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  1. Cool bird. I didn't realize Caustic had his own airforce.
  2. They were leaked, didn't you know? Check with Ghos7.
  3. You aren't, you are getting trolled by a general member. Your opinion on OWF carries about as much weight as Jay Kay's.
  4. We are good. Grub is the Attorney General in this prosecution. We may need a public defender for Aurelius though, it seems as Mike Ross may have taken the Bar for him.
  5. It is only the beginning of round two. I wouldn't expect to see a suit for peace until at least the end of round two. That is their tradition. Oh yeah, isn't he a lawyer?
  6. The highlight of the war was Raspin spending 5bil or so to buy back up to 20k infra in PM. I highly doubt he is looking to use it for their defense.
  7. Who cares. This thread is a self-inflicted display of NADC suckage... not how much either of you may suck.
  8. You have to put it into context. Grub was FA minister at the time. The best way to a man's heart is via his stomach. Talk food to Grub and he can convince me to talk to you. I am EaTeMuP afterall. Bern talked food to Grub and won him over. Everyone has to eat. The fun part is who is on the menu. Is it you?
  9. Perhaps, but every house has a madam. While this link isn't exact, I think we have their fingerprints, and the t-shirt. Reminds me of a classic:
  10. Or, maybe they are waiting to see who comes up next on the "Wheel of Fortune!!!"
  11. At the time of the campaign we were not a member of Oc, and did not have sufficient ties to address your upper tier. We remedied that, and your upper tier can now be addressed by our mid-tier.
  12. You are a victim now huh? I'm not sure how the victim card will help you regain your honour. You ran as a candidate of leadership, and won on a platform that could potentially put my alliance in peril. I am obligated to defend my members, and if that means we cut off the head off of the snake before you can strike, that is what I do. Those are my guiding principles. While I am pleased that you have a strong community, you are no longer a Blue team alliance. You signed a peace agreement confirming this point. I suggest you tear down those Blue monuments, and retire your social justice viewpoint. There is a common word in all of your posts. "YET". It doesn't matter to me if it is your public policy or not. If it is your personal policy, it will eventually become your public policy. A good leader would see his vision realized. As a good leader, it is my job to make sure your vision is not realized. Fortunately, I don't need votes to make the decision. Regards, -Eatem
  13. That's the thing... we weren't planning on rolling them. We have left them alone for over a year, and were improving relations via Bern, as stated in this or the other thread. We didn't decide to roll them until after we found out about this plan/platform.
  14. I assume they make up over 50% of your alliance... The ones that live in PM every war. We welcome them if they are active and can contribute to the economy.
  15. We just saved one misled NADC member. We welcome others.
  16. I'm not sure if there will be anything left to Viceroy over.
  17. Oh well, Invicta is in the state they are in because of him. They had a chance. Kiwi made the wrong choice. It will be interesting if Thrash will just thrash about here on the chat, or actually do something. Who is actually in charge of Invicta these days?
  18. Every alliance as a village idiot. We all have one or two. He is welcome to dissent while his brothers slay their targets. I find in strange to see Invicta be so vocal on the OWF, but void on the battlefield. Where is KingWill these days? He was interesting to talk to.
  19. Yeah, it was forever for NADC. There are many nations on Blue not Polaris, and don't have any issues. If there was any confusion before, I think it is pretty clear now.
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