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  1. Meh. In my book, you take pride for your accomplishments and humility for your defeats. Then again, I'm not NG, and as you said you are still having fun, so I suppose we can call it a wash and have a good day.
  2. "When we were successful it was on purpose, but when we failed it was because we weren't paying attention" :rolleyes: Congrats to the assorted alliances on the merger- I'm not sure what the over/under on Tywin staying in gov is but hey. Alliances merging into larger, more relevant and active groups is just about exactly what this world needs right now.
  3. Glad to see our allies becoming allies themselves. Always a good thing to see. o/ MI6 o. GOONS
  4. So we're GGA, right? :P Congrats to our allies in Umb and our friends in ABLS. A good treaty for sure.
  5. MK 2.0 confirmed But yeah, cool gov here. Thanks for your service Sal, I know you're sick of dealing with myself and the others.
  6. Glad to see Jekalle in gov- the diaspora continues to put in good work.
  7. If Tywin's post was edited to remove everything he knew nothing about, the OP would be a blank post. And we all know the rules on those. Anyways, hard hitting journalism right here. I'm sure NSO and NG will see the light of day, overthrow their corrupt and ideologically stained leaders, and appoint saviours as leaders, in the form of a Lannister and an elevator.
  8. Shit I need to go insult someone so that I can keep up my heel status. Got any ideas?
  9. This, very much this. In addition, anyone can pop up, take an AA and make forums, but you aren't going to be successful until you have people around you who are active, capable, and willing to take on certain responsibilities. You aren't going to find those kinds of people through recruiting new nations- the best way is to find your way into an established alliance, and then begin to get to know people on IRC and forums. Make friends, learn about the game, and get your name out there. Then you'll have a far better chance of making a startup alliance into a long-term success. You gotta realize that, while plenty of people around here are just messing with you, there are also plenty who are giving legitimate advice. We know how these things play out because we've seen them a million times before. So just remember that not everyone cautioning you on this is doing so out of malice, as we can use active, engaged people everywhere in this world. They, like everyone else, just have to pick up on what's feasible and realistic, and what isn't.
  10. Doesn't matter if you call yourself black, white, red, yellow, or anything in between... deep down, we're all pink on the inside.
  11. > not sophisticated politically > up to something "old and sinister" behind the scenes Choose one.
  12. TOP isn't a real thing anymore. We're just a shell alliance for people who haven't been successfully poached by MI6 yet. EDIT: Seriously though, what's the point of dragging us into this conversation?
  13. Congrats to our allies in Sparta and our friends in OcUK. A good treaty from good folk. :)
  14. Oh, my. You know, they claim you never know what you got, 'till it's gone. I never realized how much I missed TGE until we lost it. But this... from the ashes of empires of old rises a powerful phoenix, ready to take on the traitors that seek to infiltrate it. Kaiser, you have mine and all of Paradoxia's swords at your disposal, until the foreign hordes threatening the Reich are vanquished. May Johan will it.
  15. Congrats DoD, new gov is looking excellent.
  16. ‚Äč"Look at how many alliance declared on us in eQ/NpO-NSO! We're clearly very important" "The most unified bloc in the world! We must be very important" I mean, this stuff practically writes itself.
  17. It's ok, we can go make our own, cooler, list.
  18. Now that the year-long trial is finished, can we have Voodoo and BEazy back? Congrats on the anniversary, friends.
  19. Now now, Sal. Ontario and Quebec. Veeeeery different Canadas. Congrats to Sal, KB and our new Heptagon members. Let's see what new highs (lows?) we can reach in the coming months.
  20. Val has always had a fantastic flag, and they've got great art people around there as well. /me sighs back to the days of MJ...
  21. Congrats on one year of re-existence, Valhalla. You've worked quite successfully in making this game more interesting, which, while not what you intended with your formation, has directly led to further enjoyment for us all. So, yeah, thanks for that, and keep doing it.
  22. Unpopular opinion: Bound 2 is easily the worst song on Yeezus.
  23. Thank Johan that they didn't. While it's clear at this point that sovereignty is not a popular enough idea to win the PQ an election, everything about the PQ throws me off. They're like that weird guy who did a bunch of questionable stuff a few years ago, but hasn't done anything in a while so he still winds up at social gatherings. You know they've got something up their sleeves. Or maybe I'm just like that as an Anglo-Canadian who spends a solid amount of time in Montreal. Maybe.
  24. I'm glad this new government finally realizes the tactical necessity of global instability. I'll have my people contact your people.
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