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  1. Now that the Executive is fully back in the hands of good ol' Americans we need all the Foreign Affairs deputies we can get :P But at least our military will be fantastic for the next war.
  2. Whoa Nettles is a triumvir? I can't do anything but boo this union then :| /me trouts Nettles
  3. Definitely second to Anarchy Inc, but I think Non Grata may have been larger than this as well? I think this comes in 3rd.
  4. Best of luck CRAP, we still love your embassy though :wub:
  5. John Green? Get back to your TFiOS movie tour, you have no time to play cybernations.
  6. The first name that came to mind when I saw that cat was Albus. Edit: And I'm not even a big Harry Potter fan
  7. Excuse me I did more recruiting last summer than you did from the beginning of 2012 to now, you need to support the reputation you have :P
  8. Tactless overkill is a governing doctrine of R&R :P
  9. Turns out there is actually such a thing as negative publicity :|
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