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  1. Is it me. I knew you were ignoring me for a reason. So offended.
  2. Is this an invitation to hit you instead, because I'll take it up if Bundy doesn't.
  3. As a gesture of goodwill towards this new alliance, I've removed your sanctions. I'm nothing but a generous senator.
  4. Have Ordo been shamed into buying DRA's yet? Follow-up edit: It'd be funny if it wasn't so sad. 1 DRA down, 7 to go.
  5. 30 more members than GATO 20 more members than KoRT 40 more members than NATO 50 more members than DT 50 more members than VE 50 more members than ODN Yet all are larger than us on this web 🤷‍♂️ Might be strength, but that still doesn't explain VE being larger than us.
  6. I mean it was bad enough the mods deleted the war for war slot filling, I don't know why he's here trying to argue the point with us.
  7. This is exactly what you always wanna hear about new treaty partners: "we didn't want to sign them at all, but this dude put in a ton of work" Good luck I suppose.
  8. All he does is whine in your messages, you're really not missing out.
  9. Because of how quickly Ordo surrendered and abandoned the bloc? Agreed.
  10. Come on now, the signatures weren't nearly long enough in this post for it to be the upcoming CCC/NG merger. It's taken us weeks to just get you down to 15 lines, remember?
  11. Did we, or did you just post this to pacify us. 🤔
  12. What I'm hearing is that us and DS are now allied. Cool cool cool
  13. Oh wow Argent was active enough to reply OWF, everyone stop what you're doing! It's a miracle!
  14. I mean, atleast I'm not sitting there slot filling.
  15. I truly hope you have better things to do rather than sitting here hoping someone else stirs something up because you're too chicken!@#$ to do it yourself, but I also doubt it's true.
  16. Well now, then Bundy would have to admit that it WAS a rogue hit, and he was not actually quitting. And surely he'd never lie!
  17. Cool, let your alliance and your allies know and maybe something can be worked out diplomatically. Oh wait, you instead created a new AA solely to rogue out and raid FAN. 🤷‍♂️
  18. Sanction Reason : FAN Rogue Idk man that seems like a requested sanction, sorry I didn't like personally email you the reasoning, I'll do better next time Bundy 🤡
  19. Silly Hoo, NG members don't need to be listed as protectorates
  20. So does CLAWS pay off the reps Kash still owe us now?
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