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  1. 1) No it's not. 2) "Unknown Smurf - Resident Kanye West" is clearly a joke about how much I post/how loud I am. Especially when you consider all the other signatures contain official titles (Ex: Executive Officer, Security Council Member) 3) Yeah.. like the messages they sent you multiple times asking about individual terms and being repeatedly ignored? If you want to actually post proof of ANYWHERE you ever acknowledged individual surrenders were on the table or you ever considered them, that would be a great first step. But, as always you continue to brush off statements and spout bull under the implication of fact without any proof posted.
  2. TBF, Sengoku and others protectorates have done the same thing as TIR yet are held to different standards.
  3. 1) Please learn to read. I said Mic and dozens of others in NEW/SP&TR/Kaskus have approached you ingame or otherwise (IRC) about individual surrenders, this has nothing to do with me. 2) Where did I ever claim to be a government member? At the start of the war I was in TBC. 3) You demand to speak to those that have no experience with CN negotiations for individual surrenders? Why would governments of certain alliances be involved in individual surrenders regardless? It is clear that you are demanding to speak to inactives/others who have decided to quit in order to hold others who want to keep playing CN at perma-war.
  4. Pure !@#$%^&*. Sengoku, Oculus and Auctor specifically have denied dozens of nations that have approached him and others. I have logs. They have been blown off with statements such as "peace comes from within," "not my problem," "I understand where you are coming from but it's not my decision and I don't know whose decision it is," and so on and so forth. This war has been going on for almost 4 monthes now. Other wars have started and ended, but Oculus, Sengoku and Auctor have basically sentenced our entire sphere to PZI. Auctor has stated that he will only deal with Bones* -- including on issues such as individual surrenders for NEW, Kaskus and SP&TR nations who have never interacted with Bones. * = Not to mention Bones has been MIA except in game for months. EDIT: When Mic approached Oculus government they said "Who are you?" when he asked for peace. When he linked his nation to them (IRC) he was ignored on 3 separate occasions. On the fourth occasion he was told that Bones, Vibi and a few others were saying that they were going to quit the game after they ran out of WCs so Auctor and others in Oculus have sentenced the other 89 nations on NEW/SP&TR/Kaskus AA to PZI, for crimes commited by a nation on the Mongols AA.
  5. This is relevant to the state of the world today. NSOs allies were deadweight. Any potential coalition to Oculus would be made up of deadweight. All those Oculus is only x% NS of the world are bull.
  6. Why is those handful of DK going rogue related to Mongols war? Honest question.
  7. They have 3 people in range.. barely. 2 who were hit a week ago by Cuba and 1 in peace mode.
  8. At the time of this post: individual surrenders are not allowed by Oculus. Even for those just honoring treaties.
  9. The inability to roll Val with NG backing is what keeps them from doing it. If you're gonna go for Val with those 3 defending you need others in your corner
  10. I had 48 thwarted against me in a 24 hour period (But 1 nuke hit in the middle, around nuke 26) -- 25 by the same person in a row.
  11. I believe you can donate as much as you want; you'll just get the $30 bonus though.
  12. You know we never really saw eye to eye, but this declaration proves that VEs conflicting treaty argument is just an excuse for their cowardice and for that I applaud you. Edit: VE not Umb**
  13. I mean drunkenly isn't the best. But I hear you DN. They attacked a protectorate of an alliance that was just honoring a treaty and then turned around and kept them at war for 3+ monthes without any attempt of diplo. Pretty $%&@ed. I wish you didn't get involved, but if we're going out swinging, I appreciate you with me.
  14. I was in CON. Vladimir Stukov, gold trium still plays also.
  15. Pacifica and IRON are the heaviest hitters in your/Spartas tier. Hitting them and forcing anarchies/not letting them cherry pick targets would've been ideal from an OOC perspective.
  16. Pacifica must be so happy. Not only do they win the world, they don't even have to take the brunt of damage.
  17. Looks to me like VE is just trying to pretend to care about Spartas predicament without committing anything. Sparta/Dave is delusional if they think IRON would ever help them by hitting NpO considering the current state of affairs.
  18. What you and Auctor are glossing over is Oculus' supremacy clause. Without Oculus, a war could have been arranged on Valhalla even with Umb/IRON defending them. Yes it would've taken a bit of diplomatic effort, but I'm sure getting a coalition together wouldn't have been impossible. But when you take into account that all of Oculus would be entering on Val's defense as first line of defense that really defeats any coalition before it gets off the ground.
  19. What is here and there is the fact that you have yet to post any sort of proof whatsoever.
  20. Pretty sure it's 10 days. Nations may not exit war mode for 10 days after exiting inactivity mode. 9 < 10
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