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  1. USMC123


    A lot of what you are saying here is why I was like, "either a) tell us more about the methods so we can believe that you know beyond a reasonable doubt, or b) set up an appeals process that is simple for nations affected by this." Because I cannot for the life of me figure out a way they could possibly know with such certainty that someone was breaking this rule without physically witnessing them do it.
  2. USMC123


    In fairness, I wasn't warned for that thread, but I'm sure if I posted another, asking a related question, I would be. Keelah's response was pretty much the same bs they keep saying when someone asks about how they determine that. "It has to be apparent." Apparent to whom? And what defines apparent? And since when does apparent = beyond a doubt? Finally, why are they so adamant to refuse hearing out evidence of innocence. In the case of Walsh, per Xanth (who said he has seen the email from admin himself), Walsh was banned for operating multiple nations, and when Walsh offered to provide evidence the nations were operated by two separate people, he was apparently (see - apparent =/= certainty because I have not seen the communications myself) told he had to wait 6 months to appeal the ban.
  3. Reroll and join SCAR Loki. You'll fit right in.
  4. Obvious troll blog is obvious.
  5. Wait, you only admit you're a fool for following Tywin? Wat
  6. I laughed so hard I cried at the "Best Regards - Alfred von Tirpitz - Triumvir - RoK" part. Good stuff overall. PRetty damn funny.
  7. I was shocked when I heard about this. Said player has been a prominent member of our community for years and a good friend of my own. Best of wishes. Hopefully she returns home okay.
  8. Took a guy three days to figure this one out last war.
  9. AvT, I am worried about some stuff I've been seeing in regards to you...
  10. A+ topic. Would read again. To the haters: Really?
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