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    The Amazing Sanction Race

    Biggest Gainers DT Probes (+0.30) Sengoku (+0.23) Nusantara Elite Warriors (+0.21) Biggest Losers Terran Empire (-0.20) Orange Defense Network (-0.19) Doom Squad (-0.17) Active Wars Fark (7) & Oceania (0) Goon Order of Oppression Negligence and Sadism (9) & Acerbus (3) Longest gaining streak New Polar Order (33 days for 3.45 score) Longest streak without a loss The Grämlins (76 days for 0.95 score) Commentary Independent Republic of Orange Nations : Gaining streak passes 20 days (2.02) Federation Of Armed Nations : Streak without a loss passes 20 days (0.61) LoSS : Streak without a loss passes 15 days (0.51) MI6 : Gaining streak passes 15 days (0.81) United Purple Nations : Gaining streak passes 15 days (0.39) The Last Remnants : Streak without a loss ends at 28 days (0.72) Mortal Wombat : Streak without a loss passes 30 days (0.60) OcUk : Streak without a loss ends at 31 days (1.34) Alliance Politics Review Global Alliance & Treaty Organization: Government [/update]
  2. Logan

    A Shangri-La Announcement

    Kaskus, tremble in fear! For what I lack in fighting ability I make up with busting the sides of your rulers, and suffocating your citizens with spare monies.
  3. Logan

    Paradise has come.

    [img]http://i.imgur.com/7uYFB.png[/img] What up everyone? Its been a minute since I last addressed you all. Well, as you may have noticed Tetris and the New Sakura Order are merging to create a new alliance, Shangri-la. You may be asking yourself, "Why would such a !@#$%*in' alliance of three years merge with a parade of foreign cartoon characters?" Because they are !@#$@#$ awesome, that's why. We have been to hell and back with these mother $%&@ers. Christ, most of them were even a part of our alliance for a period of time. It all started back when SOS was treatied to some friends of ours. We were new on the scene and looking for some new brajs to hang with, and since a couple of our members had similar interests, we dispatched some of them over to their boards to see if our flows could jive. Things worked out reasonably well and we signed a treaty, and then sometime after we upgraded to a MDoAP. Long story short, some !@#$ eventually went down and we sided with the dudes who weren't raving, power-tripping maniacs. We hosted an after funk at our place, and when everyone regained consciousness they peaced it to do their own thing, and we became one of the tightest two alliance wolf pack this !@#$ hole has ever seen. We wanted to roll some people, some people wanted to roll us. Some people eventually did roll us. It was all great. Anyways, I'm sure you all know how this place has been lately, so seeing as how our two groups were closer than two things that are really close to each other, it only made sense that we shack up and split the bills for one place. I know what you are thinking, "What a disgusting !@#$%^& child of malformed parents. I think I'm going to be sick." To that I say, "Sounds like like a personal problem, bro." Anyways it will be pretty dope to be back with many of our former members such as WingedWolf and Dragonknight1000. Anyways so we've had some kick ass times the past three years. As some may know, this isn't the first incarnation of Tetris. This is not even the second. Yeah, that's right, this is the third time I started and killed this god damn alliance. But this time wasn't as !@#$%* as the other two, because this time I didn't do it alone. Rather than being the lone dictator of a miniscule band of misfits, USMC123, Granat, and Kean made up the other three founders to make up a slightly larger band of misfits. We had some of our old spots looking out for us, including treaties with Ragnarok from where USMC123 stumbled out of, along with ARES (WRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY) It wasn't long after that we picked up the others who would pretty much become the backbone of the alliance. These people included such personalities as Pollard, Rhaemyr, and BladeX. Well we got on for a little while and quickly became buds with super chill folks such as Epicurean and CIA. Epicurean sadly didn't last that long, but we picked up some cool cats, the most memorable of which is Troop who has recently left us (please come back to me boo.) Also; TTTTTTTTTAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLSSSSSSSSSSSSSK. CIA was just to flippin sweet to leave our hands off of and we nommed them up. We've still got a few of them kickin' it with us, pushing around strollers. These guys include ali5541 and King Waleed. Amos and Ace were with us for awhile, and it was tight, they should really drop us a line somtime. Oh !@#$, I didn't even mention that we had a protectorate. They were awesome. This was after we had got a treaty with VE, and we jointly supplied the Misfit Nations with protection. These people were pretty tight, and Kean and I had known them for quite a bit from being in NPO (oh god D:) Speaking of kean, come back god damnit. Anyways yeah MaskofBlue, Brennan, and a hole host of others were there, but eventually they went inactive and dwindled away, some of them are still with us today, which $%&@ yeah. VE, I still think you guys are cool. Impero and I go way back to OR and then later OV. Those were good days, met a lot of sweet ass people. Baltus, you turned out to be and awesome dude for nearly the entire time we've been around it seems. Random mention of Bernkastel. Oh god, what a wreck lol. So along time before most of that Hereno joined us sometime. Hereno was my boy in some super awesome channel when he got tired of the Corporation. That reminds me, I need to ask this supposed pinko how he wound up in an alliance named the Corporation. But once this guy joined, things were exponentially more awesome. While I'm on the topic of bad ass mother $%&@ers, Tank must be mentioned. Also Ken, you are pretty ok. And how could I possibly make a grand speech of Tetris' hijinks without mentioned SLCB. You dudes were really true brajs. We met and instantly hit it off. Poached some crap alliances, frustrated dudes with a secret treaty activation, hell yeah, good times. Someday hopefully we can ruffle some people's jimmies again. But until then I'm at least glad that we still keep in contact and all of that. NSO, you dudes are awesome. Showed that you could kick ass in the worst situations, once again. You don't know how much we appreciate it. Maybe the odds will be more in our favor next time around. Anyways, we will still be kickin' it around together in the future so hell yeah. Rayvon, youwish, KainIIC, and all the others, you are awesome. But not you, Pollard. Then there is all the people that !@#$ happened with. Arrnea, your medal for beating us in the race to the dustbin of history is in the mail. NEW, you kicked our asses pretty good it was fun. Polar and UINE, lulz. GDA, it was still a white peace :troll: Legion, you guys actually turned out to be half way alright. If I forgot you, too bad, its Friday night and I'm fixin' to drink. But anyways, thanks for the good times, it was something special. Peace out, girl scouts.
  4. I won something! :downs:
  5. Well, this is certainly more clever than dealing with the LSF/NoR situation directly.
  6. Logan

