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  1. Official Statement by Haven We fully support Cobra in their efforts to protect their and our allies Ordo Cyberneticus. We also support their counterattack on the aggressors Mongoose. We will also provide full military assistance and as of now declare a state of hostilities against Mongoose and King Neptune's Bar.
  2. Hi all!! Haven announces the complete protection of every member. If a member is attacked, it will be viewed as an attack against us all and we will act in our mutual defense. All future members will be vetted and if they pass, they will get a 7-day trial which will decide whether they will be a full member of our alliance or not. If anyone is aware of a reason for aggression towards our members, they must contact Haven so we may take appropriate action which may involve that nation either surrenders officially and gets rid of their nukes or identifies their non-participation to th
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