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  1. Lord Windmark

    A Clerical Note

    Yes to this! I take pride in keeping The Legions wiki up to date.
  2. Lord Windmark

    Treaty of Sippin' Sweet Tea

    Congratulations to our allies in Polaris! and to Kashmir too!
  3. Lord Windmark

    The Alta Accords

    Congratulations to our allies in Polaris and our friends at Nordreich!.
  4. Lord Windmark

    Eagles, Wolves & Dragons!

    Glad to have signed a good ally and gained a good friend. Looking forward to the future ahead of us! Ave Legio! Ave FTW!
  5. Lord Windmark

    The Global Freehold Announcement

    This is a good treaty that holds a lot of promise! Good luck to both.
  6. Lord Windmark

    The Praetorian Covenant

    Ave Legio! Its great to get out in the public with our GATO brothers!
  7. Lord Windmark

    The Legion

    18M in free aid and sled programs are only some of the benefits of joining The Legion.
  8. Lord Windmark

    Declaration of War

    Hope you will enjoy this one GATO!
  9. Lord Windmark

    FTW Announcements

    Congratulations guys. o/
  10. Lord Windmark

    The Legion

    avelegio.net today and lodge and application! ave Legio!
  11. Lord Windmark

    The Legion

    Change your AA to The Legion in game and apply at avelegio.net !
  12. Lord Windmark

    The Legion

  13. Lord Windmark

    The Legion

    The Legion is recruiting regular rank and file Legionnaires. We have added an increase of 20% to the Legio Cohorts in the past 3 months alone, will you fight for Rome? For membership applications register an account on: avelegio.net and apply today!
  14. Lord Windmark

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    Well done Polaris, smashing reply to this fiasco.
  15. Lord Windmark

    A Nordreich Announcement

    Great news! Congratulations to the new Kaiserin, Go Nordreich!