    NoR declares war on LSF

    The spin that is coming from MK and their surrogate TOP is amazing. Bravo.
  7. Logan

    A Carpe Diem Christmas

    I am pleased to see that my meatshields grow ever stronger.
  8. Proletariat up, Bourgeoisie down. Sorry dudes, still here. Also congrats to the SOS Brigade on beating us to the dustbin of history, we truly gave it our all.
  9. Logan

    Notice of Policing Action

    [quote name='King Wally' timestamp='1337838964' post='2971554'] Well that was an interesting episode. PROIS.... who ever is in a leadership role there I would strongly suggest you consider merging into Kaskus... (if they are open to the idea). They showed they were willing to put their ass on the line for you guys and they can teach you a lot. Micro-AA land is a dog eat dog world, best of luck moving forward. You've got my advice for what its worth. [/quote] If by putting their ass on the line means doing absolutely nothing but flapping their jaws then I'd have to agree.
  10. Logan

    Notice of Policing Action

    [quote name='Lord Caparo' timestamp='1337782150' post='2971098'] To me its like the Situation GOONs put Mongols into, Do as we say or you get Exterminated. Therefore the reason why we are stepping in. [/quote] [09:34:00] <R> Kaskus attacks nations with NO aa's, not alliances. therefore we dont need a CB to raid, but we do when they wear an AA. ARE THEY NOT MERCIFUL?
  11. I was going to make a witty post and then I read Redneck's comments, now I don't really care about anything. Best of luck to the former member alliances.
  12. Logan

    Top 25 Disbanded Alliances

    Oceanic Entente and Ordo Recolitus/Verde, how I miss you so
  13. Logan

    The Amazing Sanction Race

    Oh sweet, look at us go.
  14. Logan

    Connect with Blocks

    What can I say? I'm a raging lib.
  15. This thread is now about Tetris. Thank you Jonathan Buck, and congratulations to the rest of NAAC on your reformation!
  16. Logan

    The Sith Combine

    Alright, I !@#$@#$ lost it.
  17. Logan

    An Imperial Decree

    Our treaty lives to see another day. Lets get weird.
  18. Logan

    An Imperial Decree

    Not disappointed by this.
  19. Logan

    The Corporations Have Won

    Reason will prevail.
  20. Logan

    The Secret Weapon Unleashed

    Better late than never. It warms my heart to see Declarations of War springing up among all the Declarations of Peace. Everyone should convert their feelings of disapproval into actions, its as good of a time as ever
  21. Logan

    Tetris Revolution

    At least its not a declaration of peace.
  22. Logan

    White Peace

    Good luck rebuilding Outsiders and friends.
  23. Logan

    Happy Boxing Day

    I am always pleased to see the DoWs still flowing. Good luck to you all.
  24. Logan

    Lets just each take a beer

    [quote name='Sarmatian Empire' timestamp='1324659639' post='2884921'] So what happens if there is a big coup in R&R and the new government is uber racist against dutchies and the FOK-R&R treaty burns...if Mongols attack R&R...does FOK still defend them? [/quote] I would think it would be up to the discretion of the FOK leadership. By them attacking R&R it merely opens up a CB for which the Mongols can be reengaged, but I don't believe action would be absolutely required. At the very least future peoples could just frown upon Mongols for breaking this document in the future and will be held accountable in some way. Or not, it could totally be forgotten, but with the majority of the active interlocutors here having the mind of a steel trap when it comes to these things, I doubt something like that couple happen without at least one of us harping on it. Either way it leaves possible something to be revisited, and for that I approve of what sounds like a willfully accepted draconian term.
  25. Logan

    An Imperial Announcement

    I suppose that it must happen one way or the other. Though not preferable, this will suit just fine as it may eventually benefit my allies and friends and do the opposite to those who are not. Do what must be done, I have faith in you for completing the final phase of the mission. Do not fail me Sakura.