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  1. W_A_R for the win as usual. I was going to say, I remember that name FOR SURE! Another old CON bud. 🍊
  2. No one wants to see a new Flash, jerdge!
  3. We find ourselves in the very same boat, my friend (PART OF THE SHIP, PART OF THE CREW!). This is certainly not where I ever could have imagined my nation and I would end up, but I cannot be happier that I'm in NG. You're all ridiculous, and I appreciate you for taking me in and making me part of the crew from day 1. This alliance is the only one I've been a part of that I've had go beyond CN (I've never almost died playing drinking games while streaming Gettysburg with other alliance mates!), and it's a helluva good time every day. Thank you all. We can't run away. If we stay here we can't shoot. So lets fix bayonets!
  4. This thread is surely the best bit of the war. Incredible.
  5. Jerdge, I find myself agreeing with your posts often. I'm not sure if that's a positive or not! Cheers to TPF, an alliance that I grew up in (though that was a different iteration). Hope its members find happy new homes in game or in other games.
  6. *Slow clap.* At least everyone can agree on SOMETHING.
  7. irony noun iro·ny | \ ˈī-rə-nē also ˈī(-ə)r-nē \ plural ironies Definition of irony 1a: the use of words to express something other than and especially the opposite of the literal meaning
  8. Thanks for proving that you've really reflected, re-evaluated, and taken that criticism to heart.
  9. You've always been quite funny, I'll give you that. As for the rest of your spiel, I continue to lololz. You are correct that I could only take your insults, lies, apologies, then back peddle on those apologies, so much before leaving. I sure did get responses to the criticism, which you would then walk back and make excuses for over and over. Quite tiresome, and well proves the point that you don't take it well. I don't play a persona or twist myself into verbal knots in this game, if you tried that people might believe your words occasionally.
  10. Yeah, why not? Your flag is dope. Have fun!
  11. JA you keep repeating things like hive mind. I suppose it is accurate, as I think there are many of us that wish you would move on from not being able to control your words and emotions and tearing everything a part. I truly do wish you could stop screeching so that we could move on. It's far less independent thinking and far more selfish thinking, but I know you do not handle honest criticism well.
  12. Not exactly the term I would have chosen. This is the truest thing in this thread.
  13. I’ve never read a Tevron post and been happy about the time spent doing so. The name of this treaty is dope! :wub:
  14. Imagine believing anything/anyone in CN has relevance.
  15. Doubt and sincerity should both be heartily implied in CN. Cheers to you both. I worry for anyone who joins/WANTS to play this game (as opposed to just being too stubborn to quit), but I'm glad you odd Commandos have a friend to help you out.
  16. Your signature is cute, but misquoted and the grammar is wrong. This.
  17. While I do appreciate firingline’s votes (true that you didn’t say each person could only vote once), I say send TWO nukes. bang bang
  18. I now understand why KoRT declared war on Ningal “accidentally” TWICE when we danced. I love this more than anything else right now. To be so entertained without Discord! Free of the infiltrating tendrils of Russia and China! #Blessed
  19. Alliance Name: KoRT This makes a lot sense. Oh nooooooo....Russia and China are going to inflate us posting gifs, making fun of KoRT, and streaming Gettysburg while trying to survive the associated drinking game. I hope they do, they join us, and they have a great time.
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