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  1. Those truly are some ruins, can't believe Os is still running ODN after all this time lol I take it that DH's suicide was the last great romp, doesn't seem to be enough warm bodies left to have any more great wars. Those were the days, those MK and Umbrella guys really knew how to keep things fun
  2. It's been many moons since I last stood on Bob, some of you may remember me depending on how long you've been around these parts (I was heavily involved with INT, ran the joint somewhat during the halcyon days of DH-CnG-PB), but I bailed once that grouping all died in a fiery blaze But curiosity has brought me back, so I gotta ask.. what happened? What is the landscape like these days? What the hell happened to GPA, did someone finally attack them or have they fallen from their top spot due to the wears and tears of time? If anyone is interested at all in giving me a rundown of what's happened since then, I would be very grateful
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