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  1. Alfred's still on the road, though I think he'll be around soon-ish. Won't see an update until he settles, though.
  2. Take it up in the Moderation Forum. We all just want to see the damage in the ASR.
  3. [quote name='Gopherbashi' timestamp='1339558605' post='2981885'] Also, no wars til I get back. [/quote] About that...
  4. [quote name='Ironfist' timestamp='1323738933' post='2875841'] Do they exist still? I can see their alliance has 100 members but... [/quote] I miss the days where all the war refuges flocked to them and they were pushing a couple hundred. :b
  5. [quote][color=blue]•[/color] [url=http://www.cybernations.net/stats_alliance_stats_custom.asp?Alliance=Christian Coalition of Countries][color=gray]Christian Coalition of Countries[/color][/url]: 13.92 --> 13.87 ([color=red]-0.05[/color]) / -3.6% cumulative[/quote] CCC is on blue team, not white team! But thanks for making me realize URON is a white team alliance, never noticed them before. Time to go add them to the wiki~!
  6. [quote name='Gopherbashi' timestamp='1322799377' post='2858926']22 {129} [color=black](+0)[/color] [color=gray][i]The Phoenix Federation[/i][/color] : 21.36 --> 21.39 [color=green](+0.03)[/color] 23 {138} [color=red](-4)[/color] [color=gray][i]Nusantara Elite Warriors[/i][/color] : 21.73 --> 21.18 [color=red](-0.55)[/color] [color=gray][i]The Phoenix Federation[/i][/color] passes [color=gray][i]Nusantara Elite Warriors[/i][/color][/quote] It's about damn time TPF returned to white dominance.
  7. NPL, for shame. We're not even in the top 110 and we have more tech than you guys. :|
  8. [quote name='im317' timestamp='1320724874' post='2841460'] its not easy getting 200 members you know. [/quote] Problem getting it up?
  9. [quote name='kriekfreak' timestamp='1320445308' post='2838845'] I know a few, but the percentages look quite high. Maybe there are just many of them in unknown or neutral alliances? [/quote] $5 says 19 member sleeper cell alliances just waiting for a moment of weakness across Bob to unite and crush us all.
  10. [quote name='Melancholy Culkin' timestamp='1318386948' post='2823202'] Oh man, this is really an important issue that actually matters! [/quote] I am actually quite interested in this subject and the resulting shuffle of Senate seats.
  11. Wasn't he part of that duo a few wars ago that forced their alliance into the shortest surrender ever? Because they didn't want to hurt their nation rankings?
  12. You would do the entire alliance list the update before we get put back on the list. :b
  13. [quote name='Charles the Great' timestamp='1315079187' post='2793849'] There is also a tie between AZTEC and IRON as GLoF has an MDoAP with iron. [/quote] I know, it's there. The line's not very clear, but it connects the two.
  14. [quote name='kriekfreak' timestamp='1314266431' post='2788076'] That can't be correct because PB is heavily tied to CnG. GOONS and NG are tied to TLR ODN tied to Umbrella [/quote] Oh the blunders of work at three in the morning. Do forgive me. New pic: http://i55.tinypic.com/rvx2me.png [quote name='ShouAS' timestamp='1314353626' post='2788695'] Europa has MDoAPs with both Invicta and GOONS, and FEAR has an MDoAP with TORN. [/quote] The GOONS-Europa MDoAP is an ODP in the treaty compendium, thus it didn't show up since I only wanted treaties that were obligatory. The other two al
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