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  1. It's the free space in the middle.
  2. How often do you try and turn anything and everything to Francoism? Hint: look at this thread.
  3. When did you get those stats? It seems a bit unlikely that we gained nearly a full tenth in a couple hours. Current stats show 36.92 for Polar.
  4. I feel significantly better about Polar's chances in this group than I do the US's in Group G.
  5. Come on man, this isn't Qatar.
  6. I always love it when people are reminded of the Stoic Movement. They just do weird stuff and are great at grabbing the attention of people who follow stats.
  7. Just to save you the trouble, people won't do partial slot deals. Also you can only have 1 foreign aid transaction with a nation per ten days.
  8. I don't mean for each individual alliance, I mean overall.
  9. Could you possibly add total nation gain/loss for the top 120 in those weekly updates? Or will it just make us sad?
  10. Awesome gaining streak NEW. Glad to be in sole possession of that top spot though.
  11. CRAP and RIA's names are switched in the race. Not sure how that would have happened, but just letting you know.
  12. Polar moved over 400 on the day we came out of terms from PB/NpO in April 2011.
  13. That sucks, the one day tech race is the day after we jumped about 3k in a day. That probably would have won it.
  14. I don't know, personally I prefer post-moralist naturalist existential nihilist imperialism.
  15. You realize he's still outdamaged you thus far? You might want to fight longer than 16 hours in you're entire history before you start acting like you know what you're doing. Also get a trade circle. Would you like my consulting services to teach you how?
  16. Enough reason to retract this and declare again. Edit: Also congrats on peace and all. Good luck going forward.
  17. No, foreign aid isn't taken from your nation until they accept.
  18. My condolences to his family. Tough to see someone like that go.
  19. Am I the only one that's laughing at the irony of Rayvon making fun of someone for running their mouth and not being able to follow up?
  20. Long term or short term will work. Looking for a number of sellers at the moment. Please PM.
  21. Ah, Fark's flag was the general 404 image a few minutes ago.
  22. Is no one going to comment on it? Because I will. What the hell happened to GPA's flag? I assume the hosting replaced the old link with a new image?
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