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  1. These are always entertaining to read, thank you for continuing. Your writings on OsRavan have been amusing reads for years. I do wonder if you care enough to once again infiltrate ODN with a candidate gain.
  2. It sounded MMOish, but I guess we'll have to see some gameplay first to find out.
  3. You're very imaginative about seemingly dull events and make interesting blogs every once in a while. I admit I smirked when you abruptly thought about Ukrainian peasants and collectivization.
  4. I don't get those kind of ads, Schatt. Before I put adblock on, I got mostly Meetblacks, and arab lounge ads. I'm neither.
  5. Chaoshawk


    I remember giving you guys 3m, if you are the micro I think you are. Damsky attacked you soon afterward and got annoyed at the aid he thought was directed against him (I guess it was since he decided to attack you).
  6. I had my bike chained at the local pool. There was even a lifeguard guy sitting at the entrance facing toward where the bike was. When me and my friend leave the pool both of our bikes are gone and the guy watching is asleep and said he saw nothing. Also, holy crap CSM that guy really wanted your bike.
  7. In middle school my parents put a world map in my room. I also played strategy games like the Total War Series and the Paradox Interactive games that helped me a lot with geography since you need to know who you are conquering, who is allied with whom, etc. I think having a map would be good enough. A globe would be cool, too.
  8. You lived in the county just east of here... and some of these people sound familiar especially the window guy. Y description of the area is quite accurate, just south of Fayette and Coweta is just rural wasteland for a long while. I'm sure you'll miss it.
  9. Now I understand. He can be trusted.
  10. Really? I got the feeling he liked Amon Amarth.
  11. Chaoshawk

    The Infection Spreads

    That reminds me... The guy who played the voice of Dark Lord Bale in Warhammer 40k played the voice of that Bison/chief thing. It's so odd these people are voice acting in this show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PM1JoYTXkC0 It is literally the same voice actor, if you watch the show you'll know. I don't so, but my friend who does told me so possibly not.
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