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  1. Is there a reason why this blog is being brought back to life?
  2. Lord Hershey

    New adventure

    Only Jrkee knows the answer to his question.
  3. My point still stands. Did DBDC attack SPATR after SPATR raided WAPA?
  4. I am not aware of DBDC attacking SPATR after SPATR raided WAPA, please refresh my memory.
  5. Any evidence to back up your claim about Invicta wrecking us? If you do have compelling evidence then I'm afraid I'd just have to rewrite DS's history. Before steering off the topic, I'd like to contribute to the blog: Mi6: The biggest threat that the galaxy has seen in a long time... Not. Valhalla: We're not going to see Valhalla in the afterlife. Sparta: War?! Where at?! NpO: Supremest Moralists of all Moralists. Kashmir: Lol, War? Aight, aight, where do we sign up? GOONs: Yo, we got your back. Sengoku: More comics?! They are on sale! 100 tech per comic!
  6. Oh wow, I did not see that coming.
  7. Oh man, so excited for the next installment!
  8. It does not matter who is right, it's who is left that matters the most.
  9. A decent analysis made by HM Solomon I. Unfortunately, most of the article is either: misleading or inaccurate but the author is not in any way affiliated to the Doomsphere so I get the point of not being able to have access to quality information.
  10. I echo this sentiment. And what Steve Buscemi said.
  11. We are pleased that Rey the Great has chosen to continue his career as a Doom Squad member. He is a consummate professional whose love and respect for the game provide a tremendous example for all players. Rey the Great has been a very productive player throughout his career and we look forward to his future contributions to our team and community.
  12. Watch out guys, he's the next Ray Lewis.
  13. Why are you advertising yourself, smurthwaite? What are pros and cons of yourself?
  14. In a swift and just response to recent highly publicized, antagonistic attacks toward Doombird Doomcave (DBDC), its affiliates, and one of its well known leaders, Jeff Winger (CubaQuerida); Doom News Broadcasting Corporation (DNBC) is established to disseminate such misinformation spewed by individuals such as Tywin Lannister! Doom News Broadcasting Corporation is now live to provide its fellow Planet Bob human beings with honest and credible information! To gauge Planet Bob's human beings' interest into DBDC's affairs, DNBC proudly presents you an exclusive interview between its anchorman, Dean Hershey and DBDC's leader, Jeff Winger. Mr. Winger, I noticed in the Player Created Alliance, http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/119514-the-doombird-doomcave/, that there is a Community TV Series theme going on under that thread, do you mind elaborating why did you choose that theme for your alliance? I was told this was a medical emergency for my dog... this has got to stop, Dean! Thank you for having me, though I’m a bit creeped out by your unblinking stare. It’s simple really, I took a look at our collection of semi-organized, underachieving nations and sat them all down after our most successful set of wars in history. I then said to them, “We’ve stopped being a rogue group no one understands. We've become something unstoppable. We have become a Community.” How does your government operate and why does your alliance not have a forum like many other alliances do? We are not some fascist dictatorship or a rogue state. We make all of our decisions after close consultation with Troy (Artigo) and Abed (TBRaiders), and Annie (Tayloj) always lets us know if we are acting too much like jerks. For general decisions, everyone has a voice, even Pierce (Christian Trojans). We don’t like IRC, it’s antiquated and unreliable, like Leonard. We use Skype as it is the way of the future, and we’re pioneers like that. No one has ever complained that our attack sequences were too slow. How do you and your alliance mates feel about being under scrutiny for running your very own unorthodox method by raiding with not a low tier nation but a high tier nation? And how do/did you manage to make this method so successful, a method some people claiming to be "an exploit." Your words not mine, Dean. Just because we do it well and make it look sexy while doing it doesn’t mean people aren’t going to try and hate us for being good at what we do. We have some of the smartest minds in the game in our alliance and there’s absolutely nothing we’re doing that everyone else hasn’t either tried to do or wanted to do. We just do it the best. What do you think about people posting politically motivated threads targeting DBDC? Do you have a message for those people? I’m not going to get myself all worked up because someone I barely know thinks I’m too powerful and wants to see me and my friends rendered useless or stripped of our ability to fight. Why are you looking at me like that? It’s because I said stripped isn’t it? Seriously, you can attempt to modify the game all you want, we will find a way to do it better than you and you’ll just feel even worse when you still can’t get the better of us. For a very last question, and probably the most important question of this interview, I believe the vast majority of our audience wants to know is… how do you feel about passing Hime Themis as the number one nation in the game, an impossible feat once thought by many people? I don’t kiss and tell you should know me by now. No one said war wasn’t profitable, it was just assumed. I do recall sensing a bit of a scowl when she passed me in the hall now that you mention it… Thank you, Mr. Winger, for being here and taking your time to respond to my moderately difficult questions. I hope this exclusive interview with Mr. Winger has allowed human beings of Planet Bob to understand what it is like being in DBDC and its affiliates. For a next DNBC announcement, I will personally select three questions that I deem to be valuable and appropriate from human beings of Planet Bob. Please post your bolded question underneath your response in the blog, mind that it must contain only one question and it has to be relevant to DBDC so make it count, folks! For the entire DNBC news team, I'm Dean Hershey. And have a fabulous night.
  15. I agree with Der Major wholly. In addition, gold is also valuable because it is scarce and does not corrode.
  16. Lord Hershey

    Tournament Round 26

    Can we get a new spy operation feature involving assassinating a general? That'd be really cool.
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