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  1. Speaking of dead nations... woof... ^_^
  2. Do blue balls sunburn Grub? Or just ache?
  3. FEAR, now there's an alliance I haven't heard of in YEARS. Old NATO allies. Glad to be working with our friends in FTW and TPF. Welcome back to white sphere TPF! o/ FTW o/ TPF
  4. Go all hunger games on Gopherbashi and merge so there can't be a loser
  5. Btw you can thank me for the big nation you guys picked up R&R. (Check war screen =/)
  6. Fantastic numbers R&R! Get it!
  7. very cool. Thanks! I had tried entering "survivor 9" in the wiki because the newest one has it's own page "survivor 10" and didn't discover anything. This is pretty diverse actually. Nobody on there more than 3 times that I noticed.
  8. Gopher have you kept a list of previous champions and or finalists for survivor? I'd be curious to see who's consistently doing well in these competitions
  9. 3 more left to be announced and less than a day before it starts =)
  10. [img]http://whereswalden.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/meme-gap.jpg[/img] [img]http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_O1xmChFPZgI/S8EjaV024xI/AAAAAAAAAOk/jiI8HRpZIQE/s400/ge-awesome.jpg[/img] Congrats guys. Onwards to top10 =)
  11. Anyone find it funny that GOONS is bothering to stat pad to hide the losses from this war? Looks as though ~400k losses covered up by MK tag jumpers. Mongols have lost about 200-220k.
  12. Congrats CCC, TE and allies =) Looks like a good group o/
  13. [quote name='supercoolyellow' timestamp='1327981140' post='2911240'] Oh they definitely do have the right to urge NATO in the direction they see best, and if they feel NATO shouldn't get in, they should say so. But not in public before everyone else. Its like your grandma in her underwear. You don't want anyone to see it. [/quote] Oh I knew someone had a bit of sense above their shoulders. Thanks SCY =) No granny panties wanted around these parts.
  14. Glad to see the formal announcement of the restructure go up. I hope RoK and its retired gov can sort things out. Joe and Bob were great for RoK not too long ago and this turn of events has a lot of people dazed and confused. Best of wishes to everyone. o/ RoK
  15. Sorry to see you get pulled away Rampage, we love Bob though so hopefully this will give you the time you need in RL to get caught up. o/ Bob Ilyani o/ Rampage3 o/ RoK
  16. Congrats on peace to our allies in KoH and their honorable opponents!
  17. Congrats on peace to our blood brothers and other friends o/
  18. o/ NATO Midwar Upstreak o/ GRL on top once again
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