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    I have a feeling that once the 250 nation rule gets a bit more deadly for everyone involved the game will consume itself, although perhaps order will prevail.
  2. Join my good friends and allies in CLAWS, they have some cool people.
  3. I didn't bring it up inaccurately, GK did. Let's keep it buried then.
  4. You are continuing to distort facts. We took off over half of our initial terms and reduced the tech deals when your buddies had offered nothing except white peace. I also told you many many times that the tech deals were an alternative that we had found unsatisfactory and that you could easily replace with something else. Have some good faith, you're not GK. Maybe you should go re-read logs. Revisionist I am not.
  5. You were in no way related to peace talks until weeks after they had begun. There were other alternatives offered. I was obviously frustrated that you wouldn't reduce the tech deal terms, since by your own claim the Cobralition had intended to do exactly that but never sent the offer because of an internal breakdown of communications... I don't see why you're leaving that context out here. White peace isn't an alternative term by its definition. Bring it on
  6. Keep changing history. You were told to come up with an alternative to tech deals AT THE BEGINNING of negotiations and could not. We proposed several alternatives you also wouldn't accept. Instead you opted to fight until it was an admission of defeat. What's the point in lying about this stuff?
  7. If you understood friends versus infra you'd drop your victim act over the flag and make peace with your supposed friends. Instead, as per usual, Non Grata only serves itself and shortsighted goals. You're against half of your former friends and allies but you keep denying the crap on your shoes. Obviously infra doesn't matter to you, but what friends are you standing for? This "global order" you're against is what Caustic was claiming was NG's biggest accomplishment. How do you justify your criticism of an order YOU helped build and support, much more than Canik?
  8. Asking a question is spinning conspiracy theories. Okay. Sorry that you're the one who speaks proper English and not me I guess XD On the thread topic, my point was that a vocal minority who mostly talks out of their bottoms keep making absurd claims. These claims are probably not going to be supported by Jerdge's poll.
  9. When did question marks become pseudo intellectual babble? Get over yourself.
  10. I mean you and he speak the same lingo, so yeah.
  11. You and I struggle at communication. My questions were meant to point out the untruth of the statements you seemed to be agreeing with.
  12. So the theory is that VE/DT/GLoF/Polaris all support you...? Then why aren't they helping you?
  13. Wrong thread. I'm not sure losers get to make demands. I'm surprised you guys didn't realize that from the start.
  14. Thanks for the memories one and all. Shout-out to Johnny for sealing the deal with me. (Ooc/ Edit double post noooo /ooc)
  15. You've never heard the story of Darth Dre4m the wise?
  16. See above post. Did you look at the post?
  17. Sorry, I didn't see the top image's text -- my bad! Still, keep an eye on your jimmies, these are known rustlers.
  18. Be careful, Non Grata has an actual copyright claim when it comes to you taking credit for their actions. They're known to be overzealous over their intellectual capital like: the yin yang symbol, the colors black and white, the icon of the dragon, and even rectangular flags.
  19. I don't think I've taken up these but they are good questions to ask: (1) It depends on what your alliance stands for. GATO is supposed to be a supporter of peace, it's in our charter so I feel obligated to support it to some extent. It's part of the whole democracy thing. (2 & 3) do you mean a global war? Deathadder is right that longer wars are worse for the game, but sadly it's usually the leadership of the enemy coalition who refuse to opt for a peace swiftly these days.... @Lord of Darkness or @Monster posted statistics at some point that showed that wars lead to the most deletions in the community.
