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  1. Dude all trolling aside? It was just ignorance. I checked and none of you were in anarchy so I thought it was fine. And if you think we ever thought we were going to win that war then you have no spies in our chat. We are here for one thing only, lolz for dayz. And to troll you XD
  2. Actually, Boognish Cult hit Alpha Wolves first this round. Then we hit you. Next? We are hitting NLON. I guess we will get to OP? I kinda forget about them. Boognish Cult is as transparent as possible. Also, the only reason we didn't hit NLON after we hit Alpha Wolves is because you guys had just hit them and won thoroughly. So, NLON, we are hitting you guys next, okay? We should be ready in a bit, AW and D1 were fun and we are still hungover
  3. awww so you did laugh at the memes! I knew you liked them!
  4. Lol Oh HiredGun, you have never once been correct about my motives.
  5. Cham is fantastic, I'm thrilled he is with us. I have great respect for his loyalty and his approach to this game.
  6. Aww I told you that you didn't have to attack them. You and Jiros can just hold hands and have ice cream together.
  7. You kinda sorta but not really posted a meme! I am so proud of you! You earn a star for the day!!!
  8. I had heard that you were complaining to one of my members about this and I was devastated. I was so distraught at the mere thought of losing your good opinion of us that I decided we needed to go to war immediately. All I want out of CN TE is for you to love us, HiredGun. Now I would like to share a page from the scrapbook we are making of our war together:
  9. Ohh well, that explains why I didn't get it since I just glaze over during his sermons.
  10. Oh come on, this is an even worse war declaration than the one @Jiros posted!
  11. I'm an over achiever Meme wars are the best wars and what can I say, you inspire me.
  12. Live footage of HiredGun pontificating on his favorite subject, the lack of competition and failure of Boognish Cult.
  13. In TE there’s not enough room, It’s time for us both to go boom We’ve lit all the fires, And kicked all the tires Prepare to encounter your doom -Immigrant Song
  14. That wink at the end is so cringe....does he think he is flirting?
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