getting excited that NPO were up to something... bubble burst, back to the mines with ye!
  2. Glad to see some steps taken that will improve stability. Well done folks.
  3. Good idea! For The Legion MDoAP (BLOC): The Legion FTW CLAWS GATO Argent MDoAP NpO Sparta Invicta ODP SUN LoSS
  4. Hey, this is good and theres no tl;dr Gl to Polar and NG
  5. Good to see a proctecorate, they are far and few between these days. I hope they prosper under the guidance of Bundy all hail!
  6. Nobody died? I thought the point of the war was for people to die to show off casualties. Pixel soldiers are people too!
  7. A congratulations to our loyal friends and allies in CLAWS! You guys are awesome! Good treaty here TTK!
  8. Dear KoRT, Please do not retreat back into the hole that Polar pulled you out of. The world needs more people playing a role, step up. regards, LW.
  9. Dear commies, Thank you for letting us all know you are still alive, even if barely. You are probably not in the business of taking advice from somebody who you have never talked to before but I would like to offer it all the same.... Seize this opportunity, expand, create new international relations, use this bloc not as an end game but as a way to bring yourselves back into orbit, to fight wars and to be a member of the CN community who actually contributes. . It is good to see alliances showing life and trying to Make there way even in these dark days. Do not let what you have created go to waste. Best of luck in the future, I really do with you folks well!
  10. I think I get where your going with this, and while your not wrong that its a different type of hoarding I dont think it applies in this situation. Like you can have a million NS and all the tech in the world but that can be taken from you. Casualties however, well thats something they can never take from you. Casualty pixels > All other pixels
  11. Good luck with the future sers!
  12. Its all about dem casualties at the end of the day!
  13. Going to say you got me there I meant reptiles, ill have to pay better attention next time when im typing a reply. 😂
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