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  1. Hey now, MHA used to be the #1 alliance for quite some time! We will get there again, don't you worry my friends. I'm sure WCR is watching over us!
  2. C&G was the best bloc ever. Never forget. Thank you BDrocks for having one of the best images from the TOP war in 2010. I lost in my old harddrive. C&G was the best thing to happen to ODN and was the highlight of my time in this world.
  3. Hi Jerdge nice to see you kicking (or maybe not we should all get outta here tbh). Anyway, here's to a last hurrah.
  4. We'll need more wars. There isn't enough.
  5. It looks like you really need a win. You might find it somewhere but not in this war.
  6. Then you will see I did not say Hime Themis by name. We all know who the Senator is and I'm sure someone as smart as you can understand 'you' can be used as plural. But thank you for your response.
  7. There is no honor in war and you seem to show this is true in your actions by abuse of the powers black team nations gave you by electing you as a Black Team Senator. I'm sure that mistake will be amended soon enough. Your precious donations won't save you now.
  8. Umbrella and More Umbrella.
  9. Excellent news, the Legion has existed for 10 years too many.
  10. Yeah, I think many of us are at that level right about now...
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