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  1. One has been allied to elements of NG since 2009 and I've been proud to call their membership base and governments friends ever since and I'm even more prouder to call it my home away from home. ❤️
  2. I reject the false accusations and innuendos in this topic
  3. I wholeheartedly support and endorse this announcement and I look forward to seeing faces hit pavement~
  4. Sorry to see you go. Best wishes to the remaining members of TPF.
  5. A most reasonable response to this whole fiasco.
  6. It's good to see you again! I hope life has been treating you well and I wish you all the best in this endeavor of yours.
  7. I once lived under a NATO viceroyalty. They were kind and helpful then and I'm sure they'll be kind and helpful now as they help you stand on your own two feet. Best wishes.
  8. You're all very kind people in the CCC and I'm delighted to see this come to fruition.
  9. An honourable stance from my old friends in GATO. Best wishes in all things~
  10. Blessed day to you both!
  11. hi my friend edit- just noticed the year so sorry for the grave dig ha
  12. Congrats on 15 years my ex loves
  13. Sitting here with a big smile on my face thinking of all the fun times we had together and kinda sorta wishing we could back to when CN was at its prime. I hope you’re all doing well in life and I miss speaking with most of you you.
  14. This is very sad to see. Best wishes to you all.
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