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  1. Hey now, don't !@#$ on the possums. They eat ticks and all that!
  2. Defensive wars? Ya. You guys still can't muster up an offensive war besides the few people who manage to do it, you being one of them, so I give you props for that. I entered this war to hit FTW, I've had 1, that's right 1 FTW nation declare on me who was also 2x my size and used the !@#$%* game mechanics to be able to do it. Good on him. Perhaps the next time I need to be staggered an FTW nation can step up to the plate? If not for IRON, I'd be stomping on 4 more of your nations. You owe them a lot for your AA's ineptitude.
  3. So you have a few nations that will fight, you have way many more that won't fight and IRON is having to do that job for you now. Have you no shame? If I was leading that AA, I'd be pretty disgusted with my members right now, but that's just me.
  4. Wish I could somehow be in your range, but that's not possible at this point. You at least have bark behind your bite, the rest of your AA, not at all. They're happy sitting around letting someone else handle their jabs. Come join us, Canik. Stop trying to rule a dumpster fire.
  5. Is it just me or are IRON and Legion the only ones who can cover the incompetence from NPO and FTW? Congrats, FTW, you've found someone else to fight your war for you. Standing around watching your allies do all the work while you are perfectly capable of it is sad. I suppose some will be reevaluating once this is all over.
  6. This isn't the first time that's happened.
  7. Not to mention, but it was the name of a real AA back in the day. So add unoriginal too.
  8. This quite possibly has won the thread.
  9. I just wanted a simple answer. Don't make me have to think.
  10. I was just giving you some tips on how to accomplish your "goal." If you want to be #1, you can't be that when you and #1 are sitting around doing nothing. You can't catch up otherwise. Face reality.
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