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  1. Asking a question is spinning conspiracy theories. Okay. Sorry that you're the one who speaks proper English and not me I guess XD On the thread topic, my point was that a vocal minority who mostly talks out of their bottoms keep making absurd claims. These claims are probably not going to be supported by Jerdge's poll.
  2. When did question marks become pseudo intellectual babble? Get over yourself.
  3. I mean you and he speak the same lingo, so yeah.
  4. You and I struggle at communication. My questions were meant to point out the untruth of the statements you seemed to be agreeing with.
  5. So the theory is that VE/DT/GLoF/Polaris all support you...? Then why aren't they helping you?
  6. Wrong thread. I'm not sure losers get to make demands. I'm surprised you guys didn't realize that from the start.
  7. Thanks for the memories one and all. Shout-out to Johnny for sealing the deal with me. (Ooc/ Edit double post noooo /ooc)
  8. You've never heard the story of Darth Dre4m the wise?
  9. See above post. Did you look at the post?
  10. Sorry, I didn't see the top image's text -- my bad! Still, keep an eye on your jimmies, these are known rustlers.
  11. Be careful, Non Grata has an actual copyright claim when it comes to you taking credit for their actions. They're known to be overzealous over their intellectual capital like: the yin yang symbol, the colors black and white, the icon of the dragon, and even rectangular flags.
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