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  1. Its RIA. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Good luck to my allies on their alliance of optional mutual mandatory defense
  2. NG nowadays has all the cool kids Rebel Virginia, Muted Faith, Thrash, Kerschbs, Darth Cyfe...
  3. ... I actually laughed whilst i was drinking coffee. You sent hot coffee up my nostrils you evil people.
  4. The way is clear for my dominion... .. Again
  5. Why even point it out... Its like pointing out water is wet. Come up with some new material and then we can have a fresh discussion
  6. I've got a pill for the headache of Johnny. To get it delivered, you go to https://www.cybernations.net/nation_delete.asp
  7. ^ This /10 Personally I find the OWF good toilet reading
  8. Citizens. Let's settle down. There's limited benefit which can come from this debate. Veracity has now left Claws. It is now between him and Cobra to resolve their differences in whichever forum they end up deciding to pursue. I for one think we should wait patiently for the next TDT and that more people should send me tech 😅
  9. They’re the best ones. Enjoy yourself, I’m going back to the NG NAP bunker
  10. I feel that NG needs to continue being the retirement home on bob. Hoo, you are welcome to join us Found this photo. Had to post it
  11. Why do you think some people stop being allies with that kind of alliance... Others don't because they want an easy life. Welcome to Bob
  12. I knew all of them prior to their growth into super tier.
  13. I'm a OG dual member of DBDC and NG. This thread is hilarious for so many reasons
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