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  1. Tevron


    I have a feeling that once the 250 nation rule gets a bit more deadly for everyone involved the game will consume itself, although perhaps order will prevail.
  2. Join my good friends and allies in CLAWS, they have some cool people.
  3. I didn't bring it up inaccurately, GK did. Let's keep it buried then.
  4. You are continuing to distort facts. We took off over half of our initial terms and reduced the tech deals when your buddies had offered nothing except white peace. I also told you many many times that the tech deals were an alternative that we had found unsatisfactory and that you could easily replace with something else. Have some good faith, you're not GK. Maybe you should go re-read logs. Revisionist I am not.
  5. You were in no way related to peace talks until weeks after they had begun. There were other alternatives offered. I was obviously frustrated that you wouldn't reduce the tech deal terms, since by your own claim the Cobralition had intended to do exactly that but never sent the offer because of an internal breakdown of communications... I don't see why you're leaving that context out here. White peace isn't an alternative term by its definition. Bring it on
  6. Keep changing history. You were told to come up with an alternative to tech deals AT THE BEGINNING of negotiations and could not. We proposed several alternatives you also wouldn't accept. Instead you opted to fight until it was an admission of defeat. What's the point in lying about this stuff?
  7. If you understood friends versus infra you'd drop your victim act over the flag and make peace with your supposed friends. Instead, as per usual, Non Grata only serves itself and shortsighted goals. You're against half of your former friends and allies but you keep denying the crap on your shoes. Obviously infra doesn't matter to you, but what friends are you standing for? This "global order" you're against is what Caustic was claiming was NG's biggest accomplishment. How do you justify your criticism of an order YOU helped build and support, much more than Canik?
  8. Asking a question is spinning conspiracy theories. Okay. Sorry that you're the one who speaks proper English and not me I guess XD On the thread topic, my point was that a vocal minority who mostly talks out of their bottoms keep making absurd claims. These claims are probably not going to be supported by Jerdge's poll.
  9. When did question marks become pseudo intellectual babble? Get over yourself.
  10. I mean you and he speak the same lingo, so yeah.
  11. You and I struggle at communication. My questions were meant to point out the untruth of the statements you seemed to be agreeing with.
  12. So the theory is that VE/DT/GLoF/Polaris all support you...? Then why aren't they helping you?
  13. Wrong thread. I'm not sure losers get to make demands. I'm surprised you guys didn't realize that from the start.
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