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  1. Lol see what I mean? I hope we never peace out!! Anyways im going to shimmy back out into outer orbit! Cya.
  2. Probably shouldnt comment but..... i do want to say you guys genuinely crack me up and dont ever change for anyone!
  3. Welcome to the fight I am look forward to exchanging casualties!!
  4. We do not seek "swagger" or claim to have "achieved" anything in this war besides blood a few noobs in the lower tier. Its not like I am extremely excited and filled with a sense of achievement when I log in to see that any of my 3 opponents havnt bothered attacking me for the 2nd day in a row....believe me. (bad for my casualty count ) I do believe in good communication and airing issues between friends is important to a healthy friendship and as CodFCS has said previous, you know where to find us if you would like to air any issues you might have with current events.. The door is always open for NpO to air any issue of any kind as it is with all our allies. Either way I still stand by what I said before...an MDP is an MDP whether the aggressors are IRON sized, or COBRA sized and we will answer our MDPs when we are called otherwise signing them is pointless.
  5. An MDP is an MDP whether the attacker is a large alliance or a small one. We will answer when called with all our allies and Polar are included in that!
  6. I genuinely couldnt care less about you or your non AA. Legion will defend our allies to the last pixel in any circumstance and i think your actually the one who is bitter because you have no ally who would do the same for you. Ave Legio forever!
  7. Hey its easier to bring up things from a decade ago instead of focusing on how irrelevant the 5 man micro TIE is. LolTIE
  8. I love the smell of Plant of Bob in the morning. Especially when all my nukes hit 1st time. Seriously though The Legion has respect for Kashmir...as Cod said your not afraid of a fight and while your on the defensive you are performing well and im enjoying exchanging nukes and GAs with you! At least your a real alliance capable of waging war! unlike TIE capable of only complaining and crying on OWF. Relevancy is a hard found thing these days!
  9. The moaning in here is quite amusing. Kashmir have The worst warchests ive seen in a long time in case anyone thinks there putting up a decent fight! (Not)
  10. Are you still complaining about the Legion? Im not even sure if your 5 man micro even counts as an alliance! I sense a degree of jealousy tbh....
  11. Too many excuses and not enough nations for us to nuke!
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