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  1. Very very unfortunate. The missing girl and her family are in my thoughts. To the parent of this child, I wish you nothing but the absolute best of luck in bringing her home safe. God be with her.
  2. 지금은, 소녀 시대. 언제나 소녀 시대의. 영원히 소녀 시대.

    Forever 9!

  3. AK D:

    How dare you speak such slander.

  4. I think you mean Yuri, Cato. Needs more Yuri. And Yoona. And Tiffany. :s

  5. Not too sure haha. I saw the Christmas picture of Sunny and something about it really reached out and grabbed me. :D

  6. What Esau said. But the blonde hair... why the blonde hair? :(

  7. Haha, a friend of mine recently introduced me to them. I couldn't resist the sweet avatar. :D

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