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  1. If an alliance is in a mess, they should look in the mirror.
  2. My alliance and my allies are top priority. I had told Sanix he would have help. The 2nd nation was meant to be in earlier. I was just honoring my word. You *assume* it was to maximize damage.
  3. I could have attacked Sellswords as a whole in response. I could've not negotiated with GK at all. GK could've not attacked, it was not 'too late'. This has all already been covered in COBRA's DoW thread on us.
  4. Thanks, Al. You know me, and I hope you know I was sadden to hear it was an ex-AW we were hitting but at that point it was only 5 days left and you were fine with it so I continued with the plans we had laid out. Thanks for clearing it up. o/
  5. It was two weeks, but one was all that was needed for everyone to know Kashmir would end up with nothing but micro nations if it continued. Hell, most could've told you that before the war even started. xD This debate is stupid as $%&@. Of course we would flatten, rolled, crush you, whatever you wanna call it. Stop wasting our time.
  6. Our war with Kashmir and we rolled them hard. I can name a couple more where, yeah, we were part of a coalition but we fought well and did heavy lifting. You are delusion if you don't think we would flatten COBRA.
  7. Go do your homework, as you should've done before dragging Al into this.
  8. Yes that is an accurate portrayal of what would happen. xD
  9. By all means, post them so we can see the timestamp.
  10. Prove that I knew about your history and past sacrifices and ignored it. And no, I expected you would probably continue fighting. I wasn't just going to assume that however and not uphold my word.
  11. LMAO we absolutely are capable of rolling COBRA. What little there is to roll. It'd be more painful by ourselves, sure, but you would be flattened without a doubt.
  12. You know it's not me who is physically at war with you right? xD In any case, the last attacks were supposed to be made on the 19th, then peace offered. So we were still true to our word. Also if you wanted peace, you could have attacked back then re-offered peace. I think it's clear you don't though.
  13. As we said we would, we offered peace to Korlath on the 19th. He rejected the offer and as such the pre-existing war that started prior to Korlath joining Kashmir shall continue. https://www.cybernations.net/nation_activity.asp?Nation_ID=547590
  14. I mean, we certainly wouldn't lose. xD We did face Kashmir/COBRA largely by ourselves (you two were lightly engaged with other wars, but we had no help come in) and in just 2 rounds damaged Kashmir so badly it took them almost a full year to recover and they've had their tail between their legs ever since. As they do currently.
  15. No they told me they tried to have me aborted but it didn't take. That's why my favorite song is Kelly Clarkson's 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger' xD
  16. DM c'mon I know this is supposed to be a roleplaying game but it's so unrealistic for our enemies to be this stupid. xD
  17. o/ LoSS Welcome to the fray, friends!
  18. Those in FA knew. TIE never cancelled it's ODP end of story.
  19. https://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=602082 <- showing Vortage's nation ID matches the one in the lyricalz img.
  20. Vortagre most certainly was a member at the time and I have evidence to support that as well.
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