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  1. Hal, take those rose colored glasses off, put your head on a swivel, look around the chans. Now look me in the eyes and tell me crap like what happened to FPI wont happen all over again. It's not hard to tune out the clutter and I am reading the broadcast 5x5.
  2. NPO had nothing to do with that. Disbandment didn't happen because of war, but, of course, you do have all the facts, so continue with the verbal diarrhea.
  3. I urge you to point out where I have defended Doom House, you play the fool to insinuate such. I have in fact done nothing more than vigorously point out your coalitions degeneracy. If this makes you shake your fists at the skies and scream out so be it.
  4. I don't have to look past the Freebootin' Pirate Insurgency to know the old Hedge was worse than DH!
  5. Heck, I'll DH folks speak to how they feel about me and what I have protested over time. DH is and was treatied up, the question I posed in this thread was, are all of your coalitions alliances treatied up in a manner that befits an attack on one is an attack on all? Members of your own alliance have clearly stated in this thread that lack of a treaty shouldn't be an obstacle to bandwaggoning. A few months ago I started getting the impression that what came after DH was going to be far worse than DH, I now fear it may well be worse than what existed before DH. PS, there is no justice
  6. TBB, I love ya man, but you guys invented and mastered the unwritten rules back in the day, they just weren't as moral as you would like to make out.
  7. You in fact said this "I said you shouldn't let treaties dictate your actions in a war" What kind of drink does it take to swallow that hypocrisy with out choking?
  8. Do you read what you post? You said "if you have no obligations in a war, that shouldn't keep you from entering" Isn't that the same as ignoring treaties?
  9. I am rather happy to see DH taking their medicine, I am deeply saddened to see your coalition sink to depravity to accomplish it. Shame on you, Once upon a time the name Schattenmann stood for honor over results.
  10. A couple post below yours derek sums it up nicely, when a document gets in the way of something you want you can just ignore it as you see fit. A charter is nothing more than a treaty amongst alliance members. I hope no one on your side ever agains bawls about a tech raiding alliance raiding outside of their treaty.
  11. That's because your easily distracted by the shiney things others had you.
  12. I hope some leader with a little more statue from your side of the court will come and confirm your position, I'd love to liberally use this stragedy in the future, think how much fun tech raiding can be using this concept.
  13. Out of curiosity, the dow a side, do all of your collective treaties read that an attack on one is an attack on all? Does a dow now suprecede treaties? Doesn't this leave war open for anyone to just link up and fight where ever with no treaty and just a dow?
  14. This is one of the more interesting aspects of this war for me. Does Umbrella have beast enough war chests to buy themselves out of range and have enough left to aid drop their mid tiers? Or even more troublesome for AI, does Umbrella have the war chests to buy out of range, aid drop and then when strategically beneficial sell down and go on the offensive against whats left of their enemies upper nations preventing those nations from effectively aiding their mid tiers? Such an exciting war to watch, so many potential endings. This may be one of CN's best times.
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