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Official announcement from the Legion

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[I]The Alliance of Tetris does hereby admit defeat to the forces of the Legion and withdraws from the field of battle.[/I][/quote]

[quote][I]The Alliance of the New Sith Order does hereby accept the offer of Peace from the Legion and withdraws from the field of battle.[/I][/quote]

The Legion would like to thank the aforementioned Alliances for their efforts in this war and wish them peace and prosperity in the future. We in the Legion also appreciate the concern all non-combat parties are expressing for our, and Planet Bob's, interests. In the future we hope that same left-handed compassion is expressed during any potential conflicts and negotiations those parties may have as well.

[B][I][COLOR="Purple"]Signed hereby:[/COLOR][/I][/B]

[SIZE="4"][B][U]The Legion:[/U][/B][/SIZE]

/s/ Totem - Imperator
/s/ Roddney McCay - Minister of Economics
/s/ Regent Pancras - Minister of Foreign Affairs
/s/ Killer04 - Minister of Defence
/s/ Dendarii Federation - Minister of Internal Affairs



Game Developer: Lowgain
Programmer of Foreign Matters: USMC123
Programmer of Game Patent: Kenfolk GTS
Programmer of Components: Dane0
Programmer of Line Completion: Winged Wolf
Programmer of the Matrix: Ali5541


[SIZE="4"][B][U]New Sith Order:[/U][/B][/SIZE]

YouWish959 ~ Emperor of the Sith
Rayvon ~ Dark Lord of the Sith
Anthony ~ Sith Lord
Dilber ~ Sith Lord
Varianz ~ Sith Lord


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Tetris would first like to thank its allies in the New Sith Order for their unwavering support through this entire conflict.
Tetris would like to thank its allies in NsO for coming in with no questions asked, and for their stunning performance in the first round.
Tetris would like to thank BTA and the former members of IAA who fought valiantly on our behalf.
We would also like to thank GATO and TLR for enabling the former IAA members to fight.
I would personally like to thank all the member of Tetris who fought against overwhelming odds without the thought of surrender. This also extends to the couple of individuals who joined up for a couple of rounds to help out.

To the ~5 individuals who surrendered, we are waiting... watching.

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