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  1. I am hopeful that our friends in Monsters Inc and SWF can come to an agreement that doesn't involve escalation
  2. Both the Doom War and the situation with UCR were exceptions. The former due to personal issues with certain members and the latter due to the situation being on the eve of another great conflict where we were needed
  3. Letting the involved parties sort this out is probably the best option. They'll either work a deal out or kill each other :P
  4. SWF seems to have an entirely separate set of facts on the matter, and the declaration dates ingame back their story up.
  5. Article one, section two. Article three, section one.
  6. We have #CP-CN It's just that no one uses it but me, lol. You'd be better off looking in #lsf
  7. From my understanding of events, they approached SWF only after launching even more attacks against them, rather than trying to work things out. They then demanded more reps than SWF were asking for despite doing more damage even in the middle of said conversation, and things kind of fell apart from there. I would like to see screen shots from both parties backing up their respective claims, since there's a big "He-said-she-said" element to all of this
  8. Considering the fact that MI retaliated against SWF before approaching them over what was a clear case of a raid gone bad, I think you're giving more credit than is reasonably due.
  9. That cuts both ways too. Two SWF nations hit MI after two of their nations attacked the SWF, and instead of looking at the situation and coming to the conclusion that their attacks were a misunderstanding, they jump SWF. Yet, this is still being treated as a wrong committed by the SWF, who were attacked first, and now have had far more damage done to them than MI have taken. MI only made contact after they decided to launch even more attacks against the SWF It's more than fair considering they've stated several times in this very thread that it was their "right" to attack SWF. Th
  10. The language in DL is pretty clear about how the respective parties view their sovereignty. This should have been something MI looked into before they escalated the conflict even more than it was already escalated.
  11. I like Monsters Inc. I like the cut of your jib and the fact that you guys have your own rules. Bob needs more alliances that play by their own rules, more Monsters Incs, more Kashmirs. This "escalation" language is a bit bothersome, though. What SWF did was not escalation, it was self-defense, from a policy your alliance allows. Your policies are bold, and I do find that admirable, but bold policy requires bold governance, and without cool, rational heads, we cannot have bold governance, now can we? For this to be an escalation from SWF, they would have to have made a conscious d
  12. Theyre the ones spying on us dawg, tell them fools to knock it off Also, join CPCN
  13. I don't blame Umbrella. They're actually swell cats and I highly doubt this was sanctioned by them They just need to get their house in order and red the bottoms of their cutesy wootsy refugees. Though actually caring about what we do so much is embarrassment enough I guess
  14. As you can see, he has a real nasty habit of trying to pretend that he knows things that he doesn't and it gets magnified a thousand fold when someone calls out his frantic behavior and fanaticism. He's probably obsessed with narcissism and sociopathy because deep down he knows they're both things he very visibly suffers from. Trust me, I'm a psychologist :ehm:
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