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  1. What he said. C'mon now, browsers these days go into serious red alert when these things aren't fed. ๐Ÿคจ
  2. Silicone parts were made for toys. Real thick and juicy treaty you have there.
  3. Never better, thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚ Valhalla had an amazing run first time around. Second run wasn't terrible until it was. Still, I prefer to keep the good memories. A third run...nah, Orbis couldn't handle that level of operational tempo now. Probably why GATO is the perfect alliance for this era. Lays around like a harbor seal mostly.
  4. To be honest dude, at your age, you need to start watching your carbs.
  5. Nope. Don't plan on deleting either, but I'll be going pretty much totally inactive soon, save for logging in periodically to make sure friends don't lose trades. With the dwindling number of people here, keeping a full trade set will become increasingly problematic for the remainder of the game. This is being one of the last times I'll ever post here (total posts around 7,500 over 11+ years), some thoughts as I exit. 1. This was on balance...fun and I'm glad I played. Oh sure it had its highs and lows, all games do. Would I change anything? One or two things of course, but I leave with no regrets. My list of accomplishment is long and I'm happy with them. 2. Some of you people unfortunately forgot at times how to be not only good at a game, but also a good member of a gaming community. The game suffered because of it. I'll not mention specific incidences, but I'd like to hope that you have matured and recognize the mistakes you made for what they were. 3. I learned things here. Things that made me a better person, a better leader, and more technically proficient, and I carry those lessons forward not only to other games I play but to other things I do IRL. 4. I've come to the conclusion that the game was destined to die the moment for four things happened: technology was made something that was a commodity that could be bought and sold...or simply given away technology could be stolen through warfare (which is itself is a patently silly idea, sorry Kevin, since through the history warfare societies would copy the technology of their enemies, perhaps even improve upon it, but societies almost never lost a technology through theft) technology was made something that mattered in virtually every aspect of the mechanics the players became aware of all of this Tech being a commodity lead to wide spread cheating and abuse that got worse as the game ground on. The stealing of tech became a primary motivation early on for "tech raiding" (and remained so), which had the side effect of the driving of newer players from the game in frustration as we went from raiding inactives, to people who stepped away for a week, to people who didn't step away at all but looked weak. But you say, "ChairmanHal, all the things you mentioned were true almost from the beginning!" That's right, they were. Yet for an extended period of time, there were enough active players, and enough political drama, to keep the game interesting for most for several years in spite of the flaws. 5. Shout outs (way, way too many to mention individually): To all those who remain from LIH, \m/, Browncoats, Ragnarok, Valhalla, Anarchy Inc., and PPO, may your lives be a journey filled with wonder or at least good coffee and pleasant companionship. I will be speaking to some of you "on another network" soon. To all the other friends I made along the way, you will hold a special place in my heart. As for the rest of you...be good to each other. Time is short.
  6. Yeah, or he'll go crying to Cuba. Actually he'll go crying to Cuba over a whole list of things because competitive gaming is for a-holes. Right, LJ?
  7. Wipes sleep out of eyes Wait, people are still doing this? Whatever. Retirement announcement forthcoming once this is over I guess. I kept my nation on the mantle as sort of a memory of old times, never expecting I'd have to fight with her again, so not really prepared and not really interested in fighting to be honest. Hell, I've forgot more tactics and rules than I remember at this point. I suppose the customary thing to do is to try to fight back, but after being sucker punched multiple times, not much to fight back with. Kids, it's just not fun and I can't get excited enough to make it fun for you. I'm sorry. Go play with your Xbox friends.
  8. How about, "We Had to Stage This Elaborate Curbstomp So ChairmanHal Could Finally Get to 10 Million Causalities and enderland Would Come Out and Play and Walsh Would Return From the Dead" War? Meh, probably too long. How about: "The Boogie With St(ewie) War"
  9. Any time that people who play this game and/or help to run it pass away IRL, it's a very sad day. Thoughts and prayers to Keelah's friends, family, and co-workers here at CN.
