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  1. Well it was to take the title of WAE from GATO but that being thoroughly accomplished.. I dunno, we'll have to think on it.
  2. No you would be wrong to infer that. I just find it funny NG wanted outside interference and it backfired on them so horribly. 🤣
  3. Also, btw, the first img in OP needs centered. Plz fix, it triggers my OCD.
  4. "Non Grata waging their own war" is not really accurate. A significant portion of those fighting or who have fought for NG were not NG natives. It is more than a little ironic to hear complaints about interference in the war between NG and FTW when GK, Thrash, Ericsw, Rab and more were not originally in NG to begin with. NG actively sought outside interference rather than to accept the white peace we offered them.
  5. Yeah let me know how many stick around. I've heard they've had issues with members disappearing.
  6. Ok. We're going to continue to attack you though. :) You can decide when to start a war on your own but not when it ends on your own.
  7. That is hilarious you trying to take credit for the normal alliance attrition. You wanna take credit for this too? 🤣 He's not. FTW is not collapsing not even close. A vast majority of our upper tier are more than happy to continue aiding us for however long it takes. Some were even upset when NG tried to claim peace was at hand, wanting the war to continue instead. Our low-tier is still full of dedicated members. 12/17/19 - 1/17/20 we had the most offensive wars at 54, anyone can check and add them up (if you don't believe me) and compare to other alliances on https://cybernations.lyricalz.com/.
  8. Considering we've been at war 10 months straight and this is all micro-tier, thats not bad! 🤣 Few alliances could hope to boast these numbers after 10 months of war and without being rolled first. Thanks for the stats tho!
  9. NG's Brilliant Political Strategy
  10. Still having trouble with numbers eh, GK? Here let me help.. "oCuLuS iS doInG eVERythinG!!1"
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