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  1. Fallen501st

    Round 42

    Thanks admin it works now @HiredGun hm seems like it was a good idea to bring it up with the admins
  2. Fallen501st

    Round 42

    Dude are you kidding me? I have been constantly going for fresh sites i am not using an "old link" when i keep refreshing the register page after going to the standard edition then funneling throught to tourny edition so i am most definitely not using an outdated link
  3. Fallen501st

    Round 42

    It would be nice if the admin would respond and give me a hint at least but i doubt that will happen
  4. Fallen501st

    Round 42

    Still doesnt work man says i entered wrong user name or password but i sont have a TE nation yet
  5. Fallen501st

    Round 42

    I dont know if anyone else is experiancing it but i am already seeing nations being created
  6. Fallen501st

    Round 42

    What the hell it isnt letting me register a nation it keeps saying will reset after -266 days
  7. Fallen501st

    Round 41

    Alright me and my alliance will keep that in mind
  8. Fallen501st

    Round 41

    Hello this will be my first time playing in the tourney edition to cybernations i hope to have a great time and finish hopefully in good standing at the end of the round best of luck to everyone playing