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  1. You need to read the terms more carefully, Caliph. As for me lying or planning to hit LC... I have no reason to do either. Frankly, I should probably take offense, but I can understand your frustration with the situation, so I'll just ignore that comment.
  2. On the contrary, the 6 months condition applies to all of you.
  3. I didn't miss that, no. Look at it from my perspective though, one person ghosting an AA just to participate in a war on the other side is annoying, 10+ former members of the same AA doing it together is an issue and had to be dealt with. And while I really enjoyed fighting some of you and the great fight you put up, ultimately you lost so it was our perspective that mattered when terms were discussed. Bottom line, the terms are what they are and they won't change (unless, you know, Berbers pulls out a rabbit out of his... hat and succeeds in his crusade), so I suggest you make the most of it.
  4. I don't care what it reminds you of. It's quite simple really - you either bandwagoned on LC's war or you joined the alliance. If it's the latter - cool, I've actually come to respect and even like them, so... good choice; if it's the former - you are nothing but a rogue and will be treated as such. Good luck, Berbers. I can appreciate your cause, although it might have been easier to just join your friend in LC. Either way, have fun out there, war is good.
  5. *chuckles* Anyways, have fun with this one, I know we will.
  6. What took you guys so long? Finally a NADC announcement I can endorse.
  7. Aww, isn't that cute! You guys finally found each other. I hear the party is tonight, looking forward to it!
  8. Flashbacks to earlier times aside (you guys managed to exhaust all jokes on that over the first three pages), Pacifica taking control of Red makes perfect sense under the circumstances. Good decision.
  9. Good fight, guys. Special shout-outs to: Karl Godel of Sirta Hegemony Supreme Emperor Daeg of Metal Spankthefrank of TheRepublic of Spank You made this one fun, thanks!
  10. No hard feelings here as well, just business.
  11. Imperial Decree - New Polar Order Pursuant to Article 4 (aka "Stewie's Fault") of the Frozen Venom Accords, the New Polar Order declares a state of war with Pirates Of The Parrot Order. ~ Lestat Imperial Regent
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