  20. I think their point was that you're hypocrites and were bad allies, not that they couldn't handle it without your sorry bottoms. (You being NG)
  21. At long last, our adventurers had culled the goblin horde. And yet, the goblins continued to fight, unwilling to surrender after their pitiful attack. In all likelihood, peace between the party and goblins was nearly in order. The Chieftain of the goblins died, his corpse having vanished, unrecovered after a particularly nasty fireball from the mouth of Argent. Their new chieftain, although foreign in name and strange in decorum seemed to be more willing to negotiate than the last messenger. Together, the leaders of both factions sat beside a cozy fire in the largest tent the goblinoids could muster. The evening had gone well in large part, the party only having drank almost all the alcohol the goblinoids had left. The party and the goblinoid chieftain deliberated together, and as Ave Legio, Gato Thundercloud of the Mountain Tree and Drakenai the Dwarf, actually a short half-orc/half-drow, wandered out of the tent together, a strange sound filled the ravaged, misty landscape. The scene they strode by could be described as beautiful. The moonlight shattered into the fog at curious angles, bending the light into shades of rusty and earthy tones. As they made their way across the remains of the goblinoid village, they spoke of whether they could trust the strange new chieftains words. They were divided on the issue, but it seemed the goblins grievances may yet be buriable. “GRGLRLGLGGRRRR” Ave Legio and Gato Thundercloud drew their weapons, and Drakenai started speaking a language more ancient than even the Tabaxi beside him. The strange sound grew still louder. More familiar sounds of goblinoid chatter erupted a few meters in front of the friends as goblin-sling rocks whizzed by their heads. Ave Legio rushed into dense darkness, shouting as his blade flared with magical light, “More goblins, we were set up!” Gato Thundercloud rushed in to join her stalwart friend, her trident ready for its next victims. Drakenai frowned. His incantation was still drawing its power in, and the disturbing noise didn’t seem to be coming from the goblin attack. What treachery is this? “KRRGRGRGGRGGGG” A zombified goblin lunged out of the darkness at Drakenai, it was a familiar face, though much rotted from the decay of death. “Kroggabis!?” The recently deceased chieftain of the goblins tried to bite down on Drakenai’s free arm, but his esoteric spellcraft knew its mark and otherworldly tendrils tore into Kroggabis’ putrid flesh. The reek of the zombie-goblin nearly made Drakenai vomit. The zombified Kroggabis lay on the ground, dead yet again. Even so, something felt off. Argent burst from the tent, appearing as the balding wizard he used often when he needed a disguise. Negative energy filled the air. “Could it be?” the dragon said, tugging his silver beard. “What is it?” asked Sylvia “Claws” Bundy as she stepped out of the tent and drew her shortbow. Argent’s eyes tighten with a focus beyond any mortals comprehension, and he spoke with a passion equal to his knowledge. “Before you or Drakenai were even born, there was a mildly dangerous and relevant necromancer that frequently terrorized the Chestnut Knights and even aspired to wipe the Titian Kingdoms off the map. He never succeeded, but rumors were that he died in recent years. His activities had largely ceased after his last squabble. But, this energy, it can only be him!” Sylvia Bundy loosed an arrow at the first zombie-goblin to emerge from the thick fog. She asked, “Who is it?” “Mordant.” “Ah, I know him by another name, the Persona Non Grata.” ***** They followed the source of dark psychic energy to a dilapidated village. Broken windmills and poorly tended wild tulips sprung out from the low hills that surrounded the once thriving land. Wisps of fog skittered and whirled across the muddy ground. The party came prepared. Necromancy was not to be trifled with. Although not especially dangerous magic, it’d been known to run amok from time to time and any conflict to slay Mordant may very well stretch into weeks, months, or even years. It had already been two weeks since the run in with Kroggabis’s reanimated corpse and they’d met their fare share of zombies along the way. Drakenai seemed to be their target, and he had taken the brunt of their assaults but slain every undead along the way with meticulous efficiency. Their two comrades, Sir Newton Irenic and Sir Feroxeous. “It's great to fight alongside you again, old friend. It's been years." Gato said. Sir Newton Irenic stood nearly seven feet tall. The red haired veteran stretched his well toned arms against his claymore. He smiled, certainty the sole expression on his stubbled face, "When order is threatened, I answer. My vow is to wipe chaos from our plane forever." The copper Dragonborn beside him, Sir Feroxeous, smiled toothily. "Not to mention that bastard messed with Drakenai.” He patted his friend on the shoulder. "Yeah, the zombies keep showing up at my doorstep. Normally it wouldn't be an issue..." the warlock smiled with murder in his eyes as he spoke. "But the horde has grown stronger," Ave Legio said, pointing toward the figures in the distance, gathered in front of the remains of a temple. “I was going to say it’s been four months already,” the half orc chuckled. “Adminimus above, are you serious?” Ave shook his head in disdain. “To be fair, the initial attacks were so wimpy I didn’t even realize it was necromancy. A few highwaymen tried to waylay me, I figured it was just the regular sort of banditry...” Drakenai pointed to the symbol on his shoulder, the sign of his patrons -- the Wolf and Dragon, and continued “...but then just before I slew them, they started making disgusting gurgling noises and said I stole their insignia. I figured it was just a curious death rattle and finished them off.” “But when I trailed Mordant to his hideaway here I learned the truth. He’s gone mad, obsessed over his own gods and a need for goblin worship. He’s bribing them, but I don’t know to what end,” Sylvia said. She gestured to the grizzled veteran, “I followed Mordant through the of Coralica where I ran into our friend, he was already on his way to strike down the necromancer.” Sir Newton nodded. "Indeed, Mordant has been raiding my lands graveyards to bolster his forces. To think we were once allies and friends.” “Not to mention he attacked my people not many moons ago as well,” the towering Sir Feroxeous said. “We about ready?” Argent said, attempting to lay flat to hide his enormous frame. “Can’t we take a long rest first?” **** The temple’s protectors were former villagers, no issue for the combined might of our heroes and their valiant allies. They descended swiftly into the crypt, the new arrivals leading the charge, following the stench of Mordant’s magic with their holy might… [To be continued...]
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