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  1. We didn't go to war, they attacked us and lost. Given the circumstances of this nonsense, a mild punitive 3600 tech should be considered getting off extremely easy.
  2. do we actually count this as completion of #1?
  3. Sure. In the same vein as Old Yeller. We all know how that one ended.
  4. excellent, tell Colonel Devin all reserves forward now.
  5. You spend this long in CN and still don't know how infra works? The break-even point for diminishing returns is right around 20k infra. Anything after that and the upkeep starts to outweigh your actual realized gains. Work your way up to 40k infra like you have and you start paying more in upkeep than you take in bills. Congrats on losing cybernations.
  6. I never accepted his resignation, so he's still in NG. Prisoner for lyfe.
  7. Est. 14 June 2011, Non Grata has been the premier retirement home for the elite who expect more. From exclusive luxury and inclusive friendliness, to community service programs cleaning the filth of Planet Bob, NG truly is the community for everyone. For the past decade, active leaders of times past who know exactly what they want in life have found a place to enjoy this meaningless existence within the NG community. Several Discord channels group our charming residents to their interests, with quick access across communities when diverse perspectives are desired. However, our esteemed residents are not restricted to indoors. Indeed, the NG community has frequently gone out on several recreational sojourns and even community service pursuits. Fun activities have included hikes through UPN’s backyard [NG-UPN war], returning a cup of sugar to Kaskus [NG-Kaskus war], daisy chaining to visit FARK [oA chain, NPO-Fark during Grudge War], and a safari through the SNX outback! [Red Raiding Safari / Shark Week] Community service activities include bagging and tossing the SOS Brigade into the dustbin of history, tidying up the local Maroon color sphere, mutually cleaning Polar’s backgrounds and inviting Polar to clean ours regularly, and more recently correcting an international misinterpretation of reality. Outside of the community, we have also had the grand pleasure of developing relations with several other group homes and organizations. NG humbly thanks our past and current allies for all they have done for us. While some of these communities had to first be radioactively sanitized, we are proud to call our allies our dear friends of the highest quality. Indeed, for the discerning executive of Planet Bob who is simply done with this world, but not quite done with its people, the residencies at Non Grata offer a unique lifestyle of uncompromising quality. Whether we are entertaining friends or going out to improve the world in which we live, NG has done so with grand style and finesse for these last ten years. Cheers to our friends who are still with us, and those long gone. May we persist to the end, but let the end be near, as everything must die. Blood for the Blood God. Skulls for the Skull Throne. Signed: The Non Grata Retirement Home, your unwanted from past, present, and future
  8. Happy 10 years to all the idiots that have chosen to merge their banners with us. I love you all. Now to business: To all of Boog, suck pavement. /s/ Non Grata Kerschbs, Secret Democrat Thrash, Silvertongue Legend, Scorned Soldier King Cyan (Chameleon), Brother Mugger Lyanna, Wielder of the Econ Whip Advisors: Erwin Schrodinger, Spirit of not even going here anymore. Caustic, Pope of the Eternal Crusade Lenin, Lord of misrepresentated communication dane0, Blood God
  9. You are the dumbest moron in a steaming pile of trash that includes the likes of Bundy and Claude. Ruminate on that for a while and then think about how to fix your situation.
  10. Literally only pacifican brainwashed trash would disagree with me.
  11. The Sabbath is over, lets get to work. Deus Vult.
  12. It's pretty trash tier, on the level of Bolivia, but we get the job done.
  13. Expelled? We left to hit IRON and have fun doing things the way we wanted to again.
  14. The irony is pretty amusing
  15. it's CN in 2021, there have been no major updates. What do you expect? Some of us are still around, but we've mostly moved on to different worlds.
  16. We built a wall around Maroon and made Xiph pay for it.
  17. The entirety of your current power base is derived entirely from Oculus (aka NPO) support. Pot/Kettle etc. Your joke of a bloc would be absolutely impotent from apathy and inactivity were it not for Oculus.
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