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  1. You hit us, we didn't hit you. Your activity or lack thereof is your problem. If you can't muster up some active nations for us from a pool of 1400+ well then $%&@ you. Delete.
  2. It's a static statistic at any given point in time. You can't skew that. Good lord it's time for a gag order on you too.
  3. We literally have screens of your IO saying it's EZI for our AA. But sure, tell me I'm delusional? 🙄
  4. You really are pushing the EZI narrative here, aren't you? Adorable.
  5. Whoever thought that NPO, the paragons of integrity in this dying world, would ever exploit. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
  6. At this point we might as well live up to what you falsely accused us of
  7. We already picked apart your CB's as !@#$%^&*. It's fine, keep repeating your reasoning and maybe someday it will come true? You actually think your nonsense is any more legit than our flag getting stolen? Gtfo.
  8. Oh good, so you just clarified that EZI is indeed on the table. Good to know
  9. Some clarification, We didn't rogue out on ODN and IRON. We paid IRON back for utterly !@#$@#$ us (their MD ally) over. Last I checked, they sold you guys in NPO out too that war. You expect us to forget? Nah. And ODN was Osravan only. He knows why that hit happened. But please, continue to spin things like only NPO knows how to do. Like how my "threats" against IRON recently were completely out of the blue and not at all related to direct intel I got that IRON was planning on hitting us directly? Get out lol.
  10. Ok? Look man, you're not going to bait me into some dumb argument. You guys do what you do. You have your reasons. Good luck
  11. Been in Vegas, doing this thing called vacation. You should get out once in a while, might be good for you too. Besides, the boys can manage themselves while I'm gone. Dictatorship was never really my style.
  12. The fact that you think I have any singular say in what decisions get made within NG is laughable. You really have no clue how we operate
  13. If you actually think forcing people to delete was my overall goal, you never really understood in the first place. Not going to argue the point with you here. If you actually want to have a chat on everything you're more than welcome to come find me on discord.
  14. @Finster Baby my silence while on vacation can be as deafening as I want. The people that need to reach me know how. I won't bother fighting the CB, what's the point? But there is a distinct irony in forcible disbandment of one of the last few alliances doing their utmost to bring some level of activity to an otherwise dying game. Good luck in your endeavors beyond this, whatever the outcome
  15. It sure was something. So yeah, Canik, since your moron friends decided to keep my crew at war I decided your "peace" was nonsensical and should be treated as such. It's amusing how fast you came rushing back to the table when we hit you after dragging your feet for weeks, no?
  16. Your reading comprehension was already established to be at a 4th grade level at best. We may need to lower it again. I never agreed to peace, I said I'd discuss it with my crew. They were collectively unhappy with your idiocy and flippant disregard for my tact and patience and thus we chose the path of tearing you morons apart. Relevant logs are attached. Also, $%&@ you.
  17. Yo, mudpuss, I'll take that bet. 9 mil 100 tech?
  18. Too much hair to be my exact likeness but I'll take it.
  19. Generally you try and respect the dead, or they have a tendency to come back vengeful.
  20. Canik, you literally are one of the most incompetent retards to ever disgrace CN leadership. At this point, what we're doing is community service.
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