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  1. I'm not referring to the separate Oculus CB and declare. You are incorrect. You're definitely right about Legion and FTW pulling most of the weight in Snake Eyes. Their commanders, Windmark and Kaznawim did really well at organizing internally.
  2. @lilweirdward, my suggested solutions will be the final entry in this series. But I welcome others to tackle these questions here and/or there.
  3. I mean to say that I'm still questioning if it's a real set of beliefs or if it's just made up in post to justify their behavior.
  4. Overall, I agree with you in your responses, but I'm a bit lukewarm on the first point. I think they do have a vague ideology (Moralism) but that it suffers several contradictions that their leadership have not yet successfully digested. The biggest of these is how they are willing to do anything for their friends, but how they also limit themselves with constraints based on the supposed moralism. For them it's clear that moralism > friends. Unfortunately, it doesn't jive to me very much as an ideology because it is very inconsistent.
  5. Then where do we disagree in your post except over the next point? You guys don't defend your allies no matter the cost though, if you did you'd learn a bit of strategy and try to make situations into ones where you actually could win or that would benefit your allies in the long term. If it was at the cost of the pride of an alliance in this sphere, they would never take the hit. These days, that false bravado about friends > infra is irksome, since it's not even the ex-moralist sphere's catchphrase. The short term LEROY JENKINS at the biggest scariest alliance in any global
  6. Surely if your activity level is sufficient, then we too will notice Banned's words. Oh, this is the part where you say "I don't care and I'm just here to wait for the lights to go out."
  7. Case Study: Ex-Moralists And so we’re in what may be the final alliance sphere topic: Ex-moralists. Sometimes called Ex-AFM, or the old-beer-o-sphere minus XX. Ex-SF, etc. As you can see, the first and easiest criticism of the sphere is that they are not known as anything in particular, but rather are referred to as what they once were. In recent years, no one has referred to the “Chestnut” sphere or anything similar to that. How could this smattering of alliances be responsible for the political stagnation of Planet Bob? Well, the first is the most obvious. Inactivity.
  8. Congratulations to my friends in Fark and my frie-ene-I-don't-know-what-we-are-anymore in COBRA
  9. If something does nothing when observed from the outside, does it actually exist? Thank you for the compliment! Overall I agree with you again GK . I think that you may have mistaken what I deemed as toxicity as being forum drama itself though. I think arguments, heated passion and so on are the lifeblood of the OWF! Watching people get owned, including my own side, in arguments over the Snake Eyes War (for example) are a positive form of activity that gives alliance leaders something to discuss and weigh in on. The toxicity that I meant is more the automatic disdain and
  10. Apologies for the delay in response. I wrote one up on my laptop, but it turns out the cache didn't save the response so I didn't get around to posting it. Here's my rewritten responses: Thank you for your thoughtful responses GK. I appreciate that you read this and had something to say! Overall, I think we largely in agreement! I cut out the parts that I just agree with and don't have any additional comments on! Protection status and protectorates + mergers don't really seem to do anything unless the protected alliance is going inactive.... The same can be said f
  11. I've included one of the unofficial RFI flags for this post.
  12. The hwat? Congratulations to both parties.
  13. Case Study: Cobrasphere Lo and behold, we have reached the third case study. This time featuring Cobrasphere. It’s key to note that in the case of Cobrasphere and RFI, they both did not exist when this supposed stagnation was cemented. However, they both bear considerable responsibilities with regard to the state of current foreign affairs. I covered RFI last time, so I’ll cover Cobrasphere now. They are primarily low tier nations and are the most dominating force in that area. They are more active on discord and in-game than many alliances that belong to other spheres. So, how cou
  14. These blog posts aren't about whether or not merger alliances can be powerful though. If it were I would talk about some of the positives, such as expanding the influence of the individual constituent alliances into something much more real, creating better tierage, etc. But when it comes to politics, mergers tend to be a bad thing for the overall health of the world. It's a useful indicator when we consider political roles. There has never been a world leading or factional leading merger alliance, because almost all of them broke up due to infighting or were paper tigers since
  15. I'm happy that you've joined the discussion! I disagree with your point about mergers though. I think mergers have genuinely never been all too successful in the history of CN. CLAWS & FTW might be the exceptions, (And to some extent GATO) but if that's true, then they are the only exceptions in the history of Cyber Nations. Many many merger alliances have come and gone including AI, my own ally TLR, CoTM, Last Call, Non Grata, my former alliance Atlas, and the list goes on. In all cases, the initial peaks of activity were quickly eroded because there were not enough positions of activity
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