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  1. I've already spoken with Joseph Black and said we would do so. But I guess the message never got delivered
  2. Because I came back probably. And i masterminded a lot of shenanigans back in the early days of NG Poor Arrnea
  3. As I said Caustic does not speak for Non Grata -- If you had beef with Caustic - could have had a discussion. Not gone all World Police. Also War was declared by BloodFury not by Caustic. Get it right Scrub.
  4. And caustic is no longer NG leadership... This would be like one of us going after Brehon or Red for their actions.
  5. Errr... FTW isn't a rogue war. It has one of the best CB's in years... Hence why People like Thrash, Rabonnobar and RV joined NG
  6. Errr... Evidence of nations under PZI Holding my alliance in a permanent state of war without providing any form of conversation to discuss terms of surrender apart from a comment of LoD to Burn our Warchests. Yeah to me that's PZI...
  7. Show change... heh I'm not going to start dressing up as a furry for you Canik... Can't change if Pacifica are holding my alliance under a jackboot / threat of PZI
  8. So nowadays you're just purging NG with people you pull in from manhwa fansites then? Pacifica used to stand for something, Moo and Moldavi would probably be disgusted with what you have become.
  9. The NPO back in the day would have expelled nations for not following development guides...
  10. https://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=615888 NEarly 400 days in alliance - hardly any wonders https://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=587252 Doesn't even have trades....
  11. Then why don't your nation grow? 90 nations less than 15k, many of which with several hundred days in your alliance...
  12. How am I metagaming? I've always wondered where QT tech came from... And how you manage to retain a large number of small nations that never seem to grow...
  13. Thrash Speaks for the AA more than Caustic does these days. Caustic has been busy with other worlds. As many of your leadership have been until recently..
  14. If you regard caustic as speaking for the AA then that's as bad a point of view as me thinking your dragon friend speaks for NPO Or Red talking on my discord
  15. I've got nothing to save face about. I've not done anything listed in the war declaration OP At this point Pacifica are nailing NG for sins of our fathers, not the current alliance members I find that hilarious as for large parts of the last 5 years NPO leadership supported those actions. *shrug*
  16. I was inactive at that point. I came back to claim my flag...
  17. At least MK, TOP and Umbrella had the decency to delete when they got bored...
  18. He is the representative of the Bored Pacific Order
  19. But I like discussing against different points of view so I very rarely ban people. Unless its Inst. Because he's just crazy I mean, by all means censor external voices on NPOs discord. Well within your communities purview
  20. Tell us how you really feel... Banning someone for a PM on discord (which is not connected in any way to the NPO discord server itself) is a weird point of view. Maybe I should start banning people from ours for OWF comments...
  21. I love it when a CB turns out to be Bogus. Tastes of rainbows.
  22. Yeah I'm not banning any of my members for sharing the Downfall meme. That's hilarious
  23. Can you please send me screens of this so I can expel these members from my alliance please.
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