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  1. Lord Cyvole

    Alpha Wolves Return to the Party

    I hate to interrupt your indignant sarcasm, but none of these alliances are perpetuating coordinated warfare against you. This is just the bandwagon of people who hate your !@#$%* ass micro and who are doing you the (undeserved) respect of bothering to post DoWs. It has little to do with honor, even less to do with coordination and absolutely everything to do with the piss poor behavior that has defined your alliance since existence.
  2. Lord Cyvole

    MHA ceased to exist

    Based on the fact that is even happened, is there really anything backing up threats of repercussions? Could MHA even muster a proper military response?
  3. Lord Cyvole

    TKT DoW

    Didn't realize wars were still declared here. The Fourth Reich and Apocalypse Meow just finished 1.5 rounds of war, about 2:1 favoring Fourth Reich. Looking forward to seeing how well my casualty count holds up to y'all!
  4. Lord Cyvole

    Round 41

    Estimated Warchests Based on GAs: Dlarej of The Chess Empire - $34,000 Fallen501st of Imperium of Earth - $115,000 xksmx of Willmootia - $540,000 Sirdalton of Cameria- $3,160,000 I was feeling bad for wiping the floor with y'all on your first run, but Wes was nice enough to warn you and you chose not to listen. Tsk, tsk.
  5. Lord Cyvole

    Spartan Treaty Upgrade

    I seriously doubt Polar would do that to one of our M-level allies, regardless of their long-standing beef. Then again, I'm an old timer, treaties and respect for one's allies are probably worth !@#$ these days anyways. Here's hoping!
  6. Lord Cyvole

    The Amazing Sanction Race

    Alfred's still on the road, though I think he'll be around soon-ish. Won't see an update until he settles, though.
  7. !@#$@#$ this.
  8. In the name of all that is good and holy in this world can you please sit down and shut the $%&@ up. In a thread full of asshattery and !@#$%^&* towards my alliance, your irrelevant ass and your awful unwanted commentary in our "defense" has managed to piss me off more than any of them. If we ever need you to waste our time with terrible posts, we know where to find you. But don't hold your !@#$@#$ breath. /me goes back to lurking
  9. One of the many advantages of being a member of TBC is having eloquent $%&@ers like Alfred to express what we're feeling.
  10. Lord Cyvole

    Siberian Tiger Alliance Announcement

    Wow. From negotiating the SNOW pact all those years ago to each war we fought side-by-side through our mutual friend in TPF, I have gained nothing but the utmost respect for STA. Truly one of the greatest alliances to grace our hallowed halls.   Za Sibir'!
  11. Lord Cyvole

    A Valentine from TPF

    Hot damn. Give 'em hell, TPF. o7
  12. Lord Cyvole

    The Amazing Sanction Race

    Take it up in the Moderation Forum. We all just want to see the damage in the ASR.
  13. When I first entered this world in the early days of 2007, I became an ally of The Phoenix Federation. Now, through three different alliances and countless wars, I remain their ally. It is, and has always been, an honor to fight alongside the likes of these legends.   So one last time, o/ TPF.
  14. Lord Cyvole

    Oculus' Second Decree

    Joined MI6 roughly four days ago because of our (then) impending doom and I'm ecstatic about the war. But I was a TPF ally from 2007-2013 and saw them burn far too many times for Pacifica to receive this bullshit treatment from them. That is what made me angry, not my newfound service in Her Magesty's Secret Service and the pixel burning that will ensue because of it.