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    philosophy, geography, politics, fishing, four wheeling.

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  1. Joseph Black

    The IRON Kingdoms

    Mr. Wes, Indeed it did.
  2. Joseph Black

    Hoist the mainsail!

    Pirates, I'll raise my glass to you fine folks! May the rum flow strong and your troops stronger. Enjoy z war, Joseph M. Black
  3. Joseph Black

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    Honorable Zigur, You have created world peace. Your impact on Bob has made such a lasting impression that nobody is willing to conspire against another, to avoid any appearance of approval of you, or your opinion. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
  4. Joseph Black

    Eagles, Wolves & Dragons!

    Honorable legion, It is a pleasure to be formally working together. I have been looking forward to this for some Time. Sincerely, Joseph M Black
  5. Joseph Black

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    This, I have been trying to get him to understand this for six months now. A tyrant of old. Sadly, without the skill, charisma, personality, or popularity. But a tyrant none the less. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
  6. Joseph Black

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    Pacificans, I'm willing to pay-per-view but I'm getting conflicting reports on if your barbaric and completely unacceptable act of humanitarian aid. Thank you for the clarification, Joseph M. Black
  7. Joseph Black

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    Mr. Deathadder, How horribly barbaric and completely satanic. Its acts like this that lead to beacons of light like the ziglar to rise and fight against oppression by insulting women and children. The people of rural route 3 will not stand for this! We will however require the execution to be a publicly displayed event, in honor of the hero who is being sacrificed. Conscientiously objecting, Joseph M. Black
  8. Joseph Black

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    Pacifica, Your evil has gone on long enough, you stalked, baited, and now are executing the last great champion of Cybernations. Martyr on the alter of truth and justice, the Ziglar will be remembered by those who stand in the blazing light he lit for all to follow! Now finish him off so we can get to remembering him. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black P.S. martyr dont continue speaking after they die.... so.... bon voyage
  9. Joseph Black

    A righteous declaration of war!

    Josephey Kony, Free advice, in a world of nations we are but small states. Join an alliance and become part of something bigger than the some of its parts. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black.
  10. Joseph Black

    Declaration of War

    Zigular, You are a tyrant and a bully. The only difference between yourself and those of a bygone era is your perpetual desire to paint yourself as the victim, which fools no one into believing your sob story. Everyone all across the treaty web agree that you a you are a tyrant and a bully. The only difference between yourself and those of a bygone era is your perpetual desire to paint yourself as the victim, I have tried to debate with you, argue with you, and all you have ever done is resort to personal attacks and name calling. That is not the tactics of a philosopher, it is the tactics of a tyrant. And even after your friend Henry lifted your sanction you are no more willing to fight for your alliance now than you were when ISX burned. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
  11. Joseph Black

    Declaration of War

    Zigular has made a thread about himself.... in other news water is wet.
  12. Joseph Black

    Declaration of War

    I support this
  13. Joseph Black


    Np, who doesnt like an alliance that has freedom to raid, activity, and a reputation for saying bite my shiny metal ass to anyone who steps on your fun
  14. Joseph Black

    Discord Free Speech Zone and Bill of Rights

    Zigular, You finally show yourself to be the tyrant I always knew you wanted to be. You finally have your own little world where you can be the king. I hear you've already used your "free speech" zone to ban speech you disagree with and to ban individual you hold in contempt. A coward and a tyrant, and you do the work to prove it for me. And now, I can move on knowing the only true substance to your propaganda ramblings you tried to pass off as philosophical criticism, is your own ego. Thanks for all the fish, Joseph "muddog" Black P.S. nice to be able to talk about CN in CN radio.
  15. Joseph Black


    Seems legit,