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  1. Oh No. CLAWS is doomed!
  2. Hey all, I'm working on making a bit of a podcast report on the various conspiracy theories and drama surrounding mi6 at the point near to its downfall. If anyone has any logs or stories to share that they think would be interesting to incorporate, send me a dm or reply here with the juicy drama If you have enough of a compelling story maybe we'll have you on as a guest!
  3. I don't know, I would say probably the historical record and our own sovereignty to make requests as we'd like; of course you have to be careful, asking questions about what is allowed and not allowed is apparently oppression. But that seems to be off topic. RFI has not made any public or threatening bans on tech deals, and this thread (including my message and Ashleaa's response) demonstrate that the claim you're making is fault. Until your next smear attempt!
  4. You are a conspiracy theorist. I would never in any way support a conspired attack on FAN. They have been good guys and gals for years and they gave my friends and allies of the III% a home. We even fought alongside them not too long ago in defense of our allies in MHA. I apologize Ashleaa if you have felt threatened by my message in any way... So the others can see, here is my message:
  5. I do not in this speech see what you are taking a stand for or against. You state that FTW claims its right to regulate your wars, but they have not done that. You are the people who have externally claimed to regulate the standard "round" into something that it is not with regards to FTW and your ally Kashmir; two external entities. Can you clarify or highlight the specific part of this speech that points out what values you're burning yourselves alive for?
  6. Care to elaborate? If getting rolled over your own stupidity is standing for something than I guess I haven't. Y'all circlejerking about the nobility of not knowing what a round is and fighting an aggressive war over it does not appear to me to be a stand against or for anything.
  7. Is the idea that you are the burning monk here? I don't really see how you "dying in protest" is sending anyone any kind of message.
  8. Disagreeing with how someone does something does not it hypocritical make. The deep irony of you as a TIE member talking about honoring treaties is not lost on anyone here, not even the tumbleweeds.
  9. If it's not a disavowal I'll have to go talk to your daddy.
  10. It isn't a problem at all, who is this a problem for exactly?
  11. If you're going to talk out of your butthole, I will just respond with memes. This format is the gift that keeps on giving! (My former allies in NG disbanded like last year)
  12. We're in the end game now boys.
  13. This was basically my point though. These alliances that were listed are non-political actors with huge NS values. Who knows how many would actually fight, but regardless their side is clear in ANY conflict. I also stressed that the big 3 in Oculus have the power alone to fight the entire rest of the game, as far as I can tell. This is what gives them about 1/3 of the responsibility in our lack of global wars. I agree that there is greater context here, but the justification at the time was due to aid sent to specific nations, and it only later was attributed to senate disagreements. This is of course from my perspective as (at the time) a regular GA member. There may be more info to be had out there, but I'm sure you'll see a common trend here in other conflicts against Oculus. Non-chaining treaties also contribute to the lack of global wars i'm sure, but great fear of being rolled into nothingness is hardly new to most alliances out there. I wasn't trying to say it was a "random conflict", just that this conflict is an example (a random example from me) where I saw how Oculus could harm/hinder global conflict. If Oculus was neutral when Sengoku (and i guess umb?) went to war, maybe we would've seen a global war or at least a bigger war. I'm certain we woulda got rekt by you guys, but I'm saying it is a factor in why these wars didn't happen. Fair enough. My overall point was that if you point your finger at the top twenty, you are right for the three reasons I had laid out. However, your point here makes sense too, and I agree with it. The low tier warlovers could all break into smaller alliances and have their own wars, I guess.
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