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  1. Hello All, Van Hoo is NG, he just lives on his own land. https://www.cybernations.net/alliance_display.asp?ID=16608 So we have an update to this list, @Van Hoo X is protected by Non Grata. ❤️
  2. Go to your own AA and it will be ❤️ but Also what dane said
  3. Well yeah, you can't sling nukes at update :P
  4. This is standard, you can nuke after reset just not at reset.
  5. Well yeah, you are going to see us a lot given clause 3
  6. Non Grata(NG) and the Christian Coalition of Countries(CCC), here forth known as The Horde, are united in their desire to kick ass and chew bubblegum. What’s that? Stewie took the bubblegum. Dammit.. Guess we’re down to just kick ass. Hereforth is the NG & CCC MDoAP Upgrade. The Unwelcome Crusade Non Grata and the Christian Coalition of Countries, hereby referred to the parties, agree to come together in this most excellent of treaties. 0. “Who was Joan of Arc? Noah’s Wife?” DEUS VULT 1. “Be Excellent to each other” The parties agree not to engage in offensive acts towards each other unless previously agreed. Situations may include war games, Caustic level film nights or just AO wanting more casualties. They also agree to support each other economically if mutually beneficial. 2. “Strange Things are Afoot in the Circle K” If any intelligence which may threaten either party is discovered the other party is obligated to inform each other in an agreed manner. 3. “That was Non-Non-Non-Non-Non Triumphant” If either party is engaged by a hostile force, the other rolls out to defend. 4. “All we are, is dust in the wind, dude” If either party rolls out, the other can optionally roll out too. 5. “This is not like I expected at all” If the party needs to head elsewhere for any reason, there is a 72 hour cool down where they must remain excellent to each other. For Non Grata: Kerschbs, Secret Democrat Lyanna, Intern Unkajo, Sergeant of the Pope's Armies Thrash, Minister of Not Poaching dane0, Blood God Erwin Schrodinger, Spirit of not even going here anymore Lenin, Advisor to Questionable propaganda King Cyan (Chameleon), Spirits Supplier Caustic, Pope of Non Grata Stewie, Dreadnought God-Emperor For Christian Coalition of Countries: CCC High Council: lilweirdward; Chancellor (of Poisoned Minds) A1ph40m3ga; Merger of Worlds, FTW Admin, NG High Gov, CCC High Councilor Swagjuice; Immortal Emperor of the CCC
  7. Oh Canik. You are always right and never wrong, it's humbling. You are a great judge of not only CN events but character. Thank you.
  8. Non Grata is honored to be the chosen home of our friends in TIE. Anyone on the TIE AA is a full member of Non Grata and will be treated as such. Tank, I am thrilled to have you as a member of the Non Grata government team, I know your wisdom, insight, loyalty, and integrity will be an amazing asset to us. Thank you for trusting us with your members. My home is yours now, friend. Welcome.
  9. I 100% support this addendum. EJ, don't forget to grill the peaches before you use them in the grilled cheese!
  10. Good thing you only pretended to be the leader of Kashmir, they get to stay an alliance!
  11. LOL You got hit by NPO and folded, Non Grata fought the planet for a year. Unjust Path as long as you don't get any ouchies. Bling away.
  12. Aww that is good! I love that Kashmir is raising the bar that you set with \m/
  13. You could work on your alliance when it isn't being turned to rubble. You disappeared (again) and let others lead (Jason8) then you are surprised your alliance doesn't understand what is happening, doesn't have war chests, and in general is bad at this game. Hakai is right, Kashmir hasn't cared about CN since 2015 so I am not sure why you are doing this whole outrage act.
  14. Non Grata and Ordo Cyberneticus have agreed to the following: White Peace - neither side thinks they lost and neither side thinks the other side won Ordo Cyberneticus agrees to leave the bloc Boognish and make new friends Ordo Cyberneticus agrees to give priority to Non Grata nations for tech deals, NGers will pay the going rate of 9/100 or 6/100 depending on wonders Non Grata agrees to help Ordo fill their aid slots with tech buyers Wars will expire but no new wars will be declared after 6/24/2021 Both sides agree to pour one out for General Kanabis
  15. Join Non Grata Get Trades Get Tech Get Wars
  16. Welcome back, everyone is in Non Grata now. https://discord.gg/x2mdZr7QXG
  17. Van Hoo is not an honorary member. He is a regular NG member who just currently resides at a different address.
  18. In before Samus says he doesn't care about CN ;)
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