  10. I don't think there is any question under the right circumstances raiding is very profitable. I have raided in the past, would change nothing. Raiding is a business venture. For raiders at all levels, you are hoping that the money invested (including any potential damages) is more than your losses. In the past in higher tier raiding, raiders like bones could count on an almost limitless resupply of tech and even cash, along with the ability to fill the defensive slots of the target at a moment's notice. Risk was minimal if you were smart about your target selection, as was the skill level required (threatening to throw tech 50-60+ EMP nukes if someone resists isn't a complex task). Resistance to a high tier raid isn't a black or white decision. There's lots of gray and people to think about beyond yourself. In the past I have resisted and in the past I've ate my shait sandwich. People like Hitchcock will never be in the upper tier, so it's impossible for them to relate to the calculus that goes on. I use a math analogy here but really it's poker. Hitchcock is the guy sitting in a recliner at home watching a Texas Hold 'Em tournament on ESPN telling his wife between sips of PBR how he would have played that hand differently. He's never been to Vegas, he's never played poker in Vegas, he's never played for more than $50 with his friends, let alone hundreds of thousands or millions. Oh but he's an expert.
  11. If you weren't running your nation into the ground through pointless warfare and stupidity, I'd probably give a $%&@ what you think too.
  12. Following orders. Sage orders as it turns out. You wouldn't know the "Valhalla Way" if it were diagramed out in a Power Point presentation and explained to you like you were five.
  13. You keep trying to sound smug, but it's just not working. Your defensive slots are filled...again. Maybe you should be concentrating on that, hmm?
  14. I've personally never been a fan of paperless treaties, though if there was a handshake agreement between Kashmir and NSO that they had each other's back, then NSO has an obligation to assist in some way that is agreeable to Kashmir. If there was no such agreement, then that would fall into the "regrettable but completely understandable" category. I'm not going to condemn NSO unless they refuse to provide help of any sort, even with postwar rebuilding. I wouldn't expect that to happen.
  15. The worst part of it all was not a) allowing ourselves to get matched up against NPO to begin with (we were supposed to go in against C&G with IRON), b) the mess with nuking/not nuking NPO (my recollection is that lasted a day if that), c) the missed opportunity to hit LOSS even if it meant we'd be fighting on both sides (something I'll admit I was not a fan of), d) the DBDC raids (which would have never happened if we had simply cancelled the NG treaty when we talked about doing before the war), or even e) the other missed opportunities to hit other targets because "RnR might get mad" or whatever other !@#$%^&* excuse was given at the time for not getting us more engaged in the coalition fight (something I practically pleaded that we do). No, the worst part of it was sitting around after the war was over and EVERYONE in leadership saying "!@#$ like this will never happened again!" because it couldn't happen again and Valhalla still be able to hold its collective head up, and then Levi made sure it happened again because he had a "deal". We both did what we could in our own way to try to save the longboat before giving up in frustration, my friend. There was just no saving her ultimately. Inactivity may have sank her, but she had been taking on water for a long time.
  16. Back in the day it was also more than justified. Simply surviving isn't winning. More things were compartmentalized than should have been. But at the time of the whole NPO thing Chefjoe was legitimately not around. You say you were talking to him at that time? Well that would have been more contact than we had.
  17. Congratulations on taking credit for something that you really had no influence over whatsoever. Next, you take credit for your favorite sports team winning because you held a certain sitting position on your couch during a crucial moment in the game.
  18. Heh, fair enough. You have to admit though, there have been quite a few curtain calls over the years.
  19. Well....there was that. Worked pretty well actually. Somehow I don't think we've seen the last such Doom alliance, DBDC aside of course.
  20. If that's a threat, I'll simply remind you of the conversation we had some time ago where there was a hatchet buried. If NGers wanted revenge, the alliance you wanted is more or less dead, though there's still a few people left on the AA if you hurry.
  21. The 800 pound gorilla in the room here is that Oculus is slowly but surely cutting away the outer fringes of the Doomsphere while the Doomsphere watches.
  22. Unsurprising, they are constantly trying to fit in the shoes of bigger men.
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