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  1. again - ufp announcements are not the problem. it's everybody else non-announcements. we need way more treaty cancellations WAY more
  2. oh you think you know kashmir? name three traitors cowards and backstabbers
  3. I would like to publicly state my intent to part ways with boognish. I wish him well and hope the best for his future in devers, but I feel at this time that his goals and that of my own do not align and that it is simply in the best interest of all parties in volv that we separate at this time and remain that way moving forward. Any questions may be directed to my secretary, who can be reached via email or snapchat Tues-Sat between the hours of 7pm-2am. If you have to ask, you can't afford it. My secretary prefers being called Giannis. 🙂 Thank you for your continued professionalism and thanks in advance for any potential consideration as we look into this matter. Sincerely, Insincerely, Sincerely,
  4. i would, but the guy that surrendered to me didn't come up in any of my searches even with the advanced tools
  5. It's okay to sometimes say things that aren't real, so don't worry about this one!
  6. It's true Sir William tried like six or four times to talk people out of going nuts and declaring war, and like I in particular mainly asked KingWilliam things like why are you being a lil b******t****c********** and so I think I guess what I am trying to convey is that sometimes Mr William is right and I am wrong. At least I'm willing to own up to my own short-comings UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE
  7. i master hakai son of aragorn hereby surrender to your face
  8. haven i have heard of, but who is suyesh adickhardi or kirkthelion? si guns haw are you?
  9. Finally a decent post. Not sure why this took so long
  10. This is the most accurate translation I’ve come across. Stays true to the original Greek. Thanks everyone! Is there a tournament bracket out? I’d like to see who the top seeds are in each conference as soon as possible.
  11. This sentence is off the f'in charts; excellent work!!!
  12. smitty in here bout to blow a gasket fr
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