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  1. Is it baiting if it's true? I sucked NPO &#$@ for years to accomplish my goals, and guess what? I got !@#$ done. You? You're just ineffective and awful.
  2. WC is probably the worst that CN has to offer tbh, she's never once done anything of note aside from terrible OWF posting.
  3. Us getting bored enough to do something fun
  4. I can't tell if you're actually serious, trolling, or just flat out missed my entire point. Standard Jerdge.
  5. a whopping 20 slots shared between what... 150 nations? I would certainly hope you can manage that. Oh wait... 37.5% efficiency. Maybe not?
  6. Be the change you want to see. Jazzy didn't nope the $%&@ out at the first sign of vitriol. If you actually want to smooth things over, try harder. You think I fled the room from Polar all those years ago when Grub and I were trying to hash out our differences? Or recently from NPO who basically had me blacklisted not just in this world but others as well? Or !@#$@#$ MK who absolutely group-loathed me? You can easily tell who is leadership material and who isn't by how much effort they put into a given enterprise. Your material has always been lacking.
  7. We don't respect trash that blindsided us in direct violation of a NAP out of nowhere. You wouldn't either. Drop the faux indignation. You know what? I'll even post here what I did in your embassy for posterity. "Or did you really think you could accept stolen screenshots of private NG areas from Hitchcock, use those to break a specifically worded NAP in bad faith, and then waltz in here thinking it's going to be all chummy and good to go?" My position hasn't changed, and I highly doubt that anyone in NG who actually matters now feels any differently either. You and your ilk put in zero work towards smoothing things over. You don't just get to show up after pulling what you did and pretend everything is all good. $%&@ outta here with that noise.
  8. Cute logs from March. Mine are much newer.
  9. Considering I text GK occasionally and keep him up to date on what all you morons managed to do? Your take is about as far from reality as you can get. But do continue to post nonsense, it's quite entertaining.
  10. The reality is this, Bundy dropped the AA to raid like he usually does and fully planned to go join right back up and go right back to being gov again. Said raid exploded spectacularly in his face and CLAWS !@#$ bricks and slammed the door shut on his return. TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? TOO TRUE TO BE GOOD? We report, you decide.
  11. FAN has always had paperless ties and good friends. Now you know one of them 😘
  12. We didn't go to war, they attacked us and lost. Given the circumstances of this nonsense, a mild punitive 3600 tech should be considered getting off extremely easy.
  13. do we actually count this as completion of #1?
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