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  1. Presumably the game is backed up to tape or to some other media and it would therefore require some effort to reconstruct an accurate record of all aid transactions, but it would by no means be impossible. As for Lyricalz, I've never noticed any errors in its records of aid transactions. If someone has confirmed an instance where it failed I'd like to see it. Here's a point to ponder...if you receive a tech bonus for a nation referral, and that nation later is deleted as a multi, shouldn't the tech also go away?
  2. So screw the lower tier people in your alliance we must fight over the 'S' word? How noble...I mean after all, you are fighting the bad guys to the last peasant.
  3. Meth, take your trophy, namely that Brown Senate seat, accept defeat in the war, and move on. If you are trying to get revenge on Kashmir for making you look a bit silly and somewhat incompetent, it's not going to happen during this war.
  4. I have no inside knowledge of the detection methods, but I would speculate that more than just your log in credentials gets passed over to the server when you log into to your account. Same goes for the data coming back at you, which probably consists of more than just the content of the web pages. That said above in my comments, I don't want or need to know their detection methods. However, what I need is to be assured that whatever methods they are using don't result in "false positives", such that situations where two people are legitimately playing the game and obeying the rules about nation interaction on the same IP don't get zapped. Statements like "it's more art than science" or "there is an amount subjectivity to the process" should cause you concern. Frankly I'd rather be playing knowing that there are probably a few people running an extra nation than watch honest people being shown the exit. As for forum bans, your experience may be different, but when I think back to all the people who were "warned out of the game" those that were genuine problems were the exception, not the rule.
  5. The situation with Walsh brought back memories of players past that were banned and deleted for forum violations. Initially I was under the impression that Walsh was one of them as well, but that turns out not to be the case. However, anyone who spends a lot of time on here commenting and particularly if they do so in a manner that some people don't like for IC reasons, can suddenly find themselves a frequent "topic" in Moderation. That is as true today as it was in 2007 when forum ban = game ban took effect. I came to this position years ago, actually. Essentially having two nations on the same IP would seem to put you in a Sword of Damocles scenario, where at any moment both nations could be deleted without recourse. Even if that isn't true, the perception it is true turns a lot people away from the game and makes players think twice about sharing it with others. Pity.
  6. If that is in fact true, I'd love to hear the evidence for "the prosecution", because without it that sounds like another case of a player being kicked not for a serious violation per se, but merely because he is perceived of as a problem...but a problem to who exactly?
  7. Doesn't mean it still can't happen. :-) However, I'd like to think that "away from the table" here and in full view of everyone we can discuss a perceived problem like adults.
  8. I was going to cite that as an example of what merits a warn, and if we're handing them out over such technicalities, then there isn't much of a case against a fair number of people who end up getting banned. As for Walsh, I've heard two different stories now regarding the reason he was banned. Putting his case aside, I'm sure we all know someone who in the past has been banned for forum violations, that ban was unjustified, and when they left the game at least one other person followed them out the door. I repeat, something has to change.
  9. Banning people from Cyber Nations for forums violations at this stage of the game is about like drilling holes in the bottom of a boat that's already taking on water. If you want to make the "rules are the rules" argument, please explain how banning your most active players (people who are inactive don't get players ratting them out for forum violations) increases interest and activity in the game and how it increases the number of players. I grant you that people who do really, really stupid things like posting porn images or real life phone numbers of people should probably get banned from the forums and the game. But to delete nations and ban people for what amounts to a collection of ticky-tack violations? Really? Something has to change.
  10. You see a fair number that claim to be strategy and political simulations that are built on a micro transaction model, and if Facebook is any indication they come and ago pretty quickly. That was was made this one special--the fact that it didn't just die one day. But it isn't the only game in town, and at some point someone will figure out a model that works similarly and doesn't fall into the traps that other games have in the past (or this one currently seems mired in), and it too will enjoy a very long lifespan. When people ask, "why so serious?" it's because I have hope that this game can be salvaged and get back to where it was when there was at least something of a balance between role play and lulz and the FPS mentality was minimized.
  11. It's a bit worse than that, jerdge. Far too many people have decided that this a 'first person shooter' game, and they treat it as such. You see it in their actions ("neutrals aren't playing correctly and deserve to eliminated") and the way they talk about themselves and others. As with most all FPS gamers, they are most interested in kills, not competition over the long haul, and are constantly on the look out for new mods, new exploits, and become irrational at any mention of "nerfing" their abilities. Thing is, the vast majority of people who came to this game weren't interested in playing a FPS game, or at least that's not what they signed up for, even if they play FPS games elsewhere. That's why there is a high level of frustration within the CN community and why frankly, either the FPS types need to go, or the everyone else will eventually take a hike to a game that is more to their liking.
  12. Define "moralist". If by that you mean people who think wanton raiding and treating the game like a disposable feminine hygiene product are bad, then yes, there are people like that around. Unfortunately you came back in an era where the spirit of the game no longer matters. Perhaps one day it will again. I hope so.
  13. The Manhattan Project wonder initially had the desire effect--to open up the possibility of owning nukes to players that otherwise would never see them. We were never particularly supposed to throw money at small nations for the sole purpose of making them into tiny nuke powers either, but eventually it happened. Nuke rogues and nuke holding nations deliberately not completely rebuilding and instead hanging out in the mid ranks made sure of that.
  14. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/editorials/interviews/1217-The-League-of-Cyber-Nations Interesting read some 6 1/2 years later.
  15. A culture that allows the petty entertainment of a few to be superior to the entertainment of the many is the problem. Everything else is just style and technique.
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