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  1. Is there anything I can do to help? Thoughts and prayers (obviously) but beyond that just lmk
  2. As a "High Elder" in Kashmir government I am wondering when this will be addressed. A Doom Squid nation killed 20 spies from a Kashmir nation. Spies are worth over 90 thousands dollar each.
  3. When is Doom Squad going to apologize for killing Jason8's generals?
  4. Are we going to talk about the reps Jason8 is owed for Doom Squad aggressively destroying 20 of his generals? Not to mention the monetary cost of three spy operations.
  5. firing line fustrated that no one will believe he did he absolute bestest!
  6. And that’s called my quote, so now even if I do a bad job they have to pay me my 2 mil. Even if I do a bad job.
  7. remember when i changed your avatar to a poop in a toilet
  8. Since all of everyone seems to be confused I will compress what has been said so far into easily readable bullet points; as a service. CLAWS is the worst alliance in CN, but is also not. FTW is also the worst alliance in CN, but is also not. CLAWS did not want to sign a treaty with "Ordo Cybernautica" but was forced to. General Kanabis, if he were still here, would both approve and disapprove of this as well as every other event that has happened since he left. This can be verified by personal DMs from one individual in every alliance, who can confirm that he is in agreement with everything that they are saying. Things that happened in the past are as relevant as they were when they happened, but they also are not and we need to move on. Former individuals and alliances from entity "Boognish" all went to Non Grata. They also all got as far away from Non Grata as possible. Something about "Kashmir". Kapleo destroyed "Boognish," and was also the last thing holding "Boognish" together. LET ME KNOW IF I MISSED ANYTHING PERTINENT.
  9. again - ufp announcements are not the problem. it's everybody else non-announcements. we need way more treaty cancellations WAY more
  10. oh you think you know kashmir? name three traitors cowards and backstabbers
  11. I would like to publicly state my intent to part ways with boognish. I wish him well and hope the best for his future in devers, but I feel at this time that his goals and that of my own do not align and that it is simply in the best interest of all parties in volv that we separate at this time and remain that way moving forward. Any questions may be directed to my secretary, who can be reached via email or snapchat Tues-Sat between the hours of 7pm-2am. If you have to ask, you can't afford it. My secretary prefers being called Giannis. 🙂 Thank you for your continued professionalism and thanks in advance for any potential consideration as we look into this matter. Sincerely, Insincerely, Sincerely,
  12. i would, but the guy that surrendered to me didn't come up in any of my searches even with the advanced tools
  13. It's okay to sometimes say things that aren't real, so don't worry about this one!
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