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  1. Silly Hoo, NG members don't need to be listed as protectorates
  2. So does CLAWS pay off the reps Kash still owe us now?
  3. Bruh what are you even talking about
  4. Alliance: Green Protection Agency Yeah man I'll value your opinions about war/reps the second GPA does anything other than get rolled. You're normally just annoying, but this post is downright ignorant. "reps for profit" lol
  5. something tells me they may already be failing to follow the terms of this surrender. fascinating decision making going on here in real time. i'm sure the bastardazation of "see you later" in latin at the end is totally in good faith.
  6. glances at NG treaty list Listen, we just really don't like non-mandatory treaties okay?
  7. My bad boys, I'll do better next time
  8. Let this serve as an official notice that TIE and all associated AA's are under the protection of Non Grata. An attack on a member sitting on the AA will be considered an attack on NG herself.
  9. I assure you, quite a few people have beef with absolutely anyone on a TPF AA
  10. Ah yes, we had all forgotten what an odoap was and why people signed them. Thank you for grave digging the thread 2 weeks later to tell us all WC!
  11. This one goes out to tito. Hope you're enjoying the gayroller in the sky man. Miss you.
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