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  1. Not sure if UFP really knows how to do announcements or really doesn't 🤔
  2. Of course it's that last you heard lol Classic J8
  3. This should be rejected on the basis of the title being the same as the TIE merger thread. Consider revisions
  4. Don't forget CLAWS brought back wonder decommisions
  5. COBRA was self inflicted by their own side. But imo it needed to die
  6. Let's all keep this in the back of our minds that some major alliances support you and this stance.
  7. Its oddly peaceful actually. It's clear to me anyway that it's time and purpose is past. That said we had a hell of a comeback after March. No one can take away that we emerged from that stronger in FA than ever and got our senator off brown abd on a yellow seat all within one cycle. For an alliance that size that was incredible.
  8. There is but one
  9. Big talk from a little green basketball. You would know something about failed leadership.
  10. Kash feigning ignorance *yawn* Come up with a new play
  11. Haha Scary part is some memberships mat not actually know
  12. Congrats from Entente on your reinvention @Korlath
  13. 🤦‍♂️ This is an excellent point. As someone else pointed out the situation is extremely fluid. So I guess we'll have to accept that this section of TPF has surrendered be it the 2nd iteration of TPF or the 3rd. Here's hoping their collective can put themselves back on a path outside Boognish. TPF members, my regards o7
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