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  1. 1. You owe me a war 2. Of course it crossed your mind 3. Congrats on the new alliance
  2. dude it is real weird the way you have chosen to play this game.
  3. Ordo has zero Disaster Relief Agencies. So it should be pretty easy.
  4. Dude this thing is cool. Thanks for sharing it.
  5. I thought Joseph Black was replaced with another persona? Didn't you make a micro? Are you in FTW again?
  6. Casualties are getting harder and harder to come by so for real tho @AL Bundy you don't need to leave anarchy. I need you just to buy up so I can declare, it is very easy. Just buy infra or donate, I am sure admin will appreciate the thank you for all the years you have enjoyed his game.
  7. Hahahahahahaha omg I don't even have a meme for this, Jesus Christ on a Pogo Stick level absurdity. Fcking cheers to both of you LOL
  8. you didn't get my meme :((((( Sigh, not all memes land.
  9. @AL Bundy Bro What's up? You promised me. You have the cash. Buy up so we can fight. You taught me how to war now make it so we can fight.
  10. Getting allies all over the web now. Taking over CN one war at a time lmao
  11. Hi Wolf man, Message me in game and I will help you get a trade circle and get you set up. https://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=618150 That is me. Welcome back to CN.
  12. Hello All, Van Hoo is NG, he just lives on his own land. https://www.cybernations.net/alliance_display.asp?ID=16608 So we have an update to this list, @Van Hoo X is protected by Non Grata. ❤️
  13. Go to your own AA and it will be ❤️ but Also what dane said
  14. Well yeah, you can't sling nukes at update :P
  15. This is standard, you can nuke after reset just not at reset.
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