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  1. Good luck. The game is dead.
  2. lmao at the sever load comment. This entire game and forums could be ran on AWS Free Tier with plenty of compute power to spare.
  3. PMing to admin as well, but going to log in today and my browser notified me the login screen isn't secure. Players could be having their passwords compromised.
  4. My requirements are that they are ok with someone who will do nothing but !@#$post and probably go inactive and randomly maybe come back to nuke things idk
  5. Meh. Playing CN and growing a pair rarely go hand in hand
  6. Do people do this anymore? IDK. Either way, I'm nuking Legion apparently. Pretty poorly though cuz idgafos. If you had one shot, one opportunity, to seize the attention of a very old school veteran, would you capture it? Or just let it slip?
  7. i'm not really around anymore but 2006 here
  8. Retired old !@#$poster truly is the most powerful Sith position.
  9. WHO? Anyone noteworthy? Late '06 myself. Novemberish I think. I won't be back for long though.
  10. Someone still cares. I'm not sure if that's cute or creepy. Why not nuke Legion for old time's sake.
  11. This actually furthers my point tbh. If a significant number of sub 2.5 year nations are controlled by people who'd be in the 7.5+ year range, that even furthers the point that the controversial/harsh terms of times past correlates to an increased player longevity. Not saying that the correlation equals causation, but it's interesting nonetheless.
  12. You actually make a fascinating point here. I did a statistical analysis of the ages of nations left in cn a while back on the NSO forums, and found the results really interesting. I looked at the makeup of CN based on age broken into iirc 2.5 year age ranges, and while obviously nations under 2.5 years was the largest group, nations 7.5 years+ was a larger group than either 2.5 to 5 and 5 to 7.5 iirc. The middle 5 year range definitely was low. It was a significantly uneven distribution. In other words, there is almost certainly a correlation between nations having been around to experience these harsh terms (let's be real, we haven't seen really harsh terms in over 5 years, and that 7.5+ was back when tame terms would make Methrage come out of the wood work screaming bloody murder by today's standard) and longevity playing the game.
  13. Dumb vs dumber. You decide who's who. Question though since I stopped reading after page 2, did anyone actually post any evidence of someone threatening to disband Scotland? Cuz unless I missed it, I didn't see anyone even hint that.
  14. You're mad. Want to know why? Because I made an objectively true statement, clarified that statement, and now you're throwing a fit accusing me of whining. Bravo A+ you passed your straw man building course with flying colors.
  15. Brain washing. Good one. Fortunately I was in Tetris govt (and lead it before and after that event) at the time and am well familiar with reality. I stopped reading your post at the point where you compared NSO/Tetris vs Legion damage, noting we lost slightly more then Legion then continued to go on to support your misguided opinion by talking about total numbers of the coalition (nation counts etc). The reality is Legion grossly outnumbered NSO and Tetris, and yet we only took <85k more damage. The statement I made is objectively true. Outside of NSO and Tetris, only NsO did any notable fighting, and even then they were ineffective after round 1.
  16. I didn't read that whole post, but if you think anyone in that war aside from Tetris or NSO did any heavy lifting and did anything except pad damage stats for Legion, you're kidding yourself.
  17. There are a lot of pots and kettles in here
  18. Lmfao. Well you know methy. He's very much, "I DON'T LIKE THING," and if anyone else doesn't like thing, then they are good in his book.
  19. I find the commentary on Chim being MI6 kind of amusing. That's basically like saying Chim was directly responsible for MI6's fall from grace, their regular rolling, and why their best members left for TBC and others. Then you wonder why people hate MI6 while acknowledging that some people don't like Chim.
  20. Cuba, a doombird screwed up my stagger. jerk
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