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  1. I've played CN before, if you didn't know. If I was completely new to CN I wouldn't be brave enough to step up to a government position LOL If you don't mean it that way, then yeah, I'm a NEWWWWBIE
  2. I'm looking for any Brown trade set at the moment please let me know on this topic or PM me if anything comes up. Also I need a long-term (I don't mind really whether it's short or long term really) tech buyer who I can sell tech to. The buyer can decide the selling rates. Cheers!
  3. Lol I've reached 10 posts now I think I'm done for now
  4. Cdshajjakaia Wjamamanama
  5. Getting my post count up Want to change my title too
  6. And how the hell do you change your forum rank? I've played CN before so I'm not a newbie, so DOES IT LOOK LIKE I WANT TO BE CALLED A ******* NEWBIE
  7. You're right, but I'm on my phone atm, so...
  8. DazB

    Recognition of LPC

    Yep, very true.
  9. DazB

    Jack Layton Recognizes SRA

    Congratulations!  By the way, I can't go to sleep. Those asses are screaming too loudly, please make them quieter next time.
  10. Done. Official Limitless Nexus announcement made by the Government.
  11. Lol I think I'm already blind by seeing you reply Joking
  12. Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce Limitless Nexus' addition to its government! What happened: New Director of Defense - Daz Bones of New Arctic An overview of Limitless Nexus' new government and seniors: Sephiroth - Commander Tobiash - Director of Internal Affairs and Recruitment Daz Bones - Director of Defense Finally, I look forward to working with our allies and friends all over CN, including Confederatio Aesir, aNiMaLz, Kaskus, Cowboys and many more others.