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  1. All according to plan. So Velocity says anyway. πŸ™„
  2. Sweet flag. Though, when you scale it down does it lose it's pixels? It did retain some pixelization. Nice. You may proceed.
  3. FTW's aid slot usage is still higher.
  4. Alright, I think we're more or less in agreement then.
  5. I said 'I think' therefor I am.. not wrong. I was referring specifically to his interactions with CCC. I never disputed the validity or righteousness of the EZI. I was just encouraging Kap to learn from it. Everyone should at least want him to learn from it. I can't think of any good reason a good person would not want that. If you can though, I'd be interested to hear it.
  6. Then they hold snakes. You people are weird. Act normal.
  7. That was intense. I think this announcement might almost count as actual activity. Just a little. I mean, the banner is way more active than anything I've seen on CN in a long time. What do you think, Van Hoo? Is it activity? or should we roll'em? Nah can't roll our good allies CCC. Congrats guys o/
  8. 🀣 Have they officially made you gov again yet? Hope you bring a calculator this time. Anytime you calculate LH's take on my take (or anything for that matter) is accurate, you've probably miscalculated.
  9. I wouldn't say it's not a big deal in the context of Bob. It's fairly high up there on the list. Hence why I said it wouldn't be easy to recover, would take a long time. That I wouldn't oppose reasoned reactions and right now CCC's reaction seems reasonable enough to me. Because, for one, it's not *just* about the sanctions. It's the worst thing, I think, but there have been other tensions and such that I only half-paid attention to and will not attempt to elaborate on except for to reiterate it's not *just* about some sanctions. They weren't exactly getting along *wonderfully* prior. For two, EZI may sound extreme but a sentence of EZI is not eternally set in stone. It can could be lifted and I know CCC, they are decent, reasonable folk. If I were in Kap's shoes, I'm confident I could get the EZI lifted in time.
  10. I thought it was a well-written post. Then again, I'm American and we're famously not so good at the Englash. I suppose to be serious again, for just a moment!, even though I know Kapleo has dug himself in a deep hole and won't try to stop anyone from reasoned reaction and procedure I do still have some sympathy for him. Because I $%&@ed up a lot too. I'm postin' all this science !@#$ I get all philosophical some people think I'm smart, some people think I'm wise. And I am, in ways. But only because I was a dumbass and screw-up of epic proportions for about 30 years. Yet I had heart, determination, dedication and believe it or not a fair amount of humility. Though it was rarely apparent outside my alliance because that's what I was all about. My alliance. I'm not sure I ever would've quite gone the route Kapleo has but then our experiences weren't all the same. Who knows. What I do know is Al3efix's description is reminiscent of posts alliance-mates made about me in the past. I know I'm a sucker for underdogs, crazy people, and second-chances. I know sometimes I look foolish taking chances on them. Because sometimes they don't learn, sometimes they are everything they appear but in my experience more often than not they do learn and those who do can be absolutely amazing people to have on your side. Our insanity, our flaws are a trial by fire. Our type may be more apt to fail per capita but we who survive the forging can have among the sharpest and reliable steel. Because we are forged under some of the most extreme conditions. Tested thoroughly, to our core, repeatedly. Then a few more times for good measure. FTW is full of such people. We're crazies, we're losers and misfits. We are the shunned, fallen, discarded and dishonored. I was a mad naive fool and took chances on them all. And I'd do it again because it resulted in exceptionally fierce, loyal and determined alliances from FEAR to Freehold. Kapleo is in the fire now. I don't believe he is destined to be eternally a lost cause. I did not know him that well for that long but I think you still got a chance, Kap, and I wish you luck. Humility is key. It truly is a divine gift if you accept it. Learn, do right, eventually you could regain good standing with this community or good standing in future communities wherever you go. Recovery isn't easy. I've been there. After you learn, you have to show it and show it's not temporary. Just keep at it and in time people will see. Trust me. Remember this. o7
  11. Well, you should've been here like 4 years ago before I triggered NG prompting their reformation which triggered half of CN prompting them to start doing things again. In like 2017 there was maybe 10 announcements all year. And like 6 were FTW. or something like that. So yes, this is considered activity now. A lot of activity even. That's all good and fine the issue will be if it doesn't go beyond this. CN is like a nuclear reactor, it needs unstable (radioactive) material that creates a cascade reaction when energy is released creating even more energy. This could produce enough power to keep the lights on a very long time. Safe, stable non-hazardous metals won't work. It's SCIENCE, PEOPLE! In any case, I've done my part. Pretty sure it's your turn, Hoo.
  12. Because mass creates gravity and minus an an opposing force gravity will continue to attract to other gravitational forces. In such a situation if you continue to add mass it will eventually create so much gravity in such a small space that time will warp dramatically and even light cannot escape. I suppose if you never stop talkin you'll be ok as they will oppose the gravitational forces. Just NEVER stop talking or you'll be reduced to nothing more than *perhaps* remnants of information on a 2-dimisional level. Which might almost sound reassuring in a way "oh well at least a record will remain. The thing is we will never be able to access this information, probably. If it exists at all. Last I checked, we still aren't entirely sure what happens "inside" a black hole.
  13. Congrats πŸ‘
  14. Wait I meant to say Polar - FTW's treaty was better. And it was pretty meh. Congrats guys but also do better. Like, really. Ok. Now I'm done. Carry on. Except better, please.
  15. Please step aside, Firingline. I'm trying to complete a line of fire here bombing all recent threads with complisultry trollisms. Thank you. ... Ok, done. Carry on.
  16. I never knew a person with less room to talk than Martailis yet talk so much. I'm pretty sure this is how black holes are formed. Not taking sides in whatever debate is going on here. This is just a mostly random observation. I enjoy quantum physics. Carry on.
  17. Oh, right. Almost forgot my intent to salute GK with all the off-topic !@#$posting distracting me. No one expected. Some still don't. I certainly didn't. But as it turned out, the last few years this !@#$@#$ micro !@#$ leader GK was perhaps my greatest opponent ever. Among those I learned the most from in my 15 years here. For a minute there, it was my and GK's world. Now you're all just living in it. I never found an appropriate time to post this picture: But thank you for sending it to me, GK. I will treasure it always. Cheers!
  18. As soon as I'm done grooming Velocity. His hair gets tangled so easily though. What a mess. 😞 It could be a while.
  19. Continuing my always rightness never wrongness - NG didn't fight the planet for a year. They fought FTW for half a year then the planet for half of year. That's even more impressive though, if you ask me. Now to glance over these walls of texts.. blah blah.. drama drama, stuff I already know.. I liked this. Carry on. o7
  20. Wrong. I was wrong sometimes. I was always right about it though and about this as well. So maybe you're right. I really don't know. In any case, I appreciate the sentiment and am happy to imagine I gave the divine gift of humiliation. Thank you for accepting it.
  21. Official Announcement from the deranged lunatic formerly known as the Mad King. We approve of Kapleo's immeasurably measured response and applaud his restraints. He's a role model for people who aren't artistic but really really want to be everywhere! Keep up the great work, Kap. o7 Signed, - Several Luna Ticks πŸ€ͺ
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