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  1. It was a pleasure, Canik! Congratulations DLS and Vel! o7
  2. Thanks Devo! I look forward to getting my feet wet and having a new beginning. I’m excited for NATO’s future. It’s looking extremely bright with solid signings.
  3. A lot of others would disagree with you. Unfortunate opinion you have.
  4. .-. Fourth comment in a row.. I'm out of things to say...
  5. Dogecoin! To the MOOOONNN!.... Or something? Way to go friends.
  6. Congratulations guys.
  7. A little excessive on the signatures GATO 😂
  8. Congratulations you two!
  9. Forgive me for not being familiar with you all. Congrats!
  10. Congratulations on the upgrade. Still waiting on the roll Velocity clauses